Which Engagement Ring Will Look Best on Your Finger?

Every bride-to-be has at some point daydreamed about how an engagement ring will look once it is placed on your finger. But, with that said, everyone’s fingers are different. Styles that work on one person may not always look as great on another. A huge part of choosing the perfect ring comes down to knowing which cuts and styles suit your finger shape, length and size.

The basic formula for finding your dream ring is: finger length x finger width + ring shape + style. Keeping this formula in mind, you will need to consider a few things when trying on rings, including the length and width of your finger, the size of your hand, the size and shape of the centre stone, the width and style of the ring, and even your nail shape.

While your finger is not the only thing to consider when choosing a ring for yourself or your future bride, it can be a great help in making the final decision.

Choosing an Engagement Ring That Looks Good on Your Hand

What cut and style is best for your finger? Consider the following tips below to get an idea of how to choose an engagement ring that looks amazing on your hand.

Long Fingers

  • Square cut rings and round stones work best for longer fingers
  • Wider bands will add balance
  • Bolder styles can work – just be sure to avoid long cuts such as emerald and baguette

Slim Fingers

  • Stick to smaller stones that will make your fingers look wider
  • Delicate bands can make your fingers seem even slimmer, so rather try a thicker band that widens your finger instead

Short Fingers

  • Choose cuts that lengthen the look of your finger, such as emerald, oval, pear, baguette or marquise cut stones
  • Make sure that the stone is not too big – larger stones can overwhelm shorter fingers
  • Choose delicate bands that add the illusion of finger length

Wide Fingers

  • The trick here is to avoid styles that make your fingers seem wider
  • While wider stones such as oval, marquise, square, princess and emerald cuts may seem like they will add width, they actually balance out your finger
  • Narrow stones and thin bands will make your fingers look wider, while angular shapes, asymmetrical designs and cluster styles in large settings will all flatter wider fingers

Large Knuckles

  • Remember to keep your entire hand in mind, and not just your finger
  • Thick, heavy bands will draw the eye to the ring instead of your knuckle

Small Hands

  • The aim here is to keep the ring proportionate to your hand and finger
  • Smaller sized round, princess, oval or heart cut rings will not overwhelm your hand
  • Larger stones and bolder styles can be overpowering

Large Hands

  • Larger hands can get away with larger stones and bolder styles
  • Try chunky bands and dramatic cuts for maximum impact
  • Small stones may look out of proportion or get lost on a larger hand

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