Romantic Two Stone Engagement Rings

Much as three stone rings represent your past, present, and future, two stone engagement rings are also rich in meaning. These rings represent the deeper levels of your relationship with one stone representing your friendship and the other representing your love. For many couples, love is not only about the romance. It’s also about the many things you share together. The laughter, the fun, the adventures, the ups and downs, and the close bond you have that makes your relationship stronger. It is this dual nature of love and friendship that make for strong, long-lasting marriages.

If your love is also your best friend, your partner in crime, and the person you want to share every single moment with, then this ring is sure to be a romantic choice for your engagement. Keep reading to get inspired by these gorgeous two stone engagement rings.

Fall in Love With These Two Stone Engagement Rings

Here are some of our favourite two stone engagement rings to inspire your dream ring…

Entwined Diamonds

Romantic Two Stone Engagement Rings - Entwined Diamonds

Ideal for future brides who prefer their rings on the classic side, this elegant ring has a plain band and two diamonds set alongside each other. This ring works well in platinum and diamond but could also work equally well in any metal and stone of your choice. Try something soft and romantic such as morganite and rose gold, keep it classic with white or yellow gold and diamond or mix things up with contrasting stones.

Open Pear

Romantic Two Stone Engagement Rings - Open PearImage:

Pear cut rings are timeless and elegant. With a rounded shape that tapers to a point, this cut is also known as a teardrop cut. The unique open shape of this ring enhances the pear cut, adding interest in a subtle way. It would work well in any metal of your choice, with diamonds or any other stone. Pave stones have been used around the pear for added effect.

Pave Twist

Romantic Two Stone Engagement Rings - Pave Twist


Pave stones are also used to perfection in this glamorous ring. With its twisted band, the two diamonds are centred in a way that draws the eye. Tiny pave stones surrounded the stones, accentuating the twist even further. The contrast of gold and diamond works well in this design but a cooler toned metal would also work.

Infinity Knot

Romantic Two Stone Engagement Rings - Infinity Knot


This minimal ring is understated and surprisingly sophisticated. Its stones are positioned in the centre in a simple setting that seems to merge the rings. The result is an infinity knot. The symbolism of this will appeal to romantics, who know that the line of friendship and love is often blurred in marriage, creating a truly unique relationship.

Two Tone

Romantic Two Stone Engagement Rings - Two Tone


Part of a range called the Twogether™ collection, this unusual two tone ring is dazzling. A strand of rose gold wraps around the pave encrusted band, with two diamonds taking centre stage. The ring would also look incredible in yellow gold and platinum or even in yellow and rose gold for those who love to stand out.

Topaz Swirls

Romantic Two Stone Engagement Rings - Topaz SwirlsImage:

Those who prefer brighter, bolder stones will adore this topaz ring that features a pave split band that gently swirls to meet in the middle, where two deeply hued topaz stones are positioned. If topaz is not your stone, you could try ruby, tanzanite, emerald, sapphire, morganite, jade or any other stone that you love.

Vintage Pave

Romantic Two Stone Engagement Rings - Vintage PaveImage:

Feminine, romantic, and lovely, this vintage style ring makes optimal use of pave stones to create maximum sparkle. The pave encrusted band leads to two merged stones that are forever bonded. Whether you choose yellow gold, rose gold, white gold or platinum, this ring is a show stopper.

If you are looking for a truly unforgettable custom engagement ring in Cape Town, get in touch with Cape Diamonds today. We will help make your engagement ring dreams come true with a wide range of ring collections along with personalised ring design.

How to Make Engagement Ring Diamonds Look Bigger

If you are wondering how to make a smaller diamond look bigger on your engagement ring, you’re in luck. Although nothing can physically change the size other than a bigger stone, there are a few ways to create the illusion of size. This is done through carefully choosing of the size of the band, the setting, the shape, the design itself and even the colour of the metal on your band.

Keep reading to get our expert tips on how to make engagement ring diamonds look bigger. You can then use these tips to design your dream ring in a way that amplifies your stone to perfection.

How to Make Engagement Ring Diamonds Look Bigger

Our Tips On How to Make Engagement Ring Diamonds Look Bigger

Some tips to keep in mind when planning your engagement ring include the following:

  • Choose a thinner band. A delicate band will make your stone appear bigger. On the other hand, a thicker band may cause the centre stone to appear lost, and therefore smaller. You could opt for a split band design, or even a double banded design that frames your diamond perfectly without overshadowing it or making it appear smaller.
  • Choose a different shape. Round diamonds show their size more than other shapes. With so many shapes available, you could take your pick from pear, marquise, oval, triangular, baguette or even a square shape such as a princess or cushion cut diamond. To get a better idea of which shapes suit your hand the best, read our guide to choosing the right ring for your finger.
  • Choose a smaller setting. The setting itself can also change the appearance of the stone. A chunky prong setting will take up space around the edge of the diamond, shrinking its appearance. When the band is also thicker, the stone will appear even tinier. A delicate four prong setting on a thin band meanwhile will help to create the illusion of a bigger diamond.
  • Choose a halo design. Pave stones are an affordable way to add sparkle without a massive size. These work especially well around a small centre diamond. The result is a glittering ring that will catch the light at every turn, while not bankrupting you in the process.
  • Choose a lighter band. A lighter, brighter metal can also help to make your diamond appear larger. White gold is a good choice, as it is a whiter tone than platinum. A lighter shade of yellow could also work, or even a paler rose gold.

The best way to ensure that your ring is every bit as perfect as you have always wanted it to be is to work with an experienced jeweller that is able to make your dreams come true. To find out more about custom

A Look at Bold, Art Deco Style Engagement Rings

While minimal, classic and even vintage style rings may appeal to some brides-to-be, others prefer engagement rings that have more of a bold, art deco style. The bold look came into its own during the art deco era, but throughout history, eye-catching, beautifully ornate rings have certainly remained a constant favourite for many – especially amongst those who like to stand out from the crowd.

The term art deco is one that is used to describe jewellery, clothing, décor and even architecture. It originated in Paris in the 1920s, where the term itself was coined as a result of an exhibition at the World’s Fair held in the French capital in 1925. The exhibit was called Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes (International Exposition of Modern Industrial and Decorative Arts). Around the time of the industrial era, art imitated machine, with many design trends showing this influence through designs that featured distinctive geometric shapes, symmetry and parallel lines. Art deco drew inspiration from cultures such as Egypt, Greece, Mesoamerica, Africa and East Asia, with jewellery and motifs based on shapes like circles, triangles, squares and rectangles, along with intricate geometric patterns with sharp angles, bold, rich colours, abstract elements and symmetry. While the trend itself came and went over the decades, it continues to inspire those with a creative spirit and sense of unique style.

Why Consider Bolder Style Engagement Rings?

What is it about the art deco style that makes bold, retro inspired engagement rings a good choice for modern brides? Here are some of the top features of this ring style…

  • Maximum visual impact. It goes without saying that eye-catching jewellery designs are noticed. Whether you opt for colourless stones such as diamonds, or you choose something brighter and bolder, such as tanzanite, emerald or ruby, an art deco style ring is one that will be noticed, without fail.
  •  Creative and unique. The only real ‘rule’ to consider with this type of ring is making sure that it follows general art deco guidelines. That means geometric lines, sharp angles and symmetry. As far as settings, stones, band and the actual design go however, you can pretty much go as big or small as you choose, to create a ring that is truly unique.
  •  Ideal for anyone with a love for the jazz age. This style came into being during the roaring Twenties – a time known for its elegance, glamour and glitz. If you are a fan of F. Scott Fitzgerald, the jazz age or Parisian retro chic, this style is sure to be one that resonates.

There are a few options that you may consider when choosing this type of ring for your engagement. If there is an original piece within the groom’s family (or the bride’s, for that matter), you could have it restored by a professional jeweller to fix any wear and tear and make sure that it is as good as new. You could also look in books, search engines or social image bookmarking websites to find images of art deco rings to use as reference, and have your ring made from scratch by a qualified, experienced jeweller. The latter option gives you a lot more room to add your own style and personality, while also giving you full control over details such as the metal of the band, the type of stones, the setting and the overall style of the ring.

Whatever your decision may be, Cape Diamonds is here to assist with all of your engagement ring requirements.

5 Beautiful Engagement Ring Trends for 2015

While there are many things beyond trends that influence your choice of engagement rings, taking a look at some of the styles, settings and bands that are making an appearance around the world can be very helpful in providing inspiration for what you like (and what you don’t like).

Custom designed rings are a great option for those who cherish the thought of a ring that is truly unique and individual. Inspiration from current trends will give you plenty of ideas on what you want to include in your ring’s design. Without further ado, we hope that you enjoy these current ring trends for 2015.

Stunning Engagement Rings to Dazzle and Inspire

From intricate diamond engagement rings to brightly hued stones; mixed metal bands to floral motifs, this year is certainly proof that rings can be as bold or subtle as the wearer chooses. Here are some of the top trends in this type of jewellery…

  1. Twisted Bands

The trend towards minimal rings has showed that there are many ways to add impact to a ring without being too bold. Twisted bands are one such way to add some interesting detail to a ring. The band can be kept unadorned if you prefer something simpler, or it can be encrusted with tiny stones for a more ornate look. You could even look at having a matching wedding ring that entwines within your engagement ring.

Engagement Ring Trends for 2015 Twisted Bands

  1. Mixed Metals

On the topic of bands, you do not have to settle for just one type of metal, either. Mixed metals are a modern way to add to the visual appeal, blending different coloured metals such as rose gold, yellow gold, platinum and white gold to create a unique band. As each metal has its own qualities and even symbolism, this is also a nice way to bring in some meaning – be sure to do your homework first so that you know what each metal symbolises.

Engagement Ring Trends for 2015 Mixed Metals

  1. Fun Shapes

Bows are a romantic, soft shape that will suit brides with a playful nature. The band or stone can be used to create unique shapes, which could vary from something like bows to more classic hearts. Bands that take the shape of branches of rustic antlers are also proving to be a popular choice for modern brides – if you think outside of the traditional concept of ring band, you may find many other ideas for shapes.

Engagement Ring Trends for 2015 Fun Shapes

  1. Floral Details

Romantic, classic and undeniably whimsical, floral details are not a new trend, but rather a trend that keeps coming back over the ages. There are many ways that floral details can be brought into the ring – in the stone shape, in the way that the stones are clustered, in the band and all of those together. The detail is what counts here, so think delicate rather than big and bold.

Engagement Ring Trends for 2015 Floral Details

  1. Colourful Stones

Diamonds are a classic choice of course, but even this timeless stone can be jazzed up when choosing a coloured diamond. Chocolate diamonds are an unusual yet elegant choice, while outside of diamonds, there are many beautifully eye-catching stones to consider – including Tanzanite. A simple design that features a vividly hued stone can be even more dramatic than an elaborate design with an uncoloured stone, so choose your colour carefully.

Engagement Ring Trends for 2015 Colourful Stones

The most important thing to remember, of course, is that this is a piece of jewellery that will be worn day in and day out. It is lovely to have a ring that is fun, modern and over the top, but you may find that a very bold ring clashes with your other jewellery or even with your clothing. Consider your everyday style and aim for a choice of engagement rings that wows without taking over.

What Are Conflict-Free Engagement Rings?

In addition to considering the cut, carat, colour and clarity (the 4 Cs) of diamonds, there are many other things to think about when buying engagement rings… including whether or not the ring is conflict-free.

The term ‘blood diamond’ is not just the name of a movie – it is also the term used to describe diamonds that have been sourced unethically. The outcry of poor mining practices and corrupt warlords who use precious stones to fund crimes against humanity has led to an increase in standards among jewellers luckily, but it is still a good idea to ensure that your ring is certified to be 100% certain that it is indeed conflict-free.

Making Sure That Your Engagement Ring is Ethically Sourced

How do you know whether your diamond engagement ring is ethically sourced? Here are a few ways to check to see whether the ring is conflict-free…

  • Check whether it has Kimberley Process certification. Created as a way to end the trade of conflict diamonds, the Kimberly Process was put into place by the UB in 2002. This system outlines the regulations and requirements required by countries to ensure that diamonds are mined and shipped in a humane, authentic way. Every diamond that meets these regulations will be shopped with a Kimberly Process certificate. If one is not provided, you will be unable to confirm where the stone is from and how it was mined, or whether it is sourced ethically.
  • Make sure that your jeweller is regulated. Regulations from bodies such as the Mining Charter, which was passed by the South African government in 2008 to give more opportunity to previously disadvantaged people, will also show you whether the jeweller you use adheres to ethical practices. The Diamonds and Precious Metals Regulator will only issue permits to jewellers who comply with these regulations.
  • Go with handmade. Another way to ensure that your ring is authentic and made according to ethical standards is to choose handmade over mass produced items. Large scale retailers rely on bulk imports and cheap labour prices, which are not always supportive to local communities or fair trade practices. Handmade rings that are made locally in South Africa, by authorised, certified goldsmiths and jewellers are far more likely to be the real deal. Better still, you will be able to trace the origins of the metal, stone and handiwork very easily, which is seldom the case with retail jewellery.
  • Check for diamond certification. You should also be presented with a certificate when buying any item of jewellery that features a genuine diamond. When buying a ring for your engagement, be sure that you have full history and guarantee with purchase. This will provide a warranty, help with insurance and allow you to be sure where the stone comes from.

Now that you have a better idea of what conflict-free engagement rings are all about, you can make your purchase with even greater peace of mind.

These Famous Engagement Rings Are Sure to Inspire

Looking for a bit of romantic inspiration for your quest to find the most perfect of engagement rings ever to be found? Taking a journey back through the ages to see the rings worn by some of our most iconic women will give you just the inspiration you need.

From princesses to leading ladies, history has presented us with a number of women who stood out from the rest – especially in their beauty, poise and elegance. Whether you prefer to take a more modern approach to diamond engagement ring shopping, or you appreciate the sentiments and classic beauty of old fashioned style, these rings are every bit as memorable as the women who wore them.

Iconic Engagement Rings Throughout the Ages

We have selected some of our favourite famous engagement rings over the ages, to give you some ideas and inspiration for your ring quest. Without further ado, here are some of the rings that made history over the decades…

  1. Queen Elizabeth

Married in 1947, Queen Elizabeth II of Windsor wore a simple yet exceptional three carat diamond solitaire ring, which was given to her by her husband, Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark. The stone in the ring was taken from the Prince’s mother’s tiara, adding even more history and tradition to its allure. The solitaire style remains one of the most popular choices for brides-to-be, offering just the right blend of timeless elegance.

Engagement Rings Queen Elizabeth II

  1. Grace Kelly

After a fairy tale romance, Prince Rainier III of Monaco proposed to movie starlet Grace Kelly with a Cartier eternity band dotted with diamond and rubies. During a visit to Los Angeles however, the Prince noted that large rings where worn by nearly all of Hollywood’s beauties. In order to give his love only the best, he presented her with a new ring – a 10.47 carat emerald cut ring from Cartier.

Engagement Rings Grace Kelly

  1. Marilyn Monroe

Never one to bow down to convention or conforms, Marilyn Monroe married Joe DiMaggio at San Francisco City Hall in 1954. Rather than a traditional ring, she opted to wear an unusual eternity band made in platinum and set with 35 baguette cut diamonds as a symbol of her love for her husband.

Engagement Rings Marilyn Monroe

  1. Jacqueline Kennedy

Jackie O, otherwise known as Jacqueline Onassis wore a bold ring that featured a 2.88 carat diamond set next to a 2.84 emerald cut with tapered baguettes. After her wedding to John F. Kennedy, her ring was later updated with 0.66 carats of round diamonds as well as 1.46 carats of marquise cut diamonds, further adding to the rings bold yet timeless design. Perfect for the woman who forged a long-lasting legacy of style and glamour.Engagement Rings Jackie Kennedy


  1. Princess Diana and Princess Kate

When Diana was betrothed to Prince Charles in 1984, the world was mesmerised by a Royal Wedding like no other. Her ring boasted 14 solitaire diamonds that were set around an oval 12 carat blue Ceylon sapphire, and set in an 18 carat white gold band. Decades later, the world was glued to another Royal Wedding, this time uniting Princess Diana’s oldest son with the lovely Kate Middleton. It was only fitting that Kate wore Diana’s ring – symbolising not only the young couple’s love, but also the bond that the late Diana had with her children.

Engagement Rings Princess Diana and Kate

These iconic rings may have been worn by famous women, and presented by equally famous men in famous proposals. But what they all have in common is a celebration of romance – something that every prosposal has to offer for both ring giver and bride-to-be. Let romance be your guide when choosing engagement rings, and you can find a touch of that magic in your own iconic moment

Best Engagement Rings for Women

Choosing engagement rings for women can be done with your fiancé or without her if you feel that you know her well enough to choose wisely. If you are observant and keep her overall style, personality and even her unique quirks in mind, it is far simpler than you may think to make the selection without direct input.

Every woman has her own allure – the thing that caught your eye in the first place. Perhaps it is her ability to always deal with every obstacle in her path like a boss, her warm smile that makes everyone around her adore her or even her ability to always look stylish without ever trying.

What may be perfect for one woman is of course not always ideal for another. This is why it is useful to consider what the ring would say about her style.

What Does Her Engagement Ring Say About Her Style?

Through all of the research and studies done by jewellers around the world, it has become possible to notice that rings can be suited to their wearer’s sense of style, romance and even personality. Some of the engagement rings that could suit your lady perfectly include the following:

  • Marquise

Straight-forward, honest and strong, this is the woman who knows what she wants and is able to deal with any obstacles that come her way. She has loads of sex appeal without coming across as needy or over the top. Celebs who have favoured this ring style include Victoria Beckham as well as Catherine Zeta-Jones.

  • Heart

A romantic at heart who adores all things girly, pink and pretty, this classic shape appeals to those who are sentimental and dreamy. If she loves being a girly girl and has a fondness for hearts in other jewellery, accessories, prints and fabric, she is sure to find this symbol of love and devotion a dream

  • Colourful

This untraditional woman likes to stand out from the norm. She prefers to walk to her own beat, and has an appreciation for things that are unusual and interesting. With variations in diamond ring colours, this ring can appeal to her uniqueness without being impractical or overdone.

  • Round

As a classic and timeless diamond shape; round stones will never go out of fashion. That does not make the woman you give it to a conformist or boring however. As this ring is the most practical and simple style, those who live active, adventurous lives are drawn to the simplicity. The ring has the best shape for full sparkle too, and often, this woman will be full of life, too.

  • Princess

As the name suggests, the woman who wears this cut is a princess. She loves to be treated like a lady, and values chivalry and romantic gestures. She is almost always stylish and glamorous, with a fondness for the finer things in life without being a drama queen. She really and truly believes in fairy tale endings, and sees you as her Prince Charming.

Of course, there are many other styles to choose from and many that you can create from scratch with the help of a talented designer. Whether you get her input or not, choosing an expert jeweller to assist you in creating the perfect choice of engagement rings will go a long way in making that proposal one to cherish forever.


Why Choose Handmade Engagement Rings?

While at a glance it is hard to tell the difference between handmade engagement rings and store-brought, pre-cast rings, there are a number of things that ultimately determine which ring lasts the test of time.

There is a common misconception that buying a custom-made ring is more expensive, and yet stores can easily charge a fortune for a ring that is not only mass produced, but also far harder to track in its authenticity and true value. A ring from a large chain store for example may have less-than-clear policies on where it sources its stones and metal. This means that there are fewer guarantees that the ring was not made in whole or part from ethical, conflict-free sources. As for the mass production aspect, the ring you choose is often one of thousands exactly like it… even if you are paying a small fortune to buy it.

Handmade engagement rings on the other hand offer a number of benefits that, while they might not be instantly apparent, will certainly make a difference to the wearer over the years.

Handmade vs Pre-Cast – Which is the Best Choice for Engagement Rings?

Some of the things to consider when choosing which type of engagement rings you wish to purchase include the following:

  • Uniqueness. We recently shared some of the most popular diamond ring cuts and styles, while also offering some insight into other factors that influence the overall look of the ring, such as the band and setting. When buying a ring at a store, you would typically be shown a selection of rings, which you can then pick and choose from when you see one that stands out from the rest. A custom ring however is designed from scratch with your input provided at every stage, from the metal of the band to the size and cut of the stone, the carat, the stone itself and many other individual elements you wish to include. This means that the final ring is 100% unique, with no two rings every being the same.


  • Value. By having full say over the ring’s specifications, you also have control over how much the final ring will cost. While you want to give your beloved a handmade ring that is as valuable as the one who wears it, you do not want to end up in debt forever after over-spending. By working with your jeweller from the initial design phase to completion, you can find a balance that is realistic and achievable. By choosing everything from the setting to the carat and the metal of the band, you will be able to plan and budget well in advance of your proposal.


  • Integrity. Last but certainly not least, with a handmade ring that is made by a jeweller approved by the Kimberley Certification Scheme, you will always be completely sure that you are not buying conflict diamonds. This certification was set in 2000 by Southern African diamond sourcing countries in the mining town of Kimberly, in order to find a way to end the sale of stones used to fund war, violence and other unrest. In the same year, the United Nations adopted the resolution, applying it to the control and sale of all rough diamonds sourced from this region. Without this certification, there is simply no way of knowing whether the stones in your ring have been ethically sourced or not. Rather than focusing on sales figures and profits, as, sadly, many large-scale diamond retailers have been known to do so, smaller jewellers who craft their ware by hand are committed to upholding the principles of conflict-free

At Cape Diamonds, we believe that you are not simply buying a piece of jewellery, but rather a symbol of your love that has been crafted into something unique and precious. And that is what makes the most important difference of all when deciding on which type of engagement rings you should choose.

5 Rules to Remember When Purchasing Engagement Rings

Let’s face it – purchasing engagement rings is not the easiest task on the planet. This is even truer when you are shopping in the dark, without any clue on what to look for, where to start shopping and how to be sure that you are on the right track.

To make things at least a little bit simpler, we have put together some of the most important “rules” to keep in mind when you are searching for diamond engagement rings. We can’t promise that it will make the search a complete cake walk, but it will definitely give you a better idea of the things you cannot afford to overlook.

Important Things to Remember When Buying Engagement Rings

You can find out more about choosing the right cut, or even the romantic symbolism of rings in our previous posts. Some of the most important things besides the stone and symbolism that you need to consider include the following:

  1. Choose the ring shape and design carefully. This should not be based on rough guesses or assumptions. A good way to get an idea of the way the ring is shaped and styled is to sneak in to her jewellery box and look at the other rings she has gotten herself. Ask her friends, too. Taking some phone pictures of her rings will help provide some indication of the things she will be most likely to wear – bold, subtle, elegant, vintage or modern to name but a few typical styles.
  2.  Consider the settings of the ring. The diamond is placed with a metal setting, which is then fitted to a band. There are many different options to choose for settings. Some rings only have a single stone, while others have smaller stones placed around a centre stone. Some have prongs that encase the stone; others have stones that are deeper set into the metal. Having the perfect balance in setting and shape is essential – your research in the above rule will help with this one.
  3.  Know her everyday style. Going back to that research, it is also essential for you to know how she dresses on a daily basis. Look at the type of jewellery she wears. Does she wear more silver, or more gold? Is she a platinum fan, or does she opt for soft yellow gold? Look at the stones she favours too. Remember to also consider her occupation. Will the ring be practical when worn every single day, or will it get in the way?
  4.  Select the right band. Then there is the band of the ring. There are many different metals to choose from, ranging in price and durability (and colour). Platinum is a popular choice, as it is a pure metal that is hypoallergenic and very durable, making it ideal for those with sensitive skin. Remember that often wedding bands will match the engagement ring, which means that you will wear a similar ring in the same metal.
  5.  Make sure you plan ahead and be patient. The creation of a ring is not to be rushed, and can take a few weeks at the very least if you are having it custom made. Make sure that you have ample time when planning your proposal, so that you do not have an awkward wait to get the ring. You will also need to inform your jeweller of any inscriptions if you want them engraved inside the ring band too.

Keep these simple rules in place when shopping for engagement rings and you are sure to be on the right track in choosing a ring that will be as perfect as the one you are proposing to.

The 4 Cs of Diamond Engagement Rings

When the time comes to start looking at engagement rings, many men are stumped at how to even begin making the right choice. While much depends on your budget, the future life partner and individual taste, if you are planning to give a loved one a diamond and pop the question, a good way to get started on finding that perfect ring is to follow the 4 Cs approach.

This system is used in the diamond industry, where many different diamond characteristics are graded and categorised. The 4 Cs comprise the most important characteristics when determining the value of a diamond – Cut, Clarity, Colour and Carat. There’s also a lesser known but still important 5th C, which is Certification.

What do all of these mean when it comes to choosing engagement rings that feature diamonds? Here’s what you should know about characteristics of diamond rings.

Simple Guide to Buying Diamond Engagement Rings

Without further ado, here are the things that you will need to consider when selecting the ideal ring for your future wedded love:

1.       Cut

This refers to the shape and style of the diamond. There are many different cuts, ranging from square to round, with each cut determining just how much sparkle the diamond has when placed within the ring. Simpler cuts are always a timeless choice, while elaborate cuts that allow the full brilliance of the stone to shine are bold, beautiful and sure to make a statement.

2.       Clarity

Almost every diamond has some flaw that occurs when the stone is formed, and this is what makes each stone unique. Generally speaking however, the clearer the diamond, the more it shines and the more it costs. The visibility, number and size of the flaws all help to determine the clarity. Even though clear stones are valued highly, there are many levels of clarity that ensure plenty of choice and variety. After all, sometimes the tiny imperfections in stones (and people) can be more alluring than pure perfection.

3.       Colour

Diamonds with no colour allow the most reflection of light, which gives the stone that all-important sparkle. When a stone is off white, it absorbs more light, which in turn reduces the level of light that shines off the facets of the stone. Colourless diamonds are especially brilliant in a cut that maximises the shine of the natural light that is refracted.

4.       Carat

This is often the thing that most people know about diamonds, especially when it comes to determining the value of a stone. As the unit of weight that diamonds are measured, this refers to the value of the stone as well as the size. Larger diamonds are much rarer than smaller diamonds, meaning that the larger stones are more valued, and therefore more expensive, too.

Then, there is the 5th C that is often overlooked but should also be a vital part of any purchasing decision. This C refers to the certificate (also known as a grading report) that evaluates the diamond. This grading is done by a qualified expert, using special instruments used to evaluate gems. As each stone is unique, with its own individual qualities, listing the stone’s characteristics in an official certificate helps to ensure that you are buying the real deal. It is also essential for insurance purposes.

Now that you have a better idea of how to set off on your mission to find the perfect ring, have a look at our tips on the symbolism of engagement rings to find more advice on fine-tuning your search.