Striking Engagement Rings for Off-Beat Brides

If you’re the type of bride-to-be that favours more unusual engagement rings versus conventional styles, finding just the right ring is essential. Although many classic styles will never date, many newer styles are made for brides who shy away from the ordinary. To help you find inspiration for your ring choice, here are some of our favourite eye-catching engagement rings.

Fall in Love With These Eye-Catching Engagement Rings

Unusual details, interesting stone combinations, unique settings, and other elements make these engagement rings bold, beautiful, and ideal for brides who prefer their jewellery to stand out for all the right reasons.

Gold Double Ring


White sapphires and diamonds sparkle in this double ring. With a fine gold band, this ring has off-set stones that further add to its design. The combination of white sapphire and yellow gold add plenty of warmth. This ring would work equally well in rose gold, white gold or platinum.

Twisted Open Shank


Twisted designs are always a good choice for less conventional styles. In this design, three white gold bands intertwine, forming a twisted, open shank. Tiny pave diamonds add lots of sparkle to one part of the band, while a centre diamond brings the design together to form a flowing, gorgeous ring.

Rounded Band Solitaire


From a distance, this delicate solitaire ring looks fairly standard. A closer look reveals a band made of tiny rounded gold beads that are melded together. The result is a gently rounded ring that has plenty of visual detail as well as tactile appeal. This ring would work in any metal, with any type of stone.

Platinum Pave Twist


Another twisted style, this pave platinum ring is subtle, despite its interesting shape and design. The main stone is small enough to not detract from the band, which in itself makes the ring visually unique. The combination results in a ring that sparkles in all the right places.

Moon Tear Sapphire


This Sofia Zakia ring is perfect for boho brides looking for a romantic, whimsical ring. A sapphire takes centre stage, with a gentle dip and tiny diamonds. The fine gold band allows the centre stone and design to stand out without being too over the top. Gold works well with the deep blue sapphire but any stone and metal combination would work.

Turquoise Three Stone


Turquoise is not a stone commonly used in this type of ring. It certainly has an eye-catching appeal, however. In this ring design, a large oval turquoise stone is flanked by two trillion cut diamonds. These three stones are set on a gold band, which contrasts perfectly with the turquoise.

Gold Ginkgo Pave


For a truly different ring, this design is sure to stand out. Delicate ginkgo leaves are positioned at each end of an open gold band, with tiny pave diamonds scattered throughout the ring to add subtle sparkle. The yellow gold helps to add warmth to the design. Rose gold would also work well.

Mixed Cut Rainbows


Featuring a combination of emerald, ruby, sapphire, Tanzanite, and citrine stones in assorted cuts, this gorgeous ring is bright, colourful, and dramatic without being completely over the top. The smaller size of the stones and the bevel setting help to tone down the ring, allowing the colours to shine with radiance.

Whatever type of ring you’re dreaming of, finding the right design is always important. Contact Cape Diamonds today to let us help you plan the perfect engagement ring in Cape Town.

The Fine Line Between Unusual and Impractical Engagement Rings

Choosing engagement rings is no small feat, whether choosing for yourself or your love. For brides who favour more unique styles of ring, the process can be even more daunting. Although these are many modern styles that stand out in all the right ways, it is all too easy to cross the line between unusual and impractical. How exactly do you avoid a ring that is only going to end up being worn for special occasions and what else should you consider when choosing engagement rings that are interesting yet wearable? Let’s take a look.

Unusual vs Impractical Engagement Rings

With so many bold and dramatic engagement rings to be found, it’s easy to see why brides these days are veering away from traditional styles in favour of interesting styles. Choosing a ring that fits your personality and style is essential. With that said, there is little point in a ring that easily catches on clothing, hurts your finger, is at risk of being damaged or gets in the way of everything. In this short guide, we share some criteria to help you choose a ring that you can enjoy day in and day out.


The setting of your ring is always something to consider carefully. Prong settings work in certain styles, as long as the prongs do not easily catch onto everything. For larger rings or more complex designs, a bezel setting would be more practical as the stone is set deeper into the ring. Avoid any setting that stands out too much as well as settings that can hurt your ring finger or surrounding fingers.


Yes, size does matter when it comes to your engagement ring. Many brides dream of huge diamonds. In reality, even if larger rings sparkle a lot, they are not always the most practical rings. If you choose a larger diamond, look for a cut that suits your hand. This will make the ring look better. You will also need to avoid styles that have any part standing out when you have a larger ring or stone. There are many ways to add more sparkle without going for a larger stone, including pave stones or three stone rings


This sounds like an obvious one – many brides will still favour look over comfort, however. As a general rule of thumb, if you cannot comfortably wear your ring every single day, it is not going to be a good choice. The ring should never be too tight or too loose. The band should sit comfortably on your finger, with details added to the top rather the sides. You should be able to bend your finger without anything poking your knuckle or the top of your finger.


Finally, the design itself is also something to consider carefully. Will you still love this style in a year? What about a decade from now? Are you following trends and going with something you have seen in a magazine or are you choosing a style according to the stones and design you truly love? Is the design simple or does it look better on paper? Can you realistically wear the ring without damaging the stones? Think very carefully before you make your decision and take the time to research the Mohs hardness rating of your chosen stone beforehand so that you can be sure the stone will last.

We hope that these tips make it easier to choose your dream ring. To learn more about beautiful custom-made engagement rings in Cape Town and surrounds, get in touch with Cape Diamonds today.

How Does the Mohs Scale Work for Engagement Rings?

When looking for engagement rings, chances are high that you will come across the Mohs hardness rating at some point. This can get confusing for those who are not sure what the scale is all about or how the hardness rating of a stone will affect the overall quality and longevity of the ring. To help you better understand how the Mohs scale works, we have put together a simple guide. This will help you be better informed when choosing engagement rings.

Before we get started, where does the Mohs scale idea originate? Named after Friedrich Mohs, a mineralogist who invented a way to measure hardness, the scale is based on how one mineral scratches another. Talc has the lowest rating (0), while diamonds have the highest rating (10). In between, there are many, many stones, each with their own hardness rating. Keep reading to find out more.

Mohs Hardness Rating for Engagement Rings

Simply put, the Mohs scale measures a stone’s hardness by determining whether it can be easily scratched or chipped. For example, diamonds have a hardness rating of 10. This means that they cannot be scratched by any other stone in a ring. This is why diamonds have long been the preferred choice for engagement rings.

Why is this scale important when choosing rings?

There is a very good reason to check the hardness rating of a stone. A stone that has a hardness rating of 7 or higher will be a good choice that will not be prone to damage. A stone with a lower hardness rating of 7 or under will be at risk of chips, scratches and other damages that will affect its quality over time. Choosing stones for their colour or beauty alone is never a good idea. Even if the stone looks good initially, it may not look as good in a few years if it has a low hardness rating.

How do you check the hardness rating?

All you need to do is a quick online search. Once you have an idea of a stone you love, look it up to check its rating. There are many excellent online resources that list various stones along with their hardness rating. You can also speak to your jeweller to get professional advice on the best and worst stones to use in your ring.

Which stones have the highest rating?

As we mentioned above, diamonds have the highest rating of all stones, with a hardness rating of 10. Other stones that have a high rating include sapphires and rubies (9), emeralds, aquamarine and topaz (8), and morganite and amethyst (7).

Which stones have the lowest rating?

Pearl is ranked 2, making it one of the softest minerals. Other low rating stones include azurite (3.5 – 4), malachite (3.5 – 4) and turquoise (5 – 6). Softer stones can be used as side stones in certain designs but should not be used as centre stones.

To learn more about choosing the right stone for your engagement ring, contact a professional jeweller such as Cape Diamonds for a custom-made ring that meets your specifications.

Fall in Love With These Topaz Engagement Rings

If you’re looking for something timeless and a little unusual, topaz engagement rings are sure to fit the bill. With a Mohs hardness rating of 8, topaz is a strong, durable stone. This stone ranges in colour, from a lighter shade of turquoise blue to a deep blue with a hint of green. Clear and radiant, topaz works well when paired with diamond. The stone can be added to rings in any metal. On a platinum or white gold band, the stone looks cool and vivid. On a warmer metal such as rose gold or yellow gold, the contrast adds plenty of visual interest.

To find out how to use topaz in your ring, here are some examples of gorgeous topaz engagement rings.

Timeless Topaz Engagement Rings

Whatever your dream ring may look like, topaz adds rich colour and plenty of sparkle. To see how beautiful this stone looks, here are some topaz engagement rings to keep you inspired.

Cushion Cut


Cushion cut rings remain a classic choice for many brides. The simple square shape of this cut works perfectly with a halo band of tiny pave stones. The surrounding diamonds help to highlight the centre topaz, drawing attention subtly as the pave stones continue into the band.

Pave Pear


Another classic cut, pear cut stones feature a rounded end on one side and a tapered point on the other side. The ring can be worn with the point facing up or down. This style can help to make fingers look longer. Tiny pave diamonds and a pale rose gold band add even more detail to this design.

East West


East West rings are all about symmetry. Rather than setting stones in a more conventional direction, these rings feature a stone that is positioned east to west rather than north to south. A warm yellow gold band and a detailed setting further add to this ring.

Three Stone


Three stone rings are rich in romantic symbolism, representing your past, present and future with the love of your life. Often, these rings feature a rounded centre stone. In this design, a square cut topaz is used, with tiny round diamonds flanking it on each side.

Pave Heart

Heart cut rings remain a romantic choice for obvious reasons. In this design, a yellow gold split band has pave stones on one side and plain metal on the other. Pave stones continue in an intricate design that wraps around the topaz heart, helping it stand out and shine.

Rose Gold


Topaz can also be found in darker shades. In this unusual design, a deep blue topaz is used in a very interesting vintage-style setting. A delicate rose gold band studded with pave stones further adds to its old-fashioned appeal. This style would be ideal for brides who prefer less conventional rings.

Minimal Marquise


For brides who are looking for something more understated, a minimal ring such as this would be ideal. In this design, a dark blue topaz in a marquise cut takes centre stage in a delicate, fine band that features two tiny diamonds. This style works in cool metals and warm metals. You could also use topaz for the side stones and add a diamond as the centre stone.

Split Band


In addition to having a split band, this ring also has an interesting open design. Two small pear cut topaz stones are positioned at each end of the pave band, adding balance and colour. The ring works well in cooler metals but warmer metals would certainly add plenty of drama.

When choosing stones to add to your ring, remember to check the Mohs hardness rating first. Stones should ideally be at least 7 or higher to ensure that your engagement ring lasts through the years.

Rosy Engagement Rings for the Romantic Bride

If you are looking for engagement rings that are full of romance and femininity, pink-coloured rings are a perfect choice. There are many different ways to add a touch of rosy romance to your ring. Some of the best pink stones include pink diamonds, pink sapphires, morganite, rose quartz, pink tourmaline, and rubies. You could try something soft, in a shade closer to blush or pale pink, or go for something more vivid, in a deeper pink or red.

Whether paired with a cooler toned metal such as platinum or white gold or with a warmer toned metal such as rose gold or yellow gold, rosy engagement rings add a touch of colour and romance. Keep reading to see some examples of how this style could work.

Get Swept Away by These Rosy Engagement Rings

Searching for something rosy and lovely? These engagement rings showcase just how charming pink-toned rings can be…

Split Band Morganite

Rosy Engagement Rings for the Romantic Bride - Split Band MorganiteImage:

Morganite has become a popular stone in recent years. Its soft blush colour is neutral enough to work well in any setting, whether opting for a warm or cool coloured metal. It also works well next to diamonds, making it ideal for pave style rings. A split band in this ring is given more sparkle with tiny pave diamonds that accentuate the centre stone perfectly.

Pink Diamond Halo

Rosy Engagement Rings for the Romantic Bride - Pink Diamond HaloImage:

There are many other ways to add visual interest to a halo design. This classic round cut ring features a round diamond in the centre, followed by a ring of pink diamonds or pink sapphires in rose gold prong settings, followed by a traditional white diamond halo that flows to a pave band.

Two Heart Drop

Rosy Engagement Rings for the Romantic Bride - Two Heart DropImage:

For something more unusual, this heart ring combines two hearts in a design that resembles a bow, signifying the love that you and your partner have and how it connects. A tiny ruby, pink sapphire or deep pink diamond is added as a drop between the hearts. A warm rose gold band completes this interesting ring.

Ruby Pink Sapphire

Rosy Engagement Rings for the Romantic Bride - Ruby Pink SapphireImage:

Pink sapphires are as dazzling as their blue counterparts. In this ring, clear pink sapphires form a halo around a deep pink toned ruby. A delicate rose gold band helps to keep the focus on the centre stones. The balance of ruby and sapphire, in mid and deep pinks, add plenty of visual interest.

Pink Diamond Bloom

Rosy Engagement Rings for the Romantic Bride - Pink Diamond BloomImage:

Ramp up the romance with a vintage-inspired blossom ring in pink diamonds. Set on a delicate gold band, the soft shape of this floral ring design is accentuated by the pale coloured diamonds and the warm tone of the metal. You could use darker coloured diamonds or include a white diamond in the centre to add more detail.

Rosy Three Stone

Rosy Engagement Rings for the Romantic Bride - Rosy Three StoneImage:

Three stone rings remain a popular choice, for good reason. Symbolising your past, present and future, these rings are full of romance. A simple pave band delicately twists, highlighting the three centre stones perfectly. Whether you opt for rubies, pink diamonds, sapphires or any other pink stone, this ring oozes romance.

Pink Sapphire Twist

Rosy Engagement Rings for the Romantic Bride - Pink Sapphire TwistImage:

This pink sapphire twist has a more contemporary design. Tiny sapphires are encrusted on a twisting band in platinum or white gold, with white diamonds below and above. The pave twists lead to the centre diamond, adding detail and a hint of colour.

Rose Quartz Solitaire

Rosy Engagement Rings for the Romantic Bride - Rose Quartz SolitaireImage:

Not all pink stones have to be precious. Semi-precious stones can work equally well if you are looking for something understated and minimal. This rose quartz ring has a simple solitaire setting, a fine gold band, and tiny white diamonds encrusted in its band.

Adding some colour to your engagement ring is a great way to make it unique. Here at Cape Diamonds, we will help you plan the perfect ring, with custom engagement rings to suit every bride-to-be.

When Your Engagement Ring is Not Perfect…

As he starts to get down on his knee, and you see him open the engagement ring box, your heart skips a beat. It’s the moment you have been waiting for… the moment where he pops the most important question you have ever been asked. As the box opens, and you get a glimpse of the ring, your heart sinks a bit. As much as you adore your love, the ring is not what you had hoped.
This situation is a lot more common than you may realise. In the movies and on social media, rings are always perfect, with gasps of delight and excited selfies quickly following from the moment it is placed on the ring finger. In real life, engagement ring failure can and does happen. The good news is that it does not have to be the end of the world. There are several ways that you can deal with a hit or miss ring without hurting any feelings. Cape Diamonds brings you some tips on what to do when your engagement ring is not perfect.

Dealing With an Imperfect Engagement Ring

The best way to deal with this situation is to choose an engagement ring together so that there is no chance of disappointment. That is not always possible, however. If you are less than over the moon about your ring, here are some of the options you have on hand:


Replacing the ring with a style that you genuinely like can be the simplest option. If the ring is completely off the mark – something you would never wear, something that does not fit or something that you cannot ever see yourself liking – replacement is the best choice. Although it can be daunting to ask your love to swap your ring, open communication is essential. He will be happy if you are happy, so rather focus on how you can find a ring that you will love for the rest of your days.


If you mostly like the ring but it either does not fit properly or there is something minor that would make the ring easier to wear, you could look at doing a minor repair. You could replace a stone, enlarge or shrink the band to fit your finger, change a setting (this is not always possible, so always check with the jeweller) or make any other small change to the ring. This is a good compromise if the ring is almost right but not quite perfect.


The final option is to remodel or redesign the ring. This may end up costing more time and effort compared to replacing the ring. If you like certain elements on the ring, such as the metal, stone or setting, remodelling to add or remove features you do not like can change the ring without replacing it completely. Choose this option if you like something about the ring but want to add or remove any detail.

It is also always a good idea to be completely honest with your partner. When you can talk about potential changes in your ring or carefully let him know that the ring was not quite your style, it will be far easier to work together as a couple when making future designs.

At Cape Diamonds, we offer premium, beautifully-made custom engagement rings to suit every bride-to-be.

Why Consider Platinum Engagement Rings?

Platinum engagement rings are a popular choice, for good reason. The brilliant shine of this metal, coupled with its ability to bring out the whiteness of diamonds, makes it a versatile metal for many different ring styles. Keep reading to find out more about this metal to see why it is a great choice for engagement rings.

Top Reasons to Consider Platinum Engagement Rings

Why Consider Platinum Engagement Rings

To help you decide whether to choose platinum over gold for your ring, here are some of the biggest advantages that this metal offers for engagement rings.

Platinum is non-fading.

One of the challenges with wearing rings on a daily basis is that many metals begin to lose their colour over the years. This leads to the need for regular cleanups or polishing to restore your ring to its full colour. Unlike other metals, platinum does not fade. The colour will last a lifetime, making it ideal for a ring that is designed to be worn throughout each phase of your life.

Platinum is hypo-allergenic.

Skin irritations and metal allergies are far more common than you may realise and many brides are only aware of such an allergy when they wear their ring for on an ongoing basis. Metal allergies cause rashes and other problems that make wearing rings almost impossible. A major plus for anyone who is sensitive to metal, platinum is hypo-allergenic. That means that you will never have to worry about skin reactions when wearing your ring.

Platinum is non-corrosive.

This metal is also non-corrosive, which means that you won’t have to worry about rust or any other flaws – now or many years down the line. Your ring will always be in prime condition, year after year, decade after decade. If you plan on eventually handing down your ring to your child, this is a very important advantage.

Platinum is strong.

At the same time, the very nature of this metal makes it extremely strong, too. Platinum settings are far stronger than gold settings, adding an extra layer of resilience to your ring. Whether you have a complex setting or a simple setting, this will mean that your stones stay secure in their setting.

Platinum is durable.

Overall, platinum is a very durable, tough metal that will see you through the years. This metal has a far lower risk of damage and wear and tear. Provided you look after your ring and do not risk it by undertaking activities that put your ring at risk of damage, you should be able to avoid damage and breakages.

Platinum is beautiful.

Finally, it goes without saying that platinum is a bright, beautiful metal that adds instant impact to any ring design. The vivid metallic shine of platinum will ensure that your ring always stands out for all the right reasons. Whichever stone you pair the metal with, your ring is sure to be a stunner.


Browse our collection of platinum diamond rings today or get in touch with Cape Diamonds to find out more.

Daring & Dramatic Engagement Rings

While some brides prefer engagement rings that are subtle and minimal, others prefer rings that make a statement. Finding your dream ring no longer has to be a challenge – especially once you find a trusted jeweller that can bring your ring ideas to life. Keep reading to get inspired by some of the dazzling engagement rings we have seen recently.

Dare to be Bold With These Dramatic Engagement Rings

If you’re looking for something that goes beyond the ordinary, these dramatic, eye-catching engagement rings are sure to inspire.

Pave Loop

Dramatic Engagement Rings - Pave Loop


With its pave encrusted loop and large centre diamond, this ring is bold enough to be eye-catching while still managing to not be too over the top. You can add more impact to the ring by adding a coloured diamond or a bright precious stone as the centre stone or by making one part of the ring a different metal for added contrast.

Two Tone

Dramatic Engagement Rings - Two Tone


Two tone rings add plenty of drama. In this ring, a delicately twisting band is given contrast through the use of platinum or white gold and rose gold. This style would work equally well in yellow and white gold. Add even more boldness by opting for a colourful centre stone or even by adding colourful pave stones.

Morganite Bloom

Dramatic Engagement Rings - Morganite Bloom


Morganite may not be the brightest coloured stone. It can, however, add impact when paired with a dramatic design. This floral-like bloom has a vintage style that works very well with the pink tone of the morganite. Diamonds or even pink sapphires can be added for extra colour and detail.

Chevron Pear

Dramatic Engagement Rings - Chevron Pear


The design of this ring will certainly turn heads. A pear cut diamond, surrounded by tiny pave stones, flows into a chevron pave band at its tip. Add more drama with a coloured diamond or your favourite precious stone. Change up the metal or even alternate the colour by choosing coloured pave stones on the halo or band.

Black Sapphire

Dramatic Engagement Rings - Black Sapphire


Black sapphires are certainly full of drama and intrigue. The sophisticated, retro glamour of this stone is ideal for a classic pear cut ring. A warmer toned metal will further help to add to the look of this ring, while platinum or white gold would keep it a bit more understated.

Geometric Tourmaline

Dramatic Engagement Rings - Geometric Tourmaline


The vintage appeal of this geometric ring is enhanced by the contrast of yellow gold and purple-pink tourmaline. With small side diamonds, this ring has a beautiful antique look that is sure to appeal to brides-to-be who favour out of the ordinary jewellery.

Pave Twists

Dramatic Engagement Rings - Pave Twists


Twisted pave bands are used here to create an intricate, unusual ring that is full of sparkle. This type of ring is proof that you do not need a single diamond to find a sparkly, bold ring. Instead, tiny diamonds help to maximise shine and add visual interest.

Three Layers

Dramatic Engagement Rings - Three Layers


Can’t decide between white gold, yellow gold and rose gold? You can have all three metals with this ring. Three layers are stacked, connecting at the bottom to form one multi-hued ring. Tiny pave diamonds help to add sparkle without going over the top.

Gold Floral

Dramatic Engagement Rings - Gold Floral


Forming part of the Cape Diamonds Fynbos Collection, the Blushing Bride solitaire ring features one of the Cape’s most spectacular fynbos species – the blushing bride. Floral motifs are a great way to add detail in a way that is feminine, romantic and interesting.

Contact Cape Diamonds to start planning your very own dream engagement ring today.

How to Pair Your Engagement Ring With Other Jewellery

Pairing your engagement ring with other rings and jewellery can be as easy as finding pieces that work well with your ring. It can also be a challenge when you are trying to accentuate your ring without anything clashing or looking strange. Wearing rings that could scratch or damage any ring worn on the same hand is never a good idea. Wearing rings that detract from your ring is never ideal, either. In this guide, we share some tips on how to pair your engagement ring with other jewellery and what to wear with your engagement ring, on your wedding day, for evening events, and during the day.

Pairing Your Engagement Ring With Other Jewellery

There are a few things to keep in mind when pairing your engagement ring with any other jewellery. The most important factors that can either cause clashes or achieve a cohesive style include colour choices (metal and stones), the size of the jewellery, how much jewellery you wear, and the style of each piece. Some additional things to keep in mind include the following:

On your wedding day.

For your big day, you want to aim for a minimal look that will not take away attention from your dress. Remember that your wedding ring will be added to your engagement ring. If you are wearing rings on every finger, the effect may be over the top. Keep necklaces and earrings simple, too. A delicate chain and pendant would not detract from your dress and ring, while a very large piece might ruin your look. Rather than trying to follow trends, stick to your style.

For formal events.

You can add more sparkle for evening or formal events, but remember to use your ring as a guideline when choosing other jewellery. If you have a classic diamond ring, it will go with just about any type of stone. If you have a coloured diamond or a precious stone that is brightly coloured, you would need to stick to neutral coloured jewellery or stones that do not clash too much. Diamonds, pearls, white sapphire, and black stones are all understated enough to avoid clashes.

During the day.

Here, you can also mix things up. It’s worth noting that you should choose rings carefully if wearing them alongside your ring. You don’t want to risk damaging your ring with sharp edges or ring styles that overlap onto your adjacent finger. Stacked rings can be a great way to change things up without going over the top. These rings are delicate and subtle, and won’t detract too much from your main ring. You could also stick to minimal rings that do not get in the way. If you live an active lifestyle, keep in mind that any jewellery you wear might be damaged when playing sports. It is best to rather wear no rings than to risk losing or damaging your ring.

For more inspiration on choosing your ring, be sure to follow our blog. At Cape Diamonds, we offer custom-made rings that are designed according to your specifications. Get in touch today to learn more about finding the perfect engagement ring to suit your style.

Fall in Love With These Romantic Ruby Engagement Rings

For those wanting engagement rings that are romantic, feminine, and bold, few stones have the same allure as rubies. These deep red stones have been favoured for many decades. Working well in platinum, white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold engagement rings, rubies can be used on their own or alongside diamonds. If you are searching for a ring that will stand out for all the right reasons, this stone is sure to be a perfect choice.

Spectacular Ruby Engagement Rings

Some of the most eye-catching ruby engagement rings we’ve seen recently include the following:

Split Band Pave

Romantic Ruby Engagement Rings - Split Band PaveImage:

Split band rings create soft lines that help to highlight centre stones while adding plenty of visual detail. When tiny pave diamonds are added, the effect is enhanced even further. A ruby in the centre and a rose gold band helps to bring an extra touch of romance to this unique ring. This style would work equally well with rubies as the pave stones and a centre diamond.

Three Stone

Romantic Ruby Engagement Rings - Three StoneImage:

The symbolism behind three stone rings makes this style a favourite for many brides-to-be. Each stone represents your stage in the journey of life – your past, your present, and your future. Aside from its symbolism, this design also helps to balance the centre ruby, with diamond flanking the centre stone. A gleaming band in white gold or platinum further adds to the design.

Pear Cut Pave

Romantic Ruby Engagement Rings - Pear Cut Pave


Pear cut stones remain a classic choice, working especially well when surrounded by a pave halo. Tiny pave diamonds continue along the start of the band. Rose gold helps to soften this ring, but a cooler toned metal would also work well. This style can be worn with the tapered point facing up or down.

Double Band Marquise

Romantic Ruby Engagement Rings - Double Band Marquise


For something dramatic and unique, this double band ring features a sleek marquise cut ruby, surrounded by tiny pave diamonds. Two delicate bands add even more of an unusual touch to this ring. Yellow gold helps the centre ruby stand out – a cooler metal or rose gold could also work equally well, however.

Twisted Band

Romantic Ruby Engagement Rings - Twisted BandImage:

Twisted band rings are elegant yet surprisingly simple. This style works very well with pave stones and a simple cut. Here, a round cut ruby takes centre stage. The cool tone of the platinum band helps the ruby stand out, with the deep red hue drawing plenty of attention without being over the top.

Pave Crown

Romantic Ruby Engagement Rings - Pave CrownImage:

In this interesting design, a delicate pave crown fits over the centre ruby. Tiny pave diamonds are added for a bit of sparkle, while a fine gold band helps the stone to stand out even further. This style would be especially good for those who favour less conventional rings.

Minimal Heart

Romantic Ruby Engagement Rings - Minimal HeartImage:

What could be more romantic than a heart shaped ruby? In this ring, a heart ruby is set in the centre, with tiny pave stones set on the band. A cool toned metal helps the ruby stand out but you could also try a warmer toned metal for something more unusual.

Simple Solitaire

Romantic Ruby Engagement Rings - Simple SolitaireImage:

Finally, perfect for those who prefer simple, minimal rings, this bezel set solitaire cut ring features a tiny ruby set on a thin gold band. This ring is subtle, understated, and elegant, with just enough sparkle to catch the light without being over the top.

If you are looking for a custom-made ring in Cape Town that suits your style perfectly, Cape Diamonds is here to help. Contact us today to find out more about our unique engagement rings.