Fall in Love with These Enchanting Ballerina Engagement Rings

Ballerina engagement rings are a style that was very fashionable in the 1950s, coming back into style in current times. This style of ring takes its name from the series of small stones that surround the centre stone, giving the illusion of a ballet tutu. Traditionally, baguette-cut stones are used for the ‘tutu’. Modern rings include other cut diamonds or precious stones or a combination of cuts for added interest. Some ballerina rings feature additional elements, such as swirls, further adding to the sense of movement and grace of this ring style.

Looking for inspiration for your dream ring? Keep reading to find a selection of elegant ballerina engagement rings that are perfect for those seeking something deeply feminine and romantic.

Elegant and Graceful Ballerina Engagement Rings

These engagement rings capture the beauty of the ballerina style ring perfectly.

Yellow Gold Swirls

Yellow gold ring with swirls studded with baguettes.

Image: bidsquare.com

This ring uses swirls studded with baguettes that are set close together. Set in yellow gold, with classic white diamonds, the ring brings to mind a twirling tutu, with plenty of sparkle. It has a round cut diamond in the centre and a touch of vintage in its overall design.

Vintage Double Layer

Vintage double layer ring with a round centre diamond.

Image: onceuponadiamond.com

If vintage is what you are looking for, this ring has even more of a vintage style. A round centre diamond is flanked first by a halo of tiny pave diamonds and then by a ring of baguette diamonds. The result is a square or oblong shape of diamonds, with loads of sparkle.

Sapphire and Diamond

Round Sapphire and baguette diamond ring.

Image: overstock.com

Precious stones add even more elegance to the ballerina ring. In this design, a round sapphire is surrounded by baguettes in an inverted square shape. Between each trio of baguette diamonds, there are two small round cut stones that add balance to the overall design.

Rose Gold Pear

Rose gold ring with pear cut diamond.

Image: sillyshiny.com
Rose gold is an ideal metal for this type of ring, bringing a soft, feminine appeal. In this modern yet timeless design, a pear-cut stone takes centre stage, with a combination of marquise and round cut stones forming the tutu. This style works perfectly with diamonds and rose gold but it would also work beautifully in yellow gold or platinum with a coloured diamond or precious stones.

Black Diamond Oval

Black oval diamond ring with round diamonds.

Image: frontjewelers.net

Black diamonds provide lots of drama and impact to this type of ring. In this ring, a black diamond oval lies in the centre, flanked by a halo with an outer layer of round diamonds and strategically placed baguettes that continue the oval design. Try this ring with rose gold for something bolder.

Side Stone Clusters

Ring with round cut diamonds in centre, flanked by baguettes.

Image: tjc.co.uk

Ballerina rings don’t have to have a complete tutu. This ring design features a centre of tiny round cut diamonds, flanked by baguettes on each side to form a wing-like design that fans out to either side. Try mixing up stones in the centre or surrounding layer or keep it simple with classic white diamonds.

Yellow Gold Cluster

Yellow gold ring with a round centre diamond surrounded by baguette diamonds.

Image: brilliantearth.com

Cluster rings remain a popular choice for many brides-to-be. In this ring, a round diamond is surrounded by baguette diamonds that are spaced a little further apart, with clusters of small round diamonds situated at the top, bottom, and sides. The result is a dainty, pretty ring that sparkles beautifully.

Double Layer Morganite

Double layer Morganite rose gold ring.

Image: heidigibson.com

Morganite and rose gold are a favourite choice for modern rings. This combination works well with diamonds, giving a soft, subtle effect that is understated without being boring. In this ring, an oval centre stone is surrounded by an inner halo of pave diamonds, with baguette stones of varying sizes and additional round cut diamonds to continue the oval shape.

If you’re looking for something that is a little bit different, while still being classic enough to stay in style throughout the ages, ballerina style rings are a perfect choice. Still not sure what type of ring you want? Get in touch with Cape Diamonds today to learn more about planning your ideal engagement ring.