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307. Black Diamond Platinum 4-Claw Earrings

Black Diamond 4-Claw Stud Platinum Earrings” is proudly brought to you by Cape Diamonds. We are a fine-diamond and gemstone jeweller located in Green Point. 

The mysteriously beautiful Black Diamond is securely placed in its stunning grace with a 4-claw earring basket that exudes incredible beauty as it retains a marble-like glow. When complemented with platinum, the outcome is a stunning piece of creative gemstone jewellery. 

Platinum is the noble jewellery metal that speaks of high-esteemed jewellery fashion and is the densest of all other metals, ensuring a long-lasting presence. 

These earrings are the perfect gift for the lady who has an appeal for stylishly sophisticated jewellery. 

Please email us for a quote – sales@capediamonds.co.za (Please note: prices are subject to the carat size of the stone as well as the weight of the jewellery metal selected.)