How to Design Your Own Engagement Ring

Designing your own engagement ring is exciting and fun. Another benefit is that it allows you to get the ring you have always wanted. Traditionally, rings were a surprise given during proposals. Although proposals are absolutely a huge part of the engagement, the ring itself does not have to be designed without your input. Today’s brides have far more say on the type of ring they want. This makes a lot of sense on many levels. Being in a position where you have had the most romantic proposal in the world, only to find that you do not love your ring is never ideal. If your significant other knows your style very well, the risk of this happening is smaller. Another reason to plan your ring is that you can make it truly yours – a style that is unlike all the usual styles out there. The simplest way to get your dream ring is to design it yourself with the help of an experienced engagement ring designer.

Designing Your Own Engagement Ring

Not too long ago, we shared some tips on what to do before planning your own ring. Today, we’re sharing some guidelines on how to design your engagement ring once you’re prepared to get started. Here are some of the top things you’ll need to consider.

The Metal

Metals for bands and settings include yellow gold (a timeless choice), rose gold (a feminine, popular choice), white gold (simple and elegant), and platinum (shiny and strong). All of these metals are beautiful in their own way. This can make it challenging to know which is best. A good tip is to consider your other jewellery. Which metals do you prefer on earrings, necklaces, bracelets, or other rings? Will you wear the ring with similar metal rings on other fingers or do you want to mix metals for something more modern?

The Stones

Diamonds are a natural choice for this type of ring, and for good reason. With a rating of 10 on the Mohs hardness scale, no other material is as strong as diamond. These stones will last forever. That doesn’t mean that they are the only stone to consider, however. You may have always loved emeralds. You may be drawn to stones such as morganite or aquamarine. You may want to add a stone with meaning, such as your birthstone. Think carefully about the colours and stones you like and consider whether they can be worn with other jewellery or with clothing or other items that may clash or work together. Remember, you are going to wear this ring all day, every day, so you want it to be a colour that works with your style. Another thing to consider is the hardness rating. Stones of 7-10 are ideal, while those at 6 or 6.5 can work, provided you take extra care to avoid damage.

The Style

Now for the fun part – the style itself. There are many, many styles out there. So many, in fact, that our blog is full of inspiration on clas, modern, feminine, minimal, unique, and bold styles. The simplest way to choose a style is to decide whether you want to go for something conventional (princess, solitaire, oval, pave, or rectangular) or something more contemporary (asymmetrical, cluster, two-tone or geometric). You could also consider elements such as band shape, symbolism, profile, setting, colour combinations or any other factor that appeals to you in some way. This can be a little overwhelming. It helps to start thinking and finding ideas of styles you like before speaking to your jeweller.

Once you have done some thinking about the factors we’ve mentioned above, you can sit down and chat with your jeweller about what you want in your ring. He will also be able to give you suggestions on what is practical and what is not and offer expert advice on diamond carats, metals, and other factors that you’ll need to consider. If you’re looking for a trusted jeweller with a wealth of experience, Joel Graham is your best choice. As the hands (and heart) behind Cape Diamonds, Joel brings his unique talent and vision into every ring designed. Get in touch with us and let us help you design the engagement ring of your dreams.

Unusual and Enchanting Sunstone Engagement Rings

If you’re looking for an unusual stone for your engagement ring, sunstone is well worth considering. This stone takes its name from its warm colour range and its flickering, tiny patterns within the stone that give the illusion of sunshine. Colours range from the palest peach to deep, dark orange, with many falling somewhere in the middle. At 6.5, sunstone does not have the highest hardness rating on the Mohs scale. With that said, if you look after your ring and make sure that it doesn’t wear or scratch, you can keep this ring in excellent condition for a lifetime.

Wondering how sunstone looks in engagement rings? Keep reading to see some examples of these warm-hued stones in a variety of ring styles.

Get Inspired by These Sunstone Engagement Rings

Some of the loveliest sunstone engagement rings we’ve seen include the following:

Vintage Floral


Perfect for those who are looking for something feminine, pretty, and vintage-inspired, this ring has a petal design with a centre sunstone surrounded by a halo. The rose gold band adds even more romance to the ring. It would also work well with any other metal, however. A lighter-hued sunstone adds to the softness of the ring.

Turquoise Teardrop


For a unique, boho-style ring, this turquoise and sunstone ring is truly spectacular. The combination of peach-coloured sunstone and bright turquoise gives the ring a stunning contrast. Set against soft yellow gold, the result is a tiara ring that has a distinctive, slightly art deco look.

Minimal Solitaire


There is something about solitaire rings that will never date. Throughout the centuries, these rings have remained a classic choice for brides all over the world. The beauty in this ring lies in its simplicity. While diamonds are usually the stone of choice for solitaire rings, a sunstone adds a hint of colour, adding something a little more unusual to the overall design.

Double Twist


There is certainly nothing subtle about this ring. If you’re looking for a bold, statement ring that is completely unique, this one’s for you. Two oval, deep orange sunstones are set in a yellow gold band, with a twisted pave band twisting between the two stones. The result is a vibrant, warm ring that has maximum sparkle.

Side Stone


Asymmetrical rings are ideal for brides looking for something unconventional that is not over the top. The subtleness of this ring ensures that it is minimal and simple. The centre sunstone is flanked by tiny diamonds to one side. The balance makes this ring beautiful and feminine.

Princess Cut


Princess cut rings are another classic that will not be going out of fashion any time soon. This traditional design has a centre sunstone with a halo and pave diamonds that continue onto the band. Platinum is a great choice for this timeless ring, however, it would work equally well with rose gold or white gold.

Delicate Bezel


Delicate, fine, and oh-so-gorgeous, this bezel set ring features a textured gold band and a small centre sunstone. Although the texture of the band adds to its unusual design, a simple yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, or platinum band would have the same effect. Bezel cut rings are a good choice for softer stones like sunstone as they do not catch on fabrics and have less chance of stones loosening.

Three Stone


Finally, we have a gorgeous three stone ring. These rings are symbolic, romantic and full of meaning. Each stone represents your past, present and future. With the vibrant coral coloured sunstone in the centre representing your present and the baguette cut diamonds reflecting your past and future, this ring is a must for those looking for a romantic yet modern ring.

Whether you’re inspired by sunstone or you’re looking for a classic diamond, we will help you design your dream ring. Contact Cape Diamonds today to find out more about our iconic range of engagement rings.

Which Modern Engagement Ring Style is Best?

While some brides-to-be look for classic engagement ring styles, others prefer contemporary rings. Over the years, many different styles have emerged. Although some ring trends come and go, others have remained a popular choice for modern brides. In this guide, we share some of the most beautiful engagement ring styles that have a modern touch that will not lose its appeal.

A Guide to Modern Engagement Ring Styles

From boho to cluster, we’ve put together a list of gorgeous modern engagement ring styles. Here are some of the best styles to consider for your ring.


Boho rings are diverse. These rings are characterised by unique features, unusual stone choices, asymmetrical designs, and quirky elements that make them stand out from conventional designs. Many are set on delicate bands in muted metals rather than ultra-shiny platinum, yellow gold or rose gold. Some have a minimal design while others have multiple layers or elements that add complexity to their design.


Ballerina rings are incredibly romantic and feminine. Although this style is not new, the modern take on the ring has brought it into the new era. Many feature baguette-cut stones while others feature a combination of stone cuts. Diamonds remain a popular choice, but black diamonds and other precious stones are also used in this style of ring to add more impact.


Another feminine ring is the tiara ring. This ring has a tiara or crown shape at its tip, with the band or stones rising at the centre. There are many different designs found within this style. Like ballerina rings, tiara rings are not a new design but instead, they have been reimagined for the modern era through the use of unusual stones or features.


Profile rings are a great way to add unique details without affecting the primary design of the ring. You could have a classic solitaire ring in a simple platinum setting, for example, which looks traditional from above. The profile detail is very ornate and unusual, however, changing the look of the ring and turning it into something magical. An example of this style is our Fynbos Collection, which brings to life the rich botanical heritage of the Cape Floral Kingdom into a one-of-a-kind ring collection.


Last, but not least, cluster rings have also made a come-back in recent years. Yesteryear’s cluster rings featured Art Deco styles and classic designs. Today’s cluster rings are often asymmetrical and unusual in their detail. White diamonds are offset with precious stones, with colourful stones set in contrasting metal bands and a combination of stone shapes further adding to the contrast.

Whichever type of ring speaks to your sense of style, we’re here to make it into a reality. Contact Cape Diamonds today to find out more about our custom engagement rings.

Get Inspired by These Stunning Tiara Engagement Rings

As their name implies, tiara engagement rings have a unique design that resembles a tiara. These rings are delicate and visually interesting, with many featuring unique details. They are ideal for stacking, working well with wedding rings or as part of a set. From minimal and dainty to bold and beautiful, there are many styles to choose from when it comes to tiara engagement rings. Keep reading to get inspired by some of our favourites.

Gorgeous Tiara Engagement Rings

Looking for a stand-out ring that offers a modern take on vintage-style design? Here are some exquisite tiara engagement rings that showcase the beauty of this style.

Bezel Cut Teardrop



Bezel settings keep stones securely within the metal. This design is minimal and simple, with a crown of teardrop cut diamonds in a bezel setting. The ring would work well stacked with a simple wedding ring or it can be used as a wedding ring, with a teardrop ring as your engagement ring.

Split Band Baguette



For something feminine and romantic, this beautiful rose gold ring features a split band, with a horizontal baguette on the bottom half and a crown of baguette stones on the top half. The balance of stones adds to the illusion of a tiara, while the rose gold enhances the romance of the ring.

Aquamarine and Diamond



If you are looking to add some colour to your ring, this aquamarine and diamond ring is sure to be just right. The muted rose gold of the band balances the soft blue-green of the centre teardrop stone. Fanning out above the centre stone is a layer of diamonds in the classic tiara shape.

Mixed Diamond Cluster



For those looking for an elegant, sophisticated take on the tiara ring design, this mixed diamond cluster ring is sure to add plenty of sparkle. The ring features several diamonds in various shapes, making up the tiara shape in a bolder chevron design. It would work well in any metal.

Boho Crescent Diamond



Boho style rings remain a popular choice for many brides. This ring has an unusual design in the shape of a crescent, with diamonds taking centre stage on the top of the ring to form the tiara. A delicate yellow gold band ensures that the stones stand out without losing the subtle design.

Multi-Layer Topaz



If subtle is not your thing, this bold, vintage-style ring is a must-try. This design showcases the true magic of tiara rings, with a round topaz and a fan of diamonds spreading out onto the band. The contrast between diamonds, topaz and yellow gold adds lots of interest in this design.

Rose Gold Wishbone



Another delicate, simple ring is this rose gold wishbone. This is an ideal choice if you want a tiara design that is understated enough to layer without losing its minimal design. Tiny diamonds are set on the V of the wishbone, with a delicate rose gold band balancing against the cool tone of the diamond.

Round Cut Layers



Finally, this bold ring is perfect for those who are looking for maximum sparkle. Three layers of diamonds are stacked in a tiara shape, adding loads of drama and plenty of visual detail. Platinum and white gold work well in this ring but rose or yellow gold would be equally stunning.

Subtle, bold, unique or minimal, tiara rings can be tailored to your unique style. If you have always longed for a one-of-a-kind engagement ring that will make you fall in love at first sight, contact Cape Diamonds today.

What to do if You Don’t Love Your Engagement Ring

Few moments are as unforgettable as the moment you are presented with an engagement ring. Whether your beloved planned a proposal that will go down in history as the most romantic event of all time or it was a deeply personal event for just the two of you, seeing that ring and hearing those words is something you will remember forever.

What happens if the ring you are given is not something you would have chosen yourself? Worse still, what happens if you know at first sight you don’t see yourself wearing it day in and day out? Being unhappy about an engagement ring may seem like the end of the world but it doesn’t have to be if you handle the situation properly.

What Happens if You Don’t Adore Your Engagement Ring?

To avoid the most romantic moment of your life turning into something awkward or uncomfortable, here are a few tips to consider if you don’t love your engagement ring.

Watch your facial expressions.

You may have had a feeling the proposal was coming or it may have been a complete surprise. Your beloved may have tried to do some research before popping the question but he may also have taken a few guesses. What you need to remember is that he is asking The Question. Your reaction is everything. Even if you are instantly disappointed, be careful not to look horrified or disgusted. This could result in a sense that it is the proposal itself that has disappointed you rather than the ring. Try to keep a neutral expression and say yes! You can then proceed to the ring discussion.

Be gentle but honest.

When having that discussion, it is essential to be honest and open about your feelings. This is a ring that you are expected to wear every day for the rest of your life together. If you are not fully happy with the style or design now, it is unlikely to grow on your later down the line. You may end up taking it off and storing it away somewhere rather than wearing it with pride. You don’t have to be harsh or unkind, however. Be honest and tell your love that you love the fact that he has thought about the ring but it is not the style you would choose yourself. You can then decide what steps to take next, as a couple.

Look at options together.

It may well be an heirloom ring rather than something he has had custom-made. If that is the case, you could look at making changes to the ring if there are parts you like. You could have the stones reset or you could look at a new band or adding additional stones, for example. If the ring was purchased as is, you could take it to a jeweller and customise it to your preferences. If it was custom-designed, you could look at redesigning the right if that is possible. At the absolute worst, most jewellers will have a return policy if returned within two weeks or less.

The most important thing is having a ring that you will love. Once you get past any awkwardness, you will be able to work together to find your dream engagement ring.

Bold and Beautiful Onyx Engagement Rings

While diamonds remain a timeless choice for engagement rings, adding a unique stone can give your ring a whole new dimension. One stone that certainly makes for a bold, beautiful ring is onyx. This stone is known for its deep black colour. It has a hardness rating of 7 on the Mohs scale, making it suitable for a ring that is worn daily. Some onyx stones have bands that range in colour from light to dark, while others are solid black. Used in an engagement ring, onyx will offset diamonds, adding an interesting balance that is eye-catching and unusual. Keep reading to see how this beautiful stone looks in rings for some inspiration.

Fall in Love With These Onyx Engagement Rings

Pave Pear


Pear cut stones are a timeless choice, for good reason. With their teardrop shape, this stone can be worn with its tip on the bottom, or the top. It is very flattering for all finger sizes and lengths. The simple setting of this ring combined with the pave diamonds on its bands gives this ring a dedicatedly feminine touch.

Asymmetrical Marquise


For something less conventional, this asymmetrical ring is sure to be a good choice. This ring has a simple band, with a centre marquise cut onyx and a cluster of three small diamonds to one side. Cluster rings are visually interesting, with various designs that step away from the traditional style of ring.

Pave Heart


Heart cut stones are perfect for the romantic bride. A delicate band is set with three pave stones on each side of an onyx heart. Three stone rings are rich in symbolism, representing your past, present, and future. With three stones on each side and a heart, this is a ring for those dreaming of a lifetime of love.

Oval Ballerina


Ballerina style rings have been a popular style for decades. The rings get their name from their tutu shaped fan that surrounds a centre stone. In this ring, a classic oval onyx takes centre stage, with diamonds forming the tutu around the stone.

Delicate Tiara


Taking a chevron shape, tiara rings are great for stacking. They can also be worn on their own with a fine wedding band if you prefer something simple and minimal. In this design, onyx stones of various sizes are placed on the V of the chevron, giving the appearance of a tiara.

Minimal Hexagon


On the topic of minimal rings, this delicate hexagon ring is subtle and pretty. Set in yellow gold, the onyx hexagon has a rounded centre stone. Tiny diamonds could be set around the stone for added sparkle. This ring would work well in any metal.

Classic Cushion


Those looking for a classic ring that will never date will adore this cushion cut halo ring. Featuring a gleaming onyx in the centre, a halo of pave diamonds lead to a pave-encrusted band. The result is an elegant, timeless ring that stands out for all the right reasons.

Bezel Triangle


Bezel cut engagement rings are perfect for those with an active lifestyle. The setting keeps the stone secure without the use of prongs. This ring has a plain yellow gold band and a triangular or trillion cut onyx stone taking centre stage. It would work equally well in white gold, rose gold, or platinum.

Cape Diamonds is here to turn your ring idea into a reality. Whether you are fascinated by the glossy black tone of onyx or you are looking for another stone or a classic diamond ring, we are here to help. Contact us today to find out more about creating your perfect engagement ring.

How to Choose the Best Engagement Ring Setting

There are numerous factors to consider when choosing an engagement ring setting beyond style and appearance. With many different settings to choose from, you may be tempted to go with the one that looks the most eye-catching. While you certainly want a beautiful setting that goes perfectly with your ring design, it is important to do a quick check to see whether the setting you want will last through the years without catching on everything, causing discomfort, jeopardising the centre stone or damaging any other part of the ring. In this guide, we share some of the things to look out for when choosing your engagement ring setting.

Choosing Your Engagement Ring Setting

To decide which engagement ring setting is the best choice, here are a few questions to ask your jeweller…

Is it practical?

Can you wear your ring day in and day out? Overly complicated settings and those that have sharp edges will not be practical. Watch out for settings that can easily catch on clothing, bedding, and other materials. It also helps to consider the overall design of the ring as well as the setting. If you have a more complex design, it is best to stick to a simple setting such as a channel setting or a bezel setting. If your ring is very simple, a more ornate setting such as a lower-set prong setting. If you have an active lifestyle, it is especially important to think carefully about the setting that will be the most practical. You should also make sure that your setting can be cleaned easily.

Is it comfortable?

Most settings are comfortable to wear – especially classic prong settings, channel settings, bezel settings, and cathedral settings. Others may not be the most comfortable. Settings such as tension setting may not be as easy to wear, as these have a stone that is positioned in a way that suspends the diamond between each side of the band. Depending on the cut of your stone, the ring may not always sit easily. Make sure that your ring easily sits onto your finger without the stone digging in or touching your finger too much.

Is it durable?

You will also need to think about how well the setting will wear over time. Some settings loosen over the years, which means that stones may need to be reset. This is not too much of a problem in a more simple setting such as a prong setting, but it may be more expensive and difficult to reset a stone in a setting such as tension or channel settings. The best way to keep your ring lasting well is to regularly check the prongs yourself and take your ring in for a professional clean and check every two years. If any prong loosens, take your ring to your jeweller as soon as possible.

Is it secure?

On that note, it is important to consider the security of the ring. As we mentioned above, prongs can loosen over time with classic styles such as prong settings. In styles that use tension settings, there is a small chance that diamonds can fall out if the ring is struck by an excessive force. Although this happens on a rare basis, it is still worth noting as it means being more careful when wearing your ring on a daily basis.

Cape Diamonds offers a wide range of rings in various settings and metals. Contact us today to find out more about choosing the perfect setting for your engagement ring.

Fall in Love with These Enchanting Ballerina Engagement Rings

Ballerina engagement rings are a style that was very fashionable in the 1950s, coming back into style in current times. This style of ring takes its name from the series of small stones that surround the centre stone, giving the illusion of a ballet tutu. Traditionally, baguette-cut stones are used for the ‘tutu’. Modern rings include other cut diamonds or precious stones or a combination of cuts for added interest. Some ballerina rings feature additional elements, such as swirls, further adding to the sense of movement and grace of this ring style.

Looking for inspiration for your dream ring? Keep reading to find a selection of elegant ballerina engagement rings that are perfect for those seeking something deeply feminine and romantic.

Elegant and Graceful Ballerina Engagement Rings

These engagement rings capture the beauty of the ballerina style ring perfectly.

Yellow Gold Swirls

Yellow gold ring with swirls studded with baguettes.


This ring uses swirls studded with baguettes that are set close together. Set in yellow gold, with classic white diamonds, the ring brings to mind a twirling tutu, with plenty of sparkle. It has a round cut diamond in the centre and a touch of vintage in its overall design.

Vintage Double Layer

Vintage double layer ring with a round centre diamond.


If vintage is what you are looking for, this ring has even more of a vintage style. A round centre diamond is flanked first by a halo of tiny pave diamonds and then by a ring of baguette diamonds. The result is a square or oblong shape of diamonds, with loads of sparkle.

Sapphire and Diamond

Round Sapphire and baguette diamond ring.


Precious stones add even more elegance to the ballerina ring. In this design, a round sapphire is surrounded by baguettes in an inverted square shape. Between each trio of baguette diamonds, there are two small round cut stones that add balance to the overall design.

Rose Gold Pear

Rose gold ring with pear cut diamond.

Rose gold is an ideal metal for this type of ring, bringing a soft, feminine appeal. In this modern yet timeless design, a pear-cut stone takes centre stage, with a combination of marquise and round cut stones forming the tutu. This style works perfectly with diamonds and rose gold but it would also work beautifully in yellow gold or platinum with a coloured diamond or precious stones.

Black Diamond Oval

Black oval diamond ring with round diamonds.


Black diamonds provide lots of drama and impact to this type of ring. In this ring, a black diamond oval lies in the centre, flanked by a halo with an outer layer of round diamonds and strategically placed baguettes that continue the oval design. Try this ring with rose gold for something bolder.

Side Stone Clusters

Ring with round cut diamonds in centre, flanked by baguettes.


Ballerina rings don’t have to have a complete tutu. This ring design features a centre of tiny round cut diamonds, flanked by baguettes on each side to form a wing-like design that fans out to either side. Try mixing up stones in the centre or surrounding layer or keep it simple with classic white diamonds.

Yellow Gold Cluster

Yellow gold ring with a round centre diamond surrounded by baguette diamonds.


Cluster rings remain a popular choice for many brides-to-be. In this ring, a round diamond is surrounded by baguette diamonds that are spaced a little further apart, with clusters of small round diamonds situated at the top, bottom, and sides. The result is a dainty, pretty ring that sparkles beautifully.

Double Layer Morganite

Double layer Morganite rose gold ring.


Morganite and rose gold are a favourite choice for modern rings. This combination works well with diamonds, giving a soft, subtle effect that is understated without being boring. In this ring, an oval centre stone is surrounded by an inner halo of pave diamonds, with baguette stones of varying sizes and additional round cut diamonds to continue the oval shape.

If you’re looking for something that is a little bit different, while still being classic enough to stay in style throughout the ages, ballerina style rings are a perfect choice. Still not sure what type of ring you want? Get in touch with Cape Diamonds today to learn more about planning your ideal engagement ring.

Why Are Diamond Engagement Rings so Popular?

With all the stones available today, what makes diamond engagement rings such a popular choice all over the globe? When you think of engagements, the thing that most likely first comes to mind is diamonds. This stone has a timeless appeal that has made it a favourite for many brides. The wide variety of cuts and ring styles means that diamonds can be used for a huge variety of rings, from contemporary to vintage.

Why are diamonds so frequently used in engagement rings, though, and what makes them the perfect choice for your ring? Why are these stones considered the best choice for rings? Let’s take a look.

Why Diamond Engagement Rings Will Never Date

There are a number of reasons that diamond engagement rings remain the best choice for many brides. These include the following:

They are an investment.

Diamonds are one of the most precious stones in the world, with a high value. Higher carat stones are especially high in value. Many years ago, diamonds were considered insurance of sort, offering newlywed couples a precious stone that would grow in value over the course of their marriage. Although things have changed in modern times, these stones still remain an excellent investment.

They are strong.

Diamonds are a solid 10 on the Mohs hardness scale. This means that no other stone can chip or damage diamonds. They are extremely hard to damage, making them the ideal choice for a ring you will wear day in and day out. Unlike softer stones that will wear over time, diamonds will continue to shine with just a bit of care. To make sure that your diamond ring is even more protected, be sure to choose a style that does not easily catch on things and a setting that is stable and secure.

They are versatile.

Diamonds can be used in a wide range of settings and ring styles. Whether you prefer split band rings, double band rings, classic solitaire rings, pave rings, shaped diamonds, or any other style, diamonds will be the perfect fit. They pair well with any metal type, too, without the risk of clashing that can sometimes happen with other brightly hued precious stones. If you want to add colour, you can also opt for a coloured diamond.

They are timeless.

To quote Marilyn Monroe, diamonds are a girl’s best friend. This stone has a timeless appeal that has attracted brides across every era. Diamonds have an elegance that few other stones can match. Classic cuts such as round, princess, emerald, pear, and marquise ensure a ring that will never go out of date – a few years from now or decades from now.

At Cape Diamonds, we offer a wide variety of diamonds in various cuts and carats. Planning your dream ring is made far easier, thanks to our choice of rings in classic and modern styles. Choose your stone, choose your metal, choose your design, and let us make you the diamond engagement ring you have always wanted.

Elegant Shaped Band Engagement Rings to Inspire

If you’re looking for an engagement ring style that is elegant and feminine, shaped band rings are sure to be a good choice. As the name implies, these rings have a shaped band. The most common type of ring in this style is the classic chevron. This can be worn with the point facing upwards or downwards. Often, the V of the chevron is covered in tiny pave diamonds or stones. Other styles included twisted bands, two-tone bands, and other variations, each adding visual detail subtly and simply.

Wondering whether this engagement ring style is a good fit for you? Keep reading to get inspired by these gorgeous rings.

Exquisite Shaped Band Engagement Rings

Some of our favourite shaped band engagement rings include the following:

Delicate Chevron


This is the classic chevron we mentioned earlier. It has a fine, delicate band, with tiny pave stones set in a V shape. This ring would work in any metal – platinum, yellow gold, or rose gold. It would also work with precious stones as well as diamonds or even a combination of stones for something bolder.

Vintage Pave


For something that appeals to this with a love for all things vintage-inspired, this ring has plenty of classic charm. It features a gentle series of loops, with a chevron in the centre that resembles the bottom of a heart. Keep it classic in rose gold and diamond or try adding a warm-toned stone such as morganite or a dramatic black diamond for the side stones.

Round Chevron


Another way to add to the chevron style of shaped band ring is to add a stone in the centre of the dip. This balances it out, adding a subtle shape. In this ring, a small round cut diamond adds a lot of sparkle, with pave stones on the band adding the perfect touch.

Art Deco


Art deco rings are certainly having a moment again. If you love unusual, bold rings, this one is just right. Small baguette diamonds are arranged on the chevron band, creating a unique shape to the ring. Yellow gold works especially well against the diamond but rose gold and platinum would also work.

Pave Twists


Feminine and understated, this twisted band ring uses a series of tiny pave diamonds instead of a larger centre stone. The result is a ring that has loads of sparkle, without losing its simplicity. If you prefer minimal styles that are not too over the top, you will love this engagement ring, whatever metal you prefer.

H Shape


The H shape ring certainly stands out. This is a variation of the double band ring, with a centre bar down the middle that connects each band. The centre bar and the fronts of the top and lower bands are both encrusted with pave stones. Keep all the stones diamonds or try adding impact with semi-precious stones on the centre bar.

Entwined Heart


This ring is ideal for those wanting a bit of romance. The heart-shaped diamond in the centre is gently entwined with an open band that cradles the stone. The top part of the band features tiny pave diamonds, while the lower part is left plain. Swap the centre heart stone for ruby, emerald, sapphire or tanzanite or try a coloured diamond.



Two-tone rings work well with shaped bands, allowing you to mix up metals subtly while adding more detail. In this ring, yellow and white gold is used along with a centre diamond and pave diamonds on the white gold band. These metals to not clash and the design is simple enough to avoid being over the top.

Still looking for your dream ring? We are here to help you take your ring ideas and turn them into something magical. Get in touch with Cape Diamonds to start planning the perfect engagement ring today.