Fall in Love With These Topaz Engagement Rings

If you’re looking for something timeless and a little unusual, topaz engagement rings are sure to fit the bill. With a Mohs hardness rating of 8, topaz is a strong, durable stone. This stone ranges in colour, from a lighter shade of turquoise blue to a deep blue with a hint of green. Clear and radiant, topaz works well when paired with diamond. The stone can be added to rings in any metal. On a platinum or white gold band, the stone looks cool and vivid. On a warmer metal such as rose gold or yellow gold, the contrast adds plenty of visual interest.

To find out how to use topaz in your ring, here are some examples of gorgeous topaz engagement rings.

Timeless Topaz Engagement Rings

Whatever your dream ring may look like, topaz adds rich colour and plenty of sparkle. To see how beautiful this stone looks, here are some topaz engagement rings to keep you inspired.

Cushion Cut

Image: bluenile.com

Cushion cut rings remain a classic choice for many brides. The simple square shape of this cut works perfectly with a halo band of tiny pave stones. The surrounding diamonds help to highlight the centre topaz, drawing attention subtly as the pave stones continue into the band.

Pave Pear

Image: jewelrybygaro.com

Another classic cut, pear cut stones feature a rounded end on one side and a tapered point on the other side. The ring can be worn with the point facing up or down. This style can help to make fingers look longer. Tiny pave diamonds and a pale rose gold band add even more detail to this design.

East West

Image: gagediamonds.com

East West rings are all about symmetry. Rather than setting stones in a more conventional direction, these rings feature a stone that is positioned east to west rather than north to south. A warm yellow gold band and a detailed setting further add to this ring.

Three Stone

Image: barmakian.com

Three stone rings are rich in romantic symbolism, representing your past, present and future with the love of your life. Often, these rings feature a rounded centre stone. In this design, a square cut topaz is used, with tiny round diamonds flanking it on each side.

Pave Heart

Heart cut rings remain a romantic choice for obvious reasons. In this design, a yellow gold split band has pave stones on one side and plain metal on the other. Pave stones continue in an intricate design that wraps around the topaz heart, helping it stand out and shine.

Rose Gold

Image: borsheims.com

Topaz can also be found in darker shades. In this unusual design, a deep blue topaz is used in a very interesting vintage-style setting. A delicate rose gold band studded with pave stones further adds to its old-fashioned appeal. This style would be ideal for brides who prefer less conventional rings.

Minimal Marquise

Image: andreabonelli.com

For brides who are looking for something more understated, a minimal ring such as this would be ideal. In this design, a dark blue topaz in a marquise cut takes centre stage in a delicate, fine band that features two tiny diamonds. This style works in cool metals and warm metals. You could also use topaz for the side stones and add a diamond as the centre stone.

Split Band

Image: gattasjewelers.com

In addition to having a split band, this ring also has an interesting open design. Two small pear cut topaz stones are positioned at each end of the pave band, adding balance and colour. The ring works well in cooler metals but warmer metals would certainly add plenty of drama.

When choosing stones to add to your ring, remember to check the Mohs hardness rating first. Stones should ideally be at least 7 or higher to ensure that your engagement ring lasts through the years.