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The Fynbos Engagement Ring Collection, inspired by the stunning
Cape Floral Kingdom, is exclusive to Cape Diamonds.
Each of these proudly South African engagment rings is as individual
and feminine as the botanical shapes that inspire it.
Fynbos flowers are naturally designed to attract attention and we are sure
that our Fynbos rings will appeal to women who appreciate a blend of
the natural and the sophisticated.


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Cape Town has always been the trendiest and most popular destination in South Africa. With a hub of local designers, up-and-coming artists and leading innovators, our locally-inspired, hand-finished range of trending diamond engagement rings beautifully showcase Cape Town’s unique style and creativity.

From Solitaire Oval Diamond Engagement Rings, to Hidden Halos and Stylish Cat-Claw Settings, Our Cape Diamonds collection of popular diamond ring  includes some of the top, international designs and trending, fine jewellery  inspiration.


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Hidden Halo Engagement Rings are the perfect choice if you’re looking to maximise on style and sparkle. With an additional band of diamonds seamlessly set on, below or around the setting of your engagement ring. Hidden halos are a great way to increase the strength of your ring design and can provide extra security for your choice of diamond or gemstone. Bring some extra shine into your life with our glittering selection of double hidden halos, wrap-around-halos and custom hidden halo designs.


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The Soul Ring, designed by Joel Graham and exclusive to
Cape Diamonds, is one of the purest minimalist designs in the world. Uniquely hand-crafted, each Soul Ring hides a
complex, patented technique that is used to secure the diamond.
Designed by Joel Graham of Cape Diamonds, the Soul Ring
is the best choice to display the maximum brilliance of your
selected diamond.

Oval Diamond Rings

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Cape Diamonds, South Africa’s top jeweller, proudly presents the Oval Diamond Ring Collection. Our range of gorgeous oval diamond engagement rings includes an array of ring settings made specifically for oval diamonds to radiate their unique and lustrous beauty. The oval diamond’s elegance is irresistible. It glows with a feminine grace that is made even more appealing with creative ring basket designs. An added benefit is that ovals appear larger than other diamonds of the same carat due to their larger surface area. Oval diamond rings are the latest sensation to trend in the jewellery industry, paving the way for the creation of timeless and magnificently styled fine-diamond jewellery fashion. View our collection for some of the most beautiful oval ring designs in Cape Town.



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Split-band rings are a symbolic way to celebrate the connection and eternal
bond between two people, with each partner nonetheless retaining their
individual qualities and beauty. Cape Town Diamonds has an extremely
well-priced collection of split-band diamond engagement rings where
the energy of the diamond is held, balanced and playfully sparkling,
between two bands.


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Cape Diamonds’s has a vast catalogue of Solitaire Engagement Rings.
The solitaire ring is classic, timeless and popular for many reasons.
The simplicity of a solitaire ring concentrates the attention on the
diamond. Classic by nature, solitaire rings suit all outfits and occasions.
Whether you have in mind a traditional 4 claw engagement ring or
a 6 claw elegant style engagement ring, Cape Diamonds can
make a solitaire ring to your exact desires and specifications.


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Halo engagement rings have a central diamond set within
a frame of smaller diamonds, creating a beautiful flickering halo
that accentuates the brilliance of the central stone.
The halo engagement ring symbolises the protection of your relationship
within a halo of light. A classic, irridescent and elegant choice
for the love of your life.


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Among the most symbolic of rings, Trilogy engagement rings
suggest the bond between two people that is forged through past
and present experiences and through hopes of the future.
Symbolically the Trilogy Engagement Ring is also a perfect
representation of the coming together of two individuals
where the relationship is more than the individual.


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Yellow gold engagement rings reflect warmth, as if the sun has literally landed on her finger, reflecting the glow of gold. The ancient alloy of yellow gold dates back thousands of years to ancient Egyptian Royalty.


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When advising customers on choices, jewellery stores in Cape Town
often overlook the classic beauty of rose gold engagement rings.
Most contemporary rings are white gold or platinum, but we have noticed a
trend where more couples are opting for a more antique or vintage effect, and
therefore choose rose gold.
Rose gold rings have a timeless elegance and can be passed down as heirlooms
from generation to generation within families.


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South Africa has the largest reserves of Platinum in the world.
Cape Diamonds uses the finest alloys of this pure metal, all our Platinum rings are 950 Platinum, so the ring will last a lifetime. It will not rush or tarnish and is more resilient / hard than most other metals. Platinum is also the whitest metal so it naturally complements the highest quality of diamonds, from colour “D” to colour “I”.


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Wherever you are looking for diamonds, from Durban to Durbanville, from Cape Town to Johannesburg – side stone diamond rings are a classic choice and can accommodate your taste. We also ship internationally. A sparkling Durban diamond in a central setting, will always be accentuated by a diamond encrusted star dusted platinum or gold band. Side stone rings can include baguette or tapered baguette diamonds, set alongside the central stone.


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In the hustle and bustle of modern life we often have nostalgia
for eras when people had the time to create meaningful things
in life such as lasting romantic relationships and beloved handcrafted
objects. At Cape Diamonds there is no need to feel any sense of loss
for past times as we can offer you exquisite custom-made
antique-style rings. Our workshop still uses time-tested, age-old
techniques of jewellery manufacturing, and we love making
rings that echo our values of fine craftsmanship and timeless quality.


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Cushion-Cut Diamonds have always been a choice for beautiful and famous women,
from movie stars and celebriities to royalty. This particular cut of diamond has
no harsh edges and is soft on the eye.
The shape of this diamond allows for it to be set easily and pleasingly into a halo ring,
yet it also can stand alone elegantly in a classic solitaire ring.


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Rings that have many small diamonds or clusters of diamonds
and detail are known as complex design rings.These ornate symbols
of devotion take time to create as each small diamond must be
perfectly placed within fine claws to ensure a lasting final product.
Complex ring designs command attention and are perfect
if you are looking for something unusual and extraordinary.


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For nature nymphs who love spending time outdoors, in forests, on stunning mountain trails,
or just walking alongside the sea, our organic diamond ring designs are
perfect choices and guaranteed to please.
Joel Graham of Cape Diamonds grew up in the beauty of the
Eastern Cape Amathole mountain area, and has created a spectacular range
of organic rings for your perusal. From art nouveau-inspired designs,
to floral decorative designs, and medieval-style rings fit for an elvin princess,
our organic rings are one of our best-loved collections.


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The beautiful sophisticated appearance of the emerald cut diamond
has made this cut extremely popular in high-end fashion.
The emerald cut creates rainbows of refracted light at right angles
and in parallel lines. Because the inside or heart of the diamond
is clearly visible with this cut, and imperfections may be easily
observed, we advise that you preferably use diamonds of
high clarity if you choose an emerald cut. Designs that are suited
to this cut include solitaire and Art Deco-style designs.


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The princess cut diamond engagement ring is currently the most popular
fancy cut diamond and it is not hard to see why! The minimalist brilliance of
this diamond makes for a classic and elegant choice, fit for a princess.

Engagement Rings

From solitaire to split-band; simple to complex, our hand-cast diamond engagement rings are one-of-a-kind. Choosing just the right ring for your proposal is not always the easiest task – aside from practical considerations such as budget, you also need to take into account the wearer of the ring.

At Cape Diamonds, we understand that every person is unique, and believe that each ring should be unique too. Whether your future betrothed has classic tastes or casual tastes, loves all things bright, or all things elegant, we will help you find the perfect fit.




Engagement Rings Handmade in Cape Town

  • Try the Soul Ring collection for our master jeweller’s finely proportioned rings,
  • Or our more traditional ranges such as the Solitaire and Princess Cut.
  • For statement rings that always make an impression, we offer a number of collections that feature dual-bands and multiple stones.

As you plan the last details of your proposal, you can be sure of one thing – an original handmade Cape Diamonds engagement ring is the ultimate way to express your love.

Our jewellery is proudly handmade in South Africa.


The History of Engagement Rings

A ring worn on the finger to signify betrothal or a promise between two people has a history deeply connected to the African continent.

  • In the north African ancient civilisation of Egypt, a circular finger ornament was exchanged between couples to symbolise the eternity of the bond they shared.
  • This tradition then spread to Europe and became part of ancient Greek and Roman civilisation.
  • By the middle ages, engagement rings had become a non-verbal contract that signified a “promise” between two people. When worn on the fourth finger of the left hand, the ring was believed to connect to the heart meridian of the body.
  • The discovery of diamonds in South Africa in 1867 revolutionised the design and manufacture of engagement rings. Those who could afford diamonds had these sparkling gemstones set in a band of precious metal to offer as a promise of love meant to last as long as the diamond itself.

Amazingly, the ancient non-verbal promise of love symbolized by a band worn on the finger still bears a beautiful meaning for us in modern times!