Everything You Should Know About Tanzanite Engagement Rings

Featuring a gem known for its vivid blue colour and its great value, Tanzanite engagement rings offer an unusual yet breath-taking alternative to the more traditional stones such as diamonds. This type of ring is one that is rich in value as well as history, and its very own grading system.

For brides seeking a truly special type of ring, Tanzanite is without a doubt a very special type of gem. Found in only one place in the world, this stone hails from the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, East Africa.

Why Consider a Tanzanite Engagement Ring?

The following facts about this precious stone will give you a better understanding of why it has become one of the most sought-after gems in history (and why it is makes a perfect choice for engagement rings)…

  • The stone has great value, and as such, it is often seen to be an outstanding investment as far as jewellery is concerned, with a value that continues to rise each and every year.  This makes it an excellent choice for an engagement ring.
  • Its formation is something of a geographical phenomenon. So much in fact that the chances of finding this gem anywhere outside of its birthplace in Africa is reported to be one in billion.
  • Depending on the angle it is held at, the stone can appear blue from one angle, purple from another angle and a blue shade of violet from yet another angle. Set on their own, the stones are intriguing enough, but they can be bright into even more colourful brilliance when diamonds are added to the setting.
  • Tanzanite has its own grading system. This system divides the blues into many different shades. The most valuable of these blues is AAA, which is a blue violet. Like diamonds, the fewer flaws visible to the naked eye, the more valuable the stone.
  • These stones are not as hardy as others, and should be kept separately from other jewellery to protect them against wear and tear. Chemical cleaners should never be used, and instead, gentle luke-warm soapy water should be used to clean the ring.

The Tanzanite stone is the birthstone for the month of December, but it is also often associated with new beginning and new life. This makes it an ideal choice for engagement rings.