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Best Engagement Rings for Women

Choosing engagement rings for women can be done with your fiancé or without her if you feel that you know her well enough to choose wisely. If you are observant and keep her overall style, personality and even her unique quirks in mind, it is far simpler than you may think to make the selection without direct input.

Every woman has her own allure – the thing that caught your eye in the first place. Perhaps it is her ability to always deal with every obstacle in her path like a boss, her warm smile that makes everyone around her adore her or even her ability to always look stylish without ever trying.

What may be perfect for one woman is of course not always ideal for another. This is why it is useful to consider what the ring would say about her style.

What Does Her Engagement Ring Say About Her Style?

Through all of the research and studies done by jewellers around the world, it has become possible to notice that rings can be suited to their wearer’s sense of style, romance and even personality. Some of the engagement rings that could suit your lady perfectly include the following:

  • Marquise

Straight-forward, honest and strong, this is the woman who knows what she wants and is able to deal with any obstacles that come her way. She has loads of sex appeal without coming across as needy or over the top. Celebs who have favoured this ring style include Victoria Beckham as well as Catherine Zeta-Jones.

  • Heart

A romantic at heart who adores all things girly, pink and pretty, this classic shape appeals to those who are sentimental and dreamy. If she loves being a girly girl and has a fondness for hearts in other jewellery, accessories, prints and fabric, she is sure to find this symbol of love and devotion a dream

  • Colourful

This untraditional woman likes to stand out from the norm. She prefers to walk to her own beat, and has an appreciation for things that are unusual and interesting. With variations in diamond ring colours, this ring can appeal to her uniqueness without being impractical or overdone.

  • Round

As a classic and timeless diamond shape; round stones will never go out of fashion. That does not make the woman you give it to a conformist or boring however. As this ring is the most practical and simple style, those who live active, adventurous lives are drawn to the simplicity. The ring has the best shape for full sparkle too, and often, this woman will be full of life, too.

  • Princess

As the name suggests, the woman who wears this cut is a princess. She loves to be treated like a lady, and values chivalry and romantic gestures. She is almost always stylish and glamorous, with a fondness for the finer things in life without being a drama queen. She really and truly believes in fairy tale endings, and sees you as her Prince Charming.

Of course, there are many other styles to choose from and many that you can create from scratch with the help of a talented designer. Whether you get her input or not, choosing an expert jeweller to assist you in creating the perfect choice of engagement rings will go a long way in making that proposal one to cherish forever.