A great engagement ring review!

We received a wonderful review from one of our customers and wanted to share it with you:

Hi Joel

I just wanted to send you a big “Thank You!!”, for all the help you gave me in finding the perfect engagement ring. Being in IT, the whole diamond size/quality/cut/colour/certification conundrum was quiet far out of my field of expertise. Hence, I really appreciated Joel spending the time to explain everything in detail to me, and more importantly shown me all the small differences, so that I could come to an educated choice.

I am very relived that I found your company, as you have made the whole process feel very personal & trusting. Especially compared to all the overpriced, sales driven shops I went to see before I found you.

The end product was really wonderful, unique, and lovingly crafted by someone of true skill. My fiancé is over the moon about it, and I swear she spends more time looking at the ring than she does me!

I’d be more than happy to recommend Cape Diamonds to all my friends & family, as I know they’d be treated just as well as I was.

Oh, and please let me know when you upload that revolving video of the ring onto YouTube.


What a wonderful review, thank you Daniel.