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306. Ruby 4-Claw Platinum Earrings

“Ruby 4-Claw Stud Platinum Earrings” are proudly brought to you by Cape Diamonds. 

Cape Diamonds is a fine-diamond and gemstone jeweller located in the heart of Cape Town. 

The ruby gemstone is a stunning deep red stone that glows with passionate shades of romantic dark and light reds when kissed by the sunlight the differential shades are irresistibly gorgeous. 

Placed in a 4-claw earring basket which shows a design that creates space for the red rock to shine with grace. Platinum is the stunning silver metal that beautifully suits a ruby gemstone with a pertinent precious presence. 

Cape Diamonds offers the best-priced diamonds and gemstones in South Africa. Please email us for a quote (Please note: The price is subject to carat size of the gemstone as well as the price for the jewellery metal weight that is selected.)