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Diamond Details: (1.53ct, D, VS1)

Size: 1.53ct
Colour: D
Clarity: VS1

R18,000 / $1,005.59 (Excl VAT)
R20,700 / $1,156.42 (Incl VAT)


Colour “D” Emerald-Cut Lab Diamonds

Reigning at the top of the GIA’s scale, “D” diamonds boast completely colourless, pristine facets that allow for a graceful flow of light. The icy tones and bright reflections emanating from this incredible colour grade will definitely take your breath away. Cape Diamonds’ IGI certified, lab-made diamonds are chemically and optically identical to natural diamonds, perfectly showcasing this spectacular colour grade within an extended range of affordability and accessibilty.

Clarity “VS1” Emerald-Cut Man-Made Diamonds

A clarity of “VS1” makes a wonderful pairing with an excellent colour grade; it’s very small inclusions are few and far between, and only perceptible at 10x magnification, ensuring unobstructed flow of light through the facets of your lab-grown stone.

The Combination of Colour “D” and Clarity “VS1” Emerald-Cut Cultivated Diamond

The elite combination of “D” and “VS1” makes for a fantastic purchase, ensuring a superb light performance thanks to the exceptionally pure nature of the diamond. This gorgeous emerald-cut lab diamond will captivate the attention of all who glimpse it.  “D” colour and VS1 clarity make an ideal partnership, as they offer the most beautiful diamond qualities at the best price.

For a truly timeless jewellery design that can easily be an heirloom piece, insist on a professional cut, polish, symmetry and an IGI certificate. Cape Diamonds offers world-class service and insists on all of these for its customers.