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Unique Engagement Ring Ideas

Searching for an engagement ring that is interesting, unusual and unique? We have you covered. Your ring is the one piece of jewellery that you will likely wear day in and day out for the rest of your married life. Having a ring that feels right for you is therefore essential.


To help you find some inspiration for your engagement ring, we have put together some of our favourite unique rings.

Get Inspired by These Unique Engagement Rings

If you're looking for something a little bit out of the ordinary, these unique engagement rings are sure to inspire...

Dalmatian Jasper Triangle Ring

Unique Engagement Ring Ideas - Dalmatian Jasper Triangle RingImage:

Jasper is a very interesting stone with a Mohs hardness rating of 7 to 7.5 that comes in a wide variety of colours and types. Each Jasper stone is one of a kind, making this an excellent choice for those wanting a ring that truly stands out for all the right reasons. This ring uses a triangle cut in gold, with dalmatian jasper taking centre stage. It would also work well in any other metal and in other jasper stones such as ocean, fancy, green, red, or brown.

Diamond Encrusted Vine Ring

Unique Engagement Ring Ideas - Diamond Encrusted Vine RingImage:

With its intricately twisted band that features tiny pave stones and two tiny diamonds on each end, this vine-inspired ring works especially well in rose gold. This ring would appeal to romantics and feminine brides-to-be who favour pretty, delicate designs. It would also work well in yellow gold, and the stones can be changed to just about anything from black diamonds to morganite.

Platinum Pave Twist Ring

Unique Engagement Ring Ideas - Platinum Pave Twist RingImage:

The twisting design of this ring brings out the pave stones to perfection, giving you a sparkly, classic ring that will never go out of fashion. It works very well in platinum, with the cool tone of the metal off-setting the diamonds perfectly. You could also add in some colour in the centre stone, choosing a ruby, emerald, tanzanite or something more unusual, like an opal.

Moss Agate Crescent Ring

Unique Engagement Ring Ideas - Moss Agate Crescent RingImage:

This ring is unusual on many levels. The crescent design adds a touch of drama that works well with the moss agate. This interesting stone offers lots of drama, setting off the gold of the setting and creating a ring that is sure to stand out anywhere. This style could also work in any other metal and stone, too.

Diamond Phalanx Ring

Unique Engagement Ring Ideas - Diamond Phalanx RingImage:

The design of this ring allows you to choose smaller tones rather than a bigger, pricier stone. Each of the four stones is carefully positioned to hug your finger, adding subtle sparkle. The white gold metal of the ring helps to maintain its subtle appeal, but it would also work well in rose or yellow gold as well, or even platinum.

Pink Tourmaline Ring

Unique Engagement Ring Ideas - Pink Tourmaline RingImage:

Tourmaline rings offer a great alternative for those who are not too keen on diamonds. Those stones come in a variety of bold colours and styles. A deep pink tourmaline stone sets perfectly against a twisted gold band, offering a fresh, fun ring that is certainly not too traditional or boring! Tiny pave diamonds add the final touch.

Bright Rose Gold Ring

Unique Engagement Ring Ideas - Bright Rose Gold RingImage:

Another good choice for those who prefer something different, this colourful ring is romantic, floral and delightful. Pink and purple sapphires are set on a soft rose gold band in a floral arrangement. You could choose your favourite stones, try coloured diamonds or opt for unusual stones with interesting patterns to further mix things up with this style.

Opal and Diamond Crossover Ring

Unique Engagement Ring Ideas - Opal and Diamond Crossover RingImage:

Although opal is not always the best stone for rings, as it does not have a very high hardness rating, it can work well if the stone is not too large or if it is cut well. The style of this ring crosses over, with a diamond and opal at each end and a gold band that accentuates both stones perfectly.

Platinum Fynbos Flower Ring

Unique Engagement Ring Ideas - Platinum Fynbos Flower RingImage:

Finally, from our very own Fynbos Collection, we have the exquisite King’s Queen Solitaire White Gold or Platinum Fynbos Flower Diamond Engagement Ring. This ring takes its name and inspiration from one of South Africa's most recognised fynbos flowers, with a beautiful design that brings to mind wide open spaces, natural splendour and clear blue skies.

Find your perfect ring at Cape Diamonds or let us help you plan your dream ring today. Contact us to learn more about custom engagement ring design in Cape Town and surrounds.


Looking for Genuine Engagement Ring Advice?

Looking for Genuine Engagement Ring Advice

Getting accurate engagement ring advice is not always as simple as it sounds. Whether you are planning to pop the question or you are trying to find ideas for your own ring, it is natural to get input from friends, family and other people when making the decision. Some may know instantly what they want – most need a bit of time to think. This is, after all, a ring that will be worn forever. As such, it makes sense that you would want to make an informed decision.

In this short guide, we share some tips on who best to NOT ask for advice when planning an engagement ring, and who to rather ask instead.

Engagement Ring Advice Sources to Always Ignore

No matter how well-meaning these sources may be, it is never a good idea to take engagement ring advice from any of the following:

Moms or any other relative.

The exception to this rule is, of course, any relative who truly knows your style. If you are proposing to your love and asking for advice from family, it is best to speak to the relative that is closest in age or the relative who frequently goes shopping with your love has brought her jewellery before or has a very current idea of the type of jewellery she wears. Asking moms, grannies or aunts who may not have an accurate idea may end up in suggestions that are outdated or based on the relative's own preferences. Moms may want you to consider the family heirloom ring that is in storage or tell you plenty of stories about what she loved when she got married.

Salespeople looking to close the deal.

This sounds a bit obvious, but it can be easy to get a bit overwhelmed if you step into a ring shop. Whether you are looking at rings for someone or yourself, the sheer volume of choices can make the process more than a little flustering. Often, salespeople will make the experience even more confusing by offering suggestions that may not be right at all. They may draw your attention to pricier rings or tell you about certain rings that are popular with customers. They may also pressure you into making a decision without giving you time to think things through. Finding a good jeweller online can often take away a great deal of this stress, helping you find time to think and weigh up your options.

Friends who do not know your style.

Asking a best friend or close family member is often a far better option. Asking friends who do not really know your style or your future bride's style can be risky. If you ask more than one person, you are likely to get many different answers. Most people tend to give advice based on what they themselves would do or wear. Although this can be great for finding ideas, it is not always the most helpful. When you are getting input to help you pop the question, it is even less helpful. Someone who genuinely knows you would be able to tell you what suits you, what you would wear often, and what would be just as stunning in a decade as it is today.

On our blog, we work hard to find and share a wide range of tips and tricks to help make the shopping process that much easier. Be sure to follow us to get objective, no-frills engagement ring advice, every time.


Before You Get That Colourful Engagement Ring…

Before You Get That Colourful Engagement Ring

Whether you are dreaming of a bright, bold engagement ring with a coloured diamond or you are aiming to surprise your love with a colourful precious stone that you are sure she will love, colourful rings are not always as simple as they seem initially. The trouble with this type of ring lies in the very thing that makes it so special – its bold colour.

While a vivid red and black ring works well now, while you love the colour combination, it may not appeal to you as much in five years, let alone a decade or two down the line. That's not to say that there is no place for colour in engagement rings, however. It simply means being aware of what this type of ring entails so that you can make an informed decision.


What to Know About Colourful Engagement Rings


Some things to consider when it comes to colourful engagement rings include the following:

The colours themselves.

If you are going to add colour, don't choose a colour that you have only started liking recently. Don't look at trends, either. Instead, think about the colours that you have always loved. Think about the colours that you wear frequently (and have worn over a long time frame). Think about colours that go with other colours as well as neutrals, without any risk of major clashes. Even think about your skin tone, eye colour and hair colour and how the colour looks against your skin. If the colour does not work well, you may start to find it less charming as time passes.

The style of the ring.

If you have a simple solitaire style, you could replace the stone or revamp the ring in a few years if you find yourself feeling less enamoured of the colour. If the ring design is more complex, it may not be as simple to make adjustments. Complex ring designs may end up being ruined if any stones are moved or replaced, while simple cuts and designs should allow small changes within reason. That's not to say that you should aim to make changes, of course. If it comes to that, you should be able to have the option, however.

The type of stone.

Another thing to consider is whether you will go for a coloured diamond or a colourful precious stone. If you choose the former, you will be able to ensure a high rating on the Moh's hardness scale – in fact, the very highest rating possible. If you opt for another colourful stone, you will need to do some homework to ensure that the stone you choose has a decent hardness ratio. That will help to prevent scratches, chips and other damage to the stone over time.

If you are looking for beautifully made custom diamond rings in any colour, we are here to help. Contact us with any engagement ring queries and we will do our best to assist however we can.


How to Upgrade Your Engagement Ring

Upgrading your engagement ring may sound crazy when you have only just gotten engaged. As time goes by, however, you may reach a point where you would like to add some detail, change a stone, change the band or even bring the ring into a new era.

To get the most from your engagement ring upgrade, it is best to speak to a jeweller who is able to help you make the upgrades in a way that works with the current ring design. Not all rings can easily be upgraded but most can to some extent. This ring is too precious to take chances on major changes so it is best to choose just one change to make instead.

Upgrading Your Engagement Ring

How to Upgrade Your Engagement Ring

Some of the ways that you may choose to upgrade your engagement ring could include any of the following:

Change the band.

If your tastes have evolved from yellow gold to platinum over the years or you have always longed to have a rose gold ring, you could look at adding your stone to a new band. This can instantly change the entire look of the ring for a change that elevates the ring significantly. Other than the cosmetics benefits, another reason to consider making a change is the longevity factor. Over time, as gold is plated, the metal can begin to lose its shine. Platinum does not have this effect and it is also hypoallergenic, as an added bonus.

Enhance ring detail.

You may want to add a bit more detail to your ring without making any major changes. You could look at adding pave stones along the band, adding a halo around a solitaire stone, adding in a tiny diamond alongside your centre stone or even changing the colour of any pave stones you may already have on your ring. Even a tiny detail can make a big difference to the ring's look and feel.

Switch ring styles.

Many people upgrade their rings as a way of celebrating important milestones in a marriage. You could consider changing ring styles for your tenth anniversary, taking a solitaire ring to a three stone ring, for example. You could think about changing a solitaire to a halo ring, too, or switching the band to a split band. This is a symbolic way of bringing in a new era in your relationship.

Insert a hidden stone.

Another way to add subtle detail and celebrate a milestone is to add a secret stone somewhere that only you and your love can see the stone. Hidden stones can be added underneath the setting, as profile detail, on the underside of the band, set deep into the metal or anywhere else that your jeweller advised. You can add a coloured diamond or precious stone that represents the number of years you have been married to add even more symbolism.

Add an engraving.

Finally, another way to upgrade your ring is to add an engraving. This is very simple to do and can be a deeply romantic way to celebrate a special milestone in your relationship. Add a personalised note, a poem, lyrics from your favourite song (or your wedding dance) or get inspiration from our list of romantic engraving ideas.

However you choose to upgrade your engagement ring, always choose a jeweller that is able to make the best decision for your budget and preferences without putting your original ring at risk of damage.


How To Determine Her Engagement Ring Size

How to Determine Her Engagement Ring Size

If you are planning a surprise proposal, it will help hugely having an engagement ring that fits your love's hand perfectly. One of the biggest mistakes made by hopeful grooms is not being fully sure of the ring size and using guesswork instead. This can end up costing more than you realise in the long run – especially if you have not taken any steps to ensure that the ring is one that will be adored at first site. If the ring is not quite her style and not even the right size, you will have to get it resized and possibly even redesigned.

Make sure that your love is sufficiently wowed from the moment that engagement ring is slipped onto her finger with these surprisingly practical tips.

Getting Her Engagement Ring Size Without Her Knowing

How exactly do you go about figuring out her ring size, then? For starters, you could try one of these simple tips to make sure that you have a good idea of her engagement ring size.

Ask her friends or family.

One of the simplest ways to determine her ring size is to get a bestie or sister involved in the process. Most women have a good idea of ring sizes. A co-conspirator will be able to sneak into her jewellery box and borrow or size a ring, then tell you the size. She may also be able to give you some tips on the type of ring your love would love the most, which will help make your ring quest even easier.

Be smooth.

You could also try a bit of subterfuge and pretend to be trying to find out how ring sizes work for a ring you want to resize for your mom or sister. The upside of this approach is that she will give you her ring size if she knows it or allow you to use a string or cable tie to measure her finger in relation. The downside is that she may well see through the smoothness and know exactly what you are plotting.

Wait until she is asleep.

For those who don't mind a bit of danger, another tactic is to wait until she falls asleep and then very, very carefully tie a cable tie or string around her finger without her waking. This move can be daunting and should only be attempted on heavy sleepers. Make sure that you choose the right finger, too. Getting the wrong hand may make things a bit tricky as most people have a hand that is slightly bigger than the other.

Do a ring trace.

If you are not able to borrow a ring or get outside help, you could also take one of her existing rings and trace it onto a piece of paper when your love is not in the room. Make sure that you trace carefully, enough times to provide a clear outline. You can then take this bit of paper to your jeweller. They will be able to work out the size from there. This should be a last resort however as tracing is not always as accurate as having a ring that is worn daily or having an exact size.

The good news is that you should only need to try one of these moves to get a reasonable idea of her ring size. We suggest starting from the top and taking it from there depending on your success. Once you have an idea of her ring size, you can get onto the fun part... choosing the perfect engagement ring for your love.


Why is Hardness Important for Engagement Rings?

Why is Hardness Important for Engagement Rings

When shopping for engagement rings, hardness is a topic that will invariably come up at some point or another. Your jeweller will likely explain how hardness works. You may have some idea what the Mohs scale is all about, but it can be confusing to understand exactly why hardness is such an important factor when making your final decision. To help you get a better idea of how hardness works, we have put together some tips on why hardness should always be considered in your engagement ring selection.

The Importance of Engagement Ring Hardness

First, what is the Mohs scale? This scale uses a hardness rating of gemstones to give them a value between 1 and 10. The harder the stone, the higher the rating. This scale is universally used to measure a stones longevity and ability to withstand wear and tear.

Why exactly is the hardness ratio something that you should be considering when choosing engagement rings? Let's take a look...

The harder the stone, the longer it will last.

You've likely heard that saying that diamonds are forever. This is not just a marketing ploy. Diamonds are at the very top of the Mohs hardness scale, with a hardness rating of 10. Diamonds can cut through glass. The very process that turns lumps of coal into diamond makes them the strongest stone available. Due to their hardness, diamonds will not be at risk of wear and tear over the years. You can expect your diamond to look just as good in five, 10 or 20 years as it does when you first get your ring.

Harder stones are an excellent investment.

Due to the hardness of diamonds, they are considered a great investment, as they are sure to last year after year. Similarly, hard stones such as rubies and emeralds have an equally high value. A stone that falls lower on the Mohs scale will not have the same value. One of the softest stones on earth is pearl, for example. Unless it is kept safely in a box somewhere that will not risk any damage, a pearl ring will not maintain its value. That means that your ring may not be worth as much over time. While this is never the only factor to consider when choosing a ring, it is worth noting that your investment may not be as stable with a softer stone.

Harder stones will not require maintenance or fixing.

If you wear your ring daily, there is always a chance of potential damage or wear and tear. Even rings that contain diamonds may eventually need a prong replaced or it may need to be reset at some point into the future. Softer stones are far more at risk of damage, however. Any stone that falls below 7 on the Mohs scale is at risk of scratches, breaks, and a tarnished surface. This can be costly in the long run. It can also lead to you not wanting to wear your run all the time, which defeats the purpose of having a ring.

Harder stones look good, now and later.

Over time, tiny scratches and wear will start to add up. The result is a duller stone that loses its ability to sparkle. Certain diamond cuts will show up wear more than others. A large, flat cut such as a baguette or emerald may start to lose clarity, while a round cut may not have the same shine that it did originally. If your ring is worn with other jewellery, the risk of chips and scratches is increased. You will need to have your ring cleaned more frequently and, even then, your ring may not continue to look as magical as it did when you first put it onto your finger.

Here at Cape Diamonds, we offer a selection of beautiful cut, high quality diamonds that give you all the peace of mind you could ever need. View our full range of engagement rings to find your dream ring today.



How to Make Engagement Ring Diamonds Look Bigger

If you are wondering how to make a smaller diamond look bigger on your engagement ring, you're in luck. Although nothing can physically change the size other than a bigger stone, there are a few ways to create the illusion of size. This is done through carefully choosing of the size of the band, the setting, the shape, the design itself and even the colour of the metal on your band.

Keep reading to get our expert tips on how to make engagement ring diamonds look bigger. You can then use these tips to design your dream ring in a way that amplifies your stone to perfection.

How to Make Engagement Ring Diamonds Look Bigger

Our Tips On How to Make Engagement Ring Diamonds Look Bigger

Some tips to keep in mind when planning your engagement ring include the following:

  • Choose a thinner band. A delicate band will make your stone appear bigger. On the other hand, a thicker band may cause the centre stone to appear lost, and therefore smaller. You could opt for a split band design, or even a double banded design that frames your diamond perfectly without overshadowing it or making it appear smaller.
  • Choose a different shape. Round diamonds show their size more than other shapes. With so many shapes available, you could take your pick from pear, marquise, oval, triangular, baguette or even a square shape such as a princess or cushion cut diamond. To get a better idea of which shapes suit your hand the best, read our guide to choosing the right ring for your finger.
  • Choose a smaller setting. The setting itself can also change the appearance of the stone. A chunky prong setting will take up space around the edge of the diamond, shrinking its appearance. When the band is also thicker, the stone will appear even tinier. A delicate four prong setting on a thin band meanwhile will help to create the illusion of a bigger diamond.
  • Choose a halo design. Pave stones are an affordable way to add sparkle without a massive size. These work especially well around a small centre diamond. The result is a glittering ring that will catch the light at every turn, while not bankrupting you in the process.
  • Choose a lighter band. A lighter, brighter metal can also help to make your diamond appear larger. White gold is a good choice, as it is a whiter tone than platinum. A lighter shade of yellow could also work, or even a paler rose gold.

The best way to ensure that your ring is every bit as perfect as you have always wanted it to be is to work with an experienced jeweller that is able to make your dreams come true. To find out more about custom


How to Handle Engagement Ring Failures

No one likes to think about engagement ring failure, but the reality is that there is always a chance that you may be less than thrilled when your ring is finally ready. Even if you have had a say in the process from the start, there are a few things that can affect your happiness at the final result.

In this mini guide, we take a look at some of the most common reasons for disappointment. Keep reading to find out why your engagement ring may be more miss than hit.

Dealing With a Failed Engagement Ring Design

How to Handle Engagement Ring Failures

Some potential scenarios that may apply in the case of engagement ring failure include the following:

  • The ring is not sized correctly. If you sought help from a professional jeweller, you should not have this problem. Ideally, you should go into the workshop for a sizing. Keep in mind that your fingers may swell on a hot day or after you have been exercising. Try to do your fitting in the middle of the day when your fingers are not likely to swell. If you have ordered a ring online, using your regular ring size, be prepared for disappointment. It is impossible to be 100% certain of sizing for each ring style until you have had a professional fitting.
  • You hate the stone. If you are not thrilled about the stone, but you like the metal and the overall design, your jeweller should be able to replace the stone if it is in a regular setting. If the stones have been set into the band, it may be harder. Always ask your jeweller what he advises – it may end up ruining the ring if you remove the stone. Solitaire style designs are the easiest to change stones. Looking for inspiration on which stone to choose? View our birthstone ring ideas.
  • You hate the metal. You sadly won't be able to do much about a ring in a metal you do not like, other than get a new ring. This is why it is extremely important to do your homework first, whether you are choosing your ring for yourself or a partner. Taking a guess at whether or not the metal will be a right choice can end up in major disappointment. As this ring will be worn for life, it should be in a metal that you absolutely love.
  • The design does not suit you. Once again, doing some homework beforehand to be sure of what you want, or asking your partner to choose the ring rather than surprising them with a ring and risking the chance of your partner rejecting your ring. Be very wary of following trends, too. Although you may think that a trendy style is the right choice, you may not love it in a few years. If the design does not suit your hand, it may also make you love it less.
  • Extra details were added at cost. Be careful about asking your jeweller for lots of small changes. These can quickly add up, and if you end up with a ring that costs far more than you expected, it can give you a bit of a shock to say the least. Always speak to your jeweller about your budget and get their input into what would be the best style for your needs.


Looking for a trusted jeweller in Cape Town? Cape Diamonds offers personalised engagement rings that are sure to be everything you ever wanted, and more.


5 Times to Remove Your Engagement Ring

5 Times to Remove Your Engagement Ring












While there are many, many times that you can happily flaunt engagement rings, there are a few other times that it's best to keep your ring off. Even though diamonds are known for their toughness, they are not invincible to wear and tear over time. In some instances, wearing your ring can put it at risk of losing its sparkle, damaging its setting or even losing the entire ring.

An important part of owning a precious jewellery item lies in looking after it over many, many years. Your engagement ring is a potential heirloom that, if cared for properly, will be able to be passed on to future generations. As such, it is vital to learn how to look after your ring so that it lasts forever. In this mini guide, we take a look at some of the times that it's better to leave your precious ring off just to be on the safe side.


When NOT to Wear Engagement Rings

Some of the times that it may be better to leave your ring off include the following:

1. At the beach.

There are a few reasons to leave engagement rings off when going to the beach. Firstly, losing your ring in the ocean is never a good idea. Unlike a pool, which has filters, the ocean is a vast place. Cold water can easily cause your ring finger to shrink, further adding to the risk of it getting lose while you're taking a dip. Another reason to avoid taking your ring to the beach is that sand can lodge in the setting and also scratch your stone. Thirdly, all that sunscreen will very invariably get all over your ring, making it quickly lose its shine.

2. At the gym.

Cardio and yoga shouldn't get interfere with your ring much at all. If you plan to be using machines or get any weight lifting done however, it may be better to leave the ring off until your workout is done. Pressure is never a good thing for any jewellery. It could cause your ring band to bend if too much weight is applied to your ring finger. For contact sports, a ring can also cause serious damage (to you or another person!). As a general rule of thumb, if you plan to be using your hands a lot, rather leave the ring off.

3. In the shower or bath.

A quick splash won't do any damage, but prolonged soaks and showers can slowly add to the wear and tear. Soap, shampoo and other cosmetic products can all affect your ring over time. Residue can build up on the stone, causing it to appear dull. Worse, residue can get into the setting, making it much harder to clean.

4. In the pool or hot tub.

If you plan to do some swimming or soaking, rather leave your ring off. Chlorine can damage metal and stones over time. It can even change metal colour if you swim often. Even though you can likely find your ring if it falls off in a swimming pool or Jacuzzi, it is possible for it to loosen and get lose in the creepy crawly.

5. During heavy cleaning.

Washing the car? Doing some serious spring cleaning that involves harsh chemicals and plenty of scrubbing? It's probably best to leave your ring off until you are finished. Coloured stones are more prone to discolouration than regular diamonds, but even the most flawless of diamonds can be put at risk when exposed to harsh chemicals and manual labour.

It's worth adding that a regular check-up and professional clean is recommended at least once a year. Engagement rings are designed to last forever, but they still require a bit of tender loving care to stay as sparkling as the day it was put on your finger.

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Choosing an Engagement Ring Style

There are many tips on how to choose an engagement ring, from the cut to the stone and even the metal. But how do you know which style is right for you or your future bride? As this ring is meant to be worn forever, day in and day out, it is essential that it is easy to wear. With so many trends over the years, each era brings a new style to the forefront. Vintage style rings remain a popular choice, while modern rings are favoured by many brides.


The simple answer is to go with your heart, but when you are either choosing a ring for your beloved or you are not really sure exactly what your heart wants, we’ve got some tips to keep in mind.

How to Decide on an Engagement Ring Design

The following questions will help you get a better idea of what sort of engagement ring style is your best choice…

  • What other jewellery is worn? Looking at other jewellery that is worn frequently is a good indication of the sort of preferences one has for sparkly accessories. Don’t count the ‘fad’ items however. Instead, look at that necklace that has been worn since high school, or that bracelet or ring that was given by a gran years ago and never taken off. What is about the jewellery that makes it special? Perhaps it is a type of stone, a shape, a design, a colour, a metal or some other factor that can be integrated into a ring design.


  • What would never, ever be worn? Are there any colours, styles or items that you would never wear? What is about those things that you dislike so much? Maybe you cringe at over the top designs, or don’t like the look of yellow gold. This may sound strange, but knowing what you don’t want is a good way to determine what you DO want. It’s also useful for future husbands to take not of these preferences so that they know what to absolutely avoid at all costs.


  • What is your favourite era? If you could teleport back in time, what era would you choose? This can be very useful for finding inspiration on your signature style. Each era has its own share of ring styles that vary considerably. You may be attracted to the bright, bold quirkiness of the art deco era, or perhaps the elegant sophistication of the 20s. You may be a modern girl through and through, with a love for minimal simplicity.


  • What is your favourite colour? You might find yourself drawn to certain colours over others. Colourful diamond engagement rings are a fun way to inject personality into your ring. You don’t have to go overboard, either – adding a touch of colour alongside a classic white diamond will make your ring original while still being subtle. If you prefer cooler tones to warm tones, you might choose white gold or platinum over yellow or rose gold.


  • How important is symbolism to you? Romantics at heart will find inspiration in the form of symbolism. Many stones and styles are rich in symbols – either from birth stones, ancient meanings, colours or shapes that have fascinating histories and back stories. This in turn will help you find a style that ‘speaks’ to you through its special meaning.

These questions should make it a bit easier to avoid the overwhelm when looking for rings. Of course, the best way to find a style that you adore is to consider a custom ring that is made according to your preferences. To find out more about custom made engagement rings, contact Cape Diamonds today and let us know how we can turn your dream ring into a reality.

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