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How Not to Choose an Engagement Ring

How Not to Choose an Engagement Ring

While there are many ways to go about choosing an engagement ring, there are also just as many ways to choose a ring that is not going to last through the years. Whether you are choosing a ring for your love or choosing your own ring, this decision should be made with enough time to think things through carefully. To help you make the right choice, we have put together a list of ways to not choose your engagement ring.

The Worst Ways to Choose an Engagement Ring

Some of the biggest mistakes that you could make when choosing an engagement ring include the following:

Choosing on a whim.

Many brides-to-be get so overtaken by the experience of the proposal and subsequent ring selection that they make a snap decision rather than thinking things through. Often, the decision is made when couples visit a jewellery store rather than consult a specialist who can make the ring you truly want. The problem with trying to choose a ring from a huge selection is that you can all too easily feel overwhelmed and choose the first ring you see.

Choosing in a rush.

Following on from that, it's also never a good idea to try and rush the process. You may love the idea of rose gold at the moment, but will it go with your other jewellery? Instead of choosing on the spot, take the time to look at ring ideas on social media, think carefully about the type of jewellery you wear, whether the style is practical for what you do day by day and whether or not it will truly be what you want.

Choosing by following trends.

On that note, it's also never a good idea to base your ideas on trends. Although it is good to find inspiration, it doesn't mean you should copy trends blindly. Rather use images you see as ideas and then think about how you can make your ring something that you would wear five, ten or even thirty years down the line and not just now. Stay clear of celebrity rings photos, too, as those can also make you stay towards trends that may not last.

Choosing what others want.

You will have many, many suggestions from friends, family and loved ones. You may even have your partner-to-be tell you about his mother's ring that he wishes you would have resized. As tempting as it is to be veered by other people's input, this is a ring that you will wear for the rest of your wedded life. Make sure that it is something that you and only you alone will wear.

Choosing something impractical.

Finally, it is also a good idea to keep the design as practical as possible. As pretty as some designs can be, not all of them are practical. Stay clear of settings that could easily get stuck in clothing and hair. Look out for stones that rate low in the Moh's hardness ratio as these can be damaged more easily.

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Magical Moonstone Engagement Rings

If you're looking for a unique stone for engagement rings, moonstone is certainly worth considering. Although this stone is relatively low on the Moh's hardness scale, with an average rating of 6.0, it's rainbow-like colours and beauty make it a good choice for brides who are looking for something unusual. This stone is comprised of sodium potassium aluminium silicate, with a colour spectrum that ranges from the classic multi-coloured stones often seen in jewellery to blue, grey, white, pink, peach, green and brown or even colourless. For engagement rings, this stone stands out for its beauty and ability to reflect light and colour. Favoured by many ancient civilisations, including the Romans and Greeks, this stone is sure to be a great choice for brides who prefer unconventional stones.

Get Inspired by These Moonstone Engagement Rings

Moonstones can be used on their own or added to classic diamond engagement rings. Some of the loveliest examples of moonstone rings that we have seen include the following:

Branch Teardrop

Magical Moonstone Engagement Rings - Branch Teardrop


The teardrop or pear cut is often used with this stone, helping to bring out the rainbow-like colours to perfection. This unusual style features a branched band in rose gold. The result is a mystical ring that is certainly unconventional and interesting. You could also try a similar design in yellow gold or even platinum.

Double Band

Magical Moonstone Engagement Rings - Double Band


The classic double band style works well with almost every gemstone and moonstone is no exception. In this design, things are kept very simple with two gold bands and a centre stone. If gold is not your metal of choice, you could try rose gold or platinum. The setting can also be adapted to change up the design and add focal interest.

Three Stone

Magical Moonstone Engagement Rings - Three StoneImage:

Another classic design, the three stone ring is also rooted in romantic symbolism. Each stone represents the different stages of your journey together as a couple – your past, present and future. In this ring, diamonds are added on each side of the centre stone. Whichever metal you choose, this ring is timeless and elegant.

Ring Set

Magical Moonstone Engagement Rings - Ring SetImage:

Ring sets are a great choice if you are love to layer your jewellery. You could pair a matching wedding band with your primary ring, adding detail in the form of tiny stones, pave or shape. The contrast of gold, diamond and moonstone work well in this design but it would work well in a cooler toned metal or rose gold, too.

Split Band

Magical Moonstone Engagement Rings - Split Band


This dramatic ring features a marquise cut moonstone, set on a simple split band. The larger size of this ring is sure to be ideal for those favouring stand-out jewellery. Smaller sized stones can also be used for a more subtle style. You could also add profile detail or change up the band metal.

Pave Heart

Magical Moonstone Engagement Rings Pave Heart


Perfect for the romantic at heart, this simple and sweet pave heart ring has a heart-shaped moonstone set in a layer of pave diamonds, on a classic platinum band. You could add detail by changing the pave stones to coloured diamonds or changing the metal of the band to rose or yellow gold.

Although we specialise in diamonds here in our workshop, we also help you make your ring dreams into a reality – whatever stone you prefer. Contact us to learn more about how to create your dream engagement ring in Cape Town.


How to Drop an Engagement Ring Hint

How to Drop an Engagement Ring Hint

How can you be sure that your loved one will get you the engagement ring you truly desire? How do you make suggestions without ruining the suspense and coming right out and telling your love what you want? Although there is much to be said about choosing rings after the proposal, there is also plenty of romance and magic in having the perfect ring presented in the proposal. One of the worst things that can happen is that you are presented with a ring that you truly do not like.

While marriage is about love rather than rings, this is something you will wear for the rest of your life. Naturally, you want to feel giddy every time you look at the ring rather than long for something different. To make sure that your love is able to read between the lines, dropping the right engagement hints is crucial.

Dropping Engagement Ring Hints

You could wait and see whether you get the engagement ring of your dreams without hints, but giving a few clues definitely makes things easier – for you and your love. Here are a few ways that you can get the message across in a subtle yet effective way.

Use social media.

Pinterest is especially useful for this task. Make sure that your partner follows you, then create a board filled with dream rings. You can be subtle and add in other jewellery, too. The reason that this one works so well is that your love can see the styles that you truly like. He will able to use that as inspiration, without the risk of not having a clue what you really want in a ring.

Get friends involved.

Another way that you can let some ideas slip is to get your friends involved. You could ask them to see if your partner has mentioned anything and make sure that they are more than happy to give him ideas. You could even give them one of your rings (making sure it fits on the right finger) to make sure that your love has the right size. Ask them to drop hints on your favourite stones, metal, styles, and designs, too.

Start a conversation.

Finally, you could also simply start a conversation. If you both know that wedding bells are soon to be heard, it can be a lot easier to talk things through rather than leave anything to chance. When you are both open and honest about where you see your relationship heading, it will be easier for you to make direct hints about jewellery and rings you love or point pictures out in magazines. This can save you both a headache or two.

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Elegant Emerald Birthstone Engagement Rings

One of May's birthstones, emerald makes a bold and dramatic choice for engagement rings. This elegant stone comes in a wide range of green tones, from the darkest shade to lighter shades. Popular throughout the ages, this stone works well with diamonds. It also works well with every type of metal, from yellow gold all the way to rose gold, white gold, and platinum. Keep reading to see how emeralds can work in engagement rings to find inspiration for your dream ring.

Fall in Love With These Dreamy Emerald Engagement Rings

If you are looking for a bold, classic stone or an engagement ring in your birthstone, these elegant emerald rings are sure to inspire.

Asymmetrical Side Stone

Birthstone Engagement Rings – Elegant Emerald - Asymmetrical Side StoneImage:

This modern asymmetrical ring features a delicate gold band, with a tiny diamond side stone and an emerald cut centre stone. It would work equally well in a cool-toned metal or with emeralds as the side stone if you are looking for something less bold. The fine band helps to add balance, giving this ring lots of impact without being over the top.

Five Stone Halo

Birthstone Engagement Rings – Elegant Emerald - Five Stone HaloImage:

Another way to bring in colour is to use a series of smaller stones rather than a single larger stone. Five small emeralds are flanked by tiny halo diamonds in this ring, on a platinum band. If you are not a fan of overly large or traditional rings, this style is sure to work well.

Intricate Side Profile

Birthstone Engagement Rings – Elegant Emerald - Intricate Side ProfileImage:

We love side detail on rings. In this ring, tiny emeralds have been added subtly with a diamond taking centre stage and small pave stones adding extra detail. This ring would work in any metal, and looks amazing from any angle. If you are looking for something unique and eye-catching, this is sure to be a great design.

Platinum Three Stone

Birthstone Engagement Rings – Elegant Emerald - Platinum Three StoneImage:

If your tastes run more towards the minimal side, however, this simple platinum three stone ring would be a great choice. This type of ring is symbolic, representing the path in each relationship – past, present, and future. With a small emerald as the centre stone, the result is classic and understated.

Twisted Pave Band

Birthstone Engagement Rings – Elegant Emerald - Twisted Pave BandImage:

Twisted bands are a timeless choice that will always be sophisticated and pretty. In rose gold, the delicately weaving band leads up to a small emerald centre stone. The combination of rose gold and emerald works surprisingly well, especially with diamonds added in the band. Yellow gold would work equally well.

Halo Pave Pear

Birthstone Engagement Rings – Elegant Emerald - Halo Pave PearImage:

Those who favour traditional styles will love this pear cut ring, which has a delicate band encrusted with pave stones. The pear cut stone is flanked by a halo. The result is a feminine, pretty ring that adds colour without being too bold.

Modern Beaded Marquise

Modern Beaded MarquiseImage:

If you're looking for bold, on the other hand, this unusual marquise cut ring certainly adds impact. The combination of emerald and yellow gold further enhances the intricate beaded band that is dotted with tiny diamond pave stones.

Platinum Pear Pave

Birthstone Engagement Rings – Elegant Emerald - Platinum Pear PaveImage:

Another classic style, this pear cut ring in platinum has pave stones on one side. This adds sparkle without losing the simplicity of the ring. It would work equally well in a bolder metal such as yellow gold, or with emeralds added as the pave stones and a diamond added as the centre stone.

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Before You Get Your Engagement Ring Engraved…

Before You Get Your Engagement Ring Engraved

Engagement ring engravings are a romantic way to add a personal message to your ring. Often, these engravings are placed on the inside of the band where only the bride can see them. There are many things to engrave onto a ring, from a simple heart to your initials, the date of your wedding or even a personal message or lyrics to your song. With that said, there are things that can go wrong when it comes to engraving an engagement ring.

Avoid These Engagement Ring Engraving Mistakes

Although there is no doubt that engagement ring engravings are super romantic, they can go wrong if you don't put a bit of thought into things beforehand. Here are some things to avoid to ensure the best results.

Not considering the width.

If the band is very delicate, it will be very hard to engrave a message onto the ring without taking up too much space or losing the readability. Worse, it could end up looking squashed. Always think carefully about the size of the text compared to the width of the band. In other words, choose the band and then choose your message.

Not considering the fit.

Make sure that the ring fits perfectly before you take it for engraving. If the ring is too big, it will need to be reduced, which could affect the engraving. Likewise, if the ring is too small, it will need to be enlarged, which will also have an impact on the engraved message. Get the ring sized and then get it engraved.

Not considering the method.

You'll also need to think about how the engraving will be done. If the band is engraved by a machine, you will need to make sure that the band is thick and wide enough to ensure that the words can be easily placed within the metal. If done by hand, it will be easier, but then the jeweller will need sufficient space to work without taking up the entire band.

Not considering the text.

You will want to be absolutely and completely sure that you are 100% certain about the message before getting it engraved into the ring. The jeweller or engraver is not responsible for any spelling mistakes. Likewise, messages that are too long may not be possible. Keep it simple to avoid issues.

Not considering the font.

Finally, you should also think carefully about the font you choose. You can find a pretty font, but make sure that it is easily read without the words blending into each other or being easy to misconstrue. Taking the time to research some fonts and writing them in a size similar to the size you will have on the ring is a good way to be sure that you choose a good font.

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Elegant East West Engagement Rings

East west engagement rings are rings that are positioned in an unconventional way. Rather than the stone being set in a typical direction, the stones in these rings face left to right. The result is a ring that is interesting in a subtle way. These engagement rings are ideal for those who want to retain a mostly classic look while still enjoying a bit of an edge. Keep reading to get inspired by some stunning examples of how this ring could look.

We Love These East West Engagement Rings

If you're looking for something a little different, east west engagement rings give your ring a unique look while still retaining the classic style of a conventional ring. Here are just some examples that show the beauty of these rings.

Emerald Cut

Elegant East West Engagement Rings - Emerald CutImage:

Emerald cut stones work well with this style, for good reason. The elongated nature of this cut means that it can well in its classic vertical position or in a horizontal position. This cut works well in any type of setting and can be as simple or unique as you choose. In a simple gold or platinum band with a simple setting, the look is sophisticated and timeless.

Emerald Pave

Elegant East West Engagement Rings - Emerald PaveImage:

You could add a bit of extra sparkle by including tiny pave stones along the band or even around the stone. Once again, an emerald cut diamond or precious stone works perfectly in this ring. Depending on the metal of the band and the colour of the stone, there is plenty of variation possible in this design.

Morganite Pear

Elegant East West Engagement Rings - Morganite PearImage:

Pear cut stones are another one that works well for east west rings. This adds an unusual touch to the ring that can be made even more interesting by opting for a stone such as morganite instead of a diamond. Tiny pave stones add visual detail. Opt for a cool-toned metal such as white gold or platinum or try rose gold for something warmer.

Sapphire Marquise

Elegant East West Engagement Rings - Sapphire MarquiseImage:

Marquise cut stones are naturally suited to east west designs as well, thanks to their symmetry. This bold ring features a beautiful blue sapphire flanked by a few tiny side stones set into a gold band. The combination of colours in this ring will make it eye-catching. You could also keep it simple by choosing a diamond for your centre stone.

Twisted Marquise

Elegant East West Engagement Rings - Twisted MarquiseImage:

Another way that you could use the marquise cut in this type of ring is by adding a twist to the band. Keep the band plain or add some pave stones for extra sparkle. If you lean towards feminine rings, this one is sure to be dazzling. In rose gold, yellow gold or platinum, it is a show-stopper that will turn heads.

Pink Princess

Elegant East West Engagement Rings - Pink PrincessImage:

The princess cut stone works well in this design, too. A simple square turned to face a different direction helps the ring to become completely different from how it would look usually. Add in a coloured diamond and some pave stones, and the result is a stand-out ring that can be tailored according to your preferred stone and band colour.

Two Stone

Elegant East West Engagement Rings - Two StoneImage:

This delicate two stone ring uses east west ovals flanked by tiny pave stones on a fine band. Whether you keep all of the stones diamonds or change the colour of one or more stones, this ring is pretty and simple. This style would be ideal for those who prefer subtle rings and would look gorgeous in any metal.

Cape Diamonds helps turn your dream ring into a reality. Contact us today to find out how we can help you create your very own custom engagement ring in Cape Town and surrounds.




How to Add Meaning to an Engagement Ring

How to Add Meaning to an Engagement Ring

Whether you are getting an engagement ring made for your love or having one designed with your input, adding meaning can be a great way to increase the romance factor. This type of ring is meant to be rich in meaning, symbolising the great love you share with you and your beloved. Although you could consider symbolic rings that clearly signify this love, you can also add meaning in more subtle ways. In this guide, we take a look at some of the ways that you can add meaning to your engagement ring.

Adding Meaning to Your Engagement Ring

Some of the ways that you could add meaning to your engagement ring include the following:


Inscriptions are a very simple way to add meaning. Ask your jeweller to inscribe a special date, phrase or even a word that has meaning that only you and your love will understand. Everything time you look at this inscription, you will be reminded of your love. You could inscribe something onto the band, on the underside of the band or even on your wedding rings as well. You could even opt for an almost invisible message that can only be seen under a magnifying glass. If you are surprising your love with a ring, this can be especially romantic.

Hidden Birthstones

Another deeply romantic way to add meaning is to add a hidden stone. Birthstones are ideal for this type of ring. If your love has a stone that means a lot to her, you could also consider this stone as well. Add it to the side of the diamond or even deeply set within the underside of the band. This is a great way to bring in her special stone without being too over the top.


You can also add engravings in other ways aside from inscriptions. Try a symbol that represents your love – doves, hearts, the name of the place where you met. Get creative and think of something that has deep meaning for both of you. Like inscriptions, this can be added somewhere visible or somewhere hidden.

Coloured Diamonds

Coloured diamonds can be surprisingly meaningful. Certain colours may represent certain meanings or memories in your relationship. Many colours have broader meanings as well, similar to birthstones. If she has a favourite colour, you can add a very tiny colourful diamond somewhere in the design that will make her smile whenever she looks down at her ring finger.

Custom Stone & Setting

Another way to add meaning is to go with a customised diamond shape or setting that has meaning for both bride and groom. For example, a heart-shaped diamond may not mean something to everyone, but to you, it may signify a personal story or a hardship you have overcome together. Think about who your love is and what sort of stone and setting would truly suit her.

Looking for gorgeous custom rings for your love? Cape Diamonds will help you plan the perfect engagement


Beautiful Bezel Engagement Rings

Bezel engagement rings are characterised by their full setting around the stone rather than prongs. Depending on the style, this setting can help to enhance the stone. It is also one of the most secure settings, with nothing that catches on clothing or fabric and far less chance of damage. Keep reading to learn more about this setting to see how it can be used in engagement rings.

Fall in Love With These Elegant Bezel Cut Engagement Rings

Sturdy, minimal and modern, bezel cut engagement rings have become popular in recent years. Here are some of the ways that you could use this setting in your ring design.

Halo Pave

Beautiful Bezel Engagement Rings - Halo PaveImage:

This exquisite halo pave ring from Cape Diamonds has a classic design that is surprisingly versatile. A flawless round cut diamond takes centre stage, surrounded by pave stones that continue onto the band. This ring would work equally well with a solid metal band. It would also work well in any other metal – yellow gold, white gold or platinum. The secure tube or bezel setting not only ensures that the stone is securely fitted – but it also continues the gentle roundness.

Twisted Band

Beautiful Bezel Engagement Rings - Twisted BandImage:

Bezel settings can also work very well in a twisted band. In this ring, the small centre diamond is set in a way that draws attention subtly. The stone is framed on both ends, tapering to a point on one end to add to its delicate design. This ring would work well in any type of metal and in any colour diamond. It would also work well with your birthstone or another favourite stone for added colour.

Black Marquise

Beautiful Bezel Engagement Rings - Black MarquiseImage:

This ring is certainly bold and dramatic. Two bands in yellow gold are used to frame a breathtaking black marquise diamond. The shape of the marquise cut stone works perfectly with this ring, balancing it out without being over the top. Although the black and gold combination works well, you could also opt for a classic diamond and platinum for something more traditional.

Half Bezel

Beautiful Bezel Engagement Rings - Half BezelImage:

The bezel cut also includes half bezel, which frames the stone on either side rather than all the way around. This style works well in the simple, elegant example shown here in platinum and diamond. The solitaire cut diamond is positioned to sparkle without being over the top. Rose gold would work well for the band if you prefer more colour.

Gold Sapphire

Beautiful Bezel Engagement Rings - Gold SapphireImage:

Another dazzling ring, a delicate gold band is enhanced by a rich blue sapphire stone in a bezel setting. This ring is ideal for modern brides who favour non-traditional jewellery. Although gold and sapphire work well, you could choose any other stone and metal combination for an equally lovely effect.

Three Stone

Beautiful Bezel Engagement Rings - Three StoneImage:

The three stone ring works very well in bezel cuts – especially for those who favour minimal rings. These rings are ultra-romantic, symbolising the journey you take together as a couple. Each stone is said to represent a stage in this journey... your past, your present and your future. Choose cool-toned stones and metal, try different coloured diamonds for each stone or add warmth in rose or yellow gold.

Rose Pear

Beautiful Bezel Engagement Rings - Rose PearImage:

Another elegant and classic design, the pear cut ring works very well in a bezel cut. Simple rose gold helps the centre stone to shine, adding a soft boundary around the stone that tapers into the band. It would work equally well in any metal – white gold, yellow gold or platinum – and any stone.

Diamond Ruby

Beautiful Bezel Engagement Rings - Diamond RubyImage:

Finally, we have another modern bezel cut ring. This ring could technically be seen as a two stone ring, representing your love as friends and as romantic partners. But it is also a little bit different, with an asymmetrical style that works well with the combination of gold band, ruby teardrop and tiny diamond.

At Cape Diamonds, we are committed to making your dream ring into a reality. Contact our studio today to learn more about planning the perfect engagement ring in Cape Town and surrounds.




The Worst Engagement Ring Styles to Avoid

The Worst Engagement Ring Styles to Avoid

With so many exquisite engagement ring styles to be found, future brides have more choice than ever when it comes to finding a dream ring. That can sometimes lead to ring decisions that are less-than-flawless, however. Although the most important thing of all is to find a ring that you truly love, there are a few styles that are not practical. The problem with choosing an engagement ring that features a soft stone, impractical setting or a colour that you likely will not love as much by your first anniversary is that you will end up not loving your ring as much as you should.

To make sure that you stay in love with your ring year in and year out, look out for these styles to avoid.

Stay Clear of These Engagement Ring Styles

Some of the worst engagement ring styles to avoid include the following:

Pearl rings.

As lovely as pearls are, they do not make the best stone for rings – especially not for a ring that is meant to be worn every single day. Pearls have a very low Mohs hardness rating, which makes them prone to scratches and chips. They can also lose their shine very easily. Add to that the fact that they are hard to maintain, and you have a ring that will require a lot of effort and care.

Opal rings.

Another soft stone is opal. These stones are popular. With their unusual colour, it is not surprising. For rings, they do not make good stones at all. Like pearls, they are also prone to chips, scratches and surface damage. They also lose their shine very easily, which means that you will need to either not wear it daily or take it for endless maintenance and re-shining sessions to keep it looking as good as new.

Amber rings.

Yet another terrible choice for rings is amber. Although not as popular as opal and pearl, amber has gained a following over the years. Many believe that this stone has healing properties. Although it can work in some jewellery, it is not ideal in a ring that you will wear every single day of your life. The colour of amber is also variable and when the surface is dull, the colour appears dull as well.

Giant rings.

Large, over the top rings might seem like every bride-to-be's dream. In reality, very large rings are not only tacky; they are also far more likely to get in the way. Large rings are also more likely to catch on anything and everything, making them more prone to damage. If the ring has prong settings, there is more chance of getting stuck on fabrics and even loosening the centre stone.

Trendy rings.

Finally, stay clear of rings that are trendy for just a moment in time. That bright pink diamond ring may seem like a good idea now, but you may not love it as much in a year. Likewise, stay clear of Disney style rings, red or other coloured metals, strange designs that come and go with each season, and anything else that you would not feel the same way about in a few years.

Looking for the perfect ring? Dreaming of a custom ring? Visit Cape Diamonds to view our full collection of engagement rings to see what we offer.


8 Engagement Rings for the Romantic at Heart

Choosing engagement rings is not always easy. There are those who veer towards simple, classic styles and there are those that are more drawn towards rings that are rich in meaning. For brides-to-be who want something a little more romantic, there are some spectacular ring styles to be found that certainly bring on the romance. In this guide, we have rounded up some of our favourite engagement rings that are sure to appeal to those looking for something special.

Fall in Love With These Gorgeous Engagement Rings

Looking for something unique for the love of your life? If a standard solitaire won't do, you will need something special. These engagement rings are loaded with symbolism, beauty and romance.

1. Hidden Heart

8 Engagement Rings for the Romantic at Heart - Hidden HeartImage:

Subtle and sweet, this ring uses profile detail to create a hidden heart that can be only seen from certain angles. If you love the idea of adding a heart to your ring without using a heart-shaped stone, this is a great choice. This ring style would look beautiful in any metal, with added pave stones or a plain band.

2. Pave Infinity

8 Engagement Rings for the Romantic at Heart - Pave InfinityImage:

Infinity bands are loaded with symbolism, representing the endless journey you take together as a couple. This ring is also versatile, working well in a single metal or even in two tone with contrasting metals. Whether you add pave stones, keep one band plain, change the shape of the centre stone or add additional detail, this ring is timeless and elegant.

3. Two Stone

Romantic Two Stone Engagement Rings - Vintage PaveImage:

Two stone rings represent the duality of marriage. One stone represents the friendship you have, while the other represents the romance you have as a couple. In every relationship, it is this combination of romance and friendship that keeps the love going, year after year. Add extra detail with an intertwined band or keep it simple with the two stones set into the band.

4. Three Stone

8 Engagement Rings for the Romantic at Heart - Three StoneImage:

Three stone or trilogy rings are equally rich in meaning. These rings represent your past, present and future – each phase of your relationship. Cape Diamonds offers a fine collection of three stone rings, with a choice of metals and designs. This classic style features the three stones on a platinum band.

5. Halo Heart

8 Engagement Rings for the Romantic at Heart - Halo HeartImage:

What could be more romantic than a heart-shaped diamond surrounded by tiny pave diamonds? With added pave stones on the sides of the rose gold band, this halo ring is certainly romantic. It is perfect for brides who are looking for something elegant and timeless.

6. Love Knot

8 Engagement Rings for the Romantic at Heart - Love KnotImage:

Knotted rings symbolise the intertwined connection that you share with your beloved. When you add contrasting stones such as sapphire, the effect is eye-catching and spectacular. This ring would work well in any metal, with any stone of your choice. Keep both stones the same or use contrasting stones for added effect.

7. Lucky Clover

8 Engagement Rings for the Romantic at Heart - Lucky CloverImage:

This ring features a lucky four leaf clover. If you feel that your relationship and bond was serendipitous, this ring is sure to appeal. Whether kept simple with a plain metal band and small stones arranged in a clover shape or enhanced with pave stones, twisted bands, two tone metals or even different coloured stones for each leaf of the clover, this ring is ideal for those who have a love for myths and legends.

8. Pretty in Pink

8 Engagement Rings for the Romantic at Heart - Pretty in PinkImage:

Morganite remains a popular stone for engagement rings. It has a warm pink hue and is able to work well with diamonds, rose gold, white gold and platinum, making it very versatile. Keep the band simple or add some diamonds for a bit of added sparkle.

We hope that these ring ideas help add some inspiration for your ring. If you're looking for the finest custom engagement rings in Cape Town, get in touch with Cape Diamonds today and let us know how we can make your ring dreams come true.