Stunning Gemstones for Diamond Engagement Rings

Although diamond engagement rings are certainly spectacular as they are, adding other gemstones can make your ring even more beautiful. The diamond is April’s birthstone. Known for its brilliance, hardness, and beauty, the diamond has been a classic choice for brides-to-be for centuries. Adding other types of gemstones can be a great way to enhance your ring, adding colour and making a unique ring.

Gemstones to Include in Diamond Engagement Rings

Here are some of the most popular stones used in diamond engagement rings…



The combination of sapphire and diamond is breathtaking. It is no surprise that this combination has been popular in rings throughout every era. Sapphires range in shades from deep blue to lighter shades of blue. Yellow sapphires are also found. Used with diamonds in a ring, the deep blue colour provides contrast without clashing. These two stones work particularly well in cool-toned metals such as platinum.



Rubies also work well with diamonds. As with sapphires, these stones have a varying level of colour. The most sought-after rubies have a rich, deep red colour. While this stone works well in cool-metals, it can be surprisingly eye-catching in warmer metals such as yellow gold. Designs such as starburst or petals help to balance the bright red of the ruby with the diamonds surrounding the centre stone.



Morganite has gained popularity in recent years, for good reason. This stone ranges in colour from a darker shade of peachy pink to lighter shades of blush. It works extremely well with diamonds, with the warm and cool tones of the stones perfectly balancing together. The most sought-after morganite rings are set on rose gold bands, which bring out the colour of the stone.



Another classic precious stone, emeralds are bright, bold, and beautiful. Ranging in colour from a deep, dark green to lighter, clearer shades of green, this stone is seen in many ring designs. Emerald and diamond rings have been popular choices throughout every era. Today, they remain a great choice for brides looking for something sophisticated and elegant. Emerald works well with cool and warm-toned metals – especially platinum, white gold, and yellow gold.



Although topaz has been used in jewellery for a very long time, it has gained more popularity in recent years. The beautiful blue of this stone varies in tone. Used in a ring design along with diamonds, the stone adds subtle colour. If you’re looking for something minimal, choose lighter blue stones. You can use them as accent stones or as centre stones with pave diamonds flanking the centre.



Amethyst is a semi-precious stone that is not as high-value as other stones. It may not be the most expensive stone but its gorgeous colour makes it a great stone to add to diamond rings. From dark shades or purple to clear, pale lavender, amethyst is versatile enough to work with any metal. Choose cooler-toned metals or try something more unique with a rose or yellow gold band that off-sets the purple hue.



Opals are fascinating and magical, with intricate colours swirling into the stone. Used alongside diamonds, they result in unusual rings that stand out for all the right reasons. These stones have a relatively low rating on the Mohs hardness scale. This means that you will need to be very careful when wearing your ring.

Once you have decided which stone to use in your ring, it’s time to find the perfect ring to suit your style. Cape Diamonds offers a range of engagement rings along with a custom ring design that helps you create your very own ring.

What to Consider Before Getting Multi-Stone Engagement Rings

Multi-stone engagement rings can be a great choice for brides who love diamonds but also want to incorporate additional stones into the ring design. While two-stone rings usually apply to rings that include diamonds and one more stone, multi-stone rings include anything from three to five or even more stones. When they are designed well, the result is a one-of-a-kind ring that is bold, beautiful and unusual. With that said, there are a few guidelines to keep in mind to prevent the ring from looking like an overloaded mess of stones. Keep reading to get our expert tips on how to use multiple stones in your engagement ring.

Using Multiple Stones in Your Engagement Ring

Here are just a few of the most important things to consider when planning a multi-stone engagement ring:

The hardness.

You should be consulting the Mohs scale, whether you are using a single additional stone or multiple stones alongside diamonds. Diamonds are the hardest stone of all, with a rating of 10. Other stones have varying degrees of hardness, ranging from extremely hard to relatively hard and low. If you choose stones that have a very low rating, such as pearl, you could end up damaging the entire ring of that stone wears down or falls out. It is always best to speak to a professional jeweller or do your research to be sure that none of the stones you want to add have a very low rating. Ideally, you want stones within the 7 to 10 hardness rating.

The design.

There are a few different ways to bring in multiple stones within your overall ring design. Cluster designs are a great way to bring in a choice of stones in various sizes. You could make the clusters asymmetric for something modern and eye-catching. You could also consider adding different stones for infinity rings that have small marquise cut stones set into the band. Side stone rings also work with multiple stones. Other designs that can feature multiple stones include ballerina, tiara, single and double halo, and mixed pave stones along the band. Once again, this is where it helps to work with your jeweller, to get advice on how to bring in different types of stones into the ring without making it look over the top.

The colours.

Colour is yet another important consideration. You may think that adding a variety of colours that don’t match will give you a bold effect. It may be bold but it may end up being TOO bold and distracting. You may not love the clashing colours as much in a year from now, let alone a decade from now. A good way to use colour in this type of ring is to choose a colour that you truly love. Let’s use blue as an example. You could choose a selection of blue stones – sapphire, tanzanite, aquamarine, and topaz, for example. Your ring designer can then include these blue-tone stones within your chosen design, along with diamonds. The result will be far more subtle – especially if the colours can merge into each other. A similar idea could be to go with a sea-green colour and choose softer stones in degrees of pale blue and pale green.

Finding the right jeweller is essential to make sure that your multi-stone ring is perfect. Contact Cape Diamonds today to find out more about designing your very own multi-stone stone engagement ring.

Get Inspired by These Stunning Tiara Engagement Rings

As their name implies, tiara engagement rings have a unique design that resembles a tiara. These rings are delicate and visually interesting, with many featuring unique details. They are ideal for stacking, working well with wedding rings or as part of a set. From minimal and dainty to bold and beautiful, there are many styles to choose from when it comes to tiara engagement rings. Keep reading to get inspired by some of our favourites.

Gorgeous Tiara Engagement Rings

Looking for a stand-out ring that offers a modern take on vintage-style design? Here are some exquisite tiara engagement rings that showcase the beauty of this style.

Bezel Cut Teardrop



Bezel settings keep stones securely within the metal. This design is minimal and simple, with a crown of teardrop cut diamonds in a bezel setting. The ring would work well stacked with a simple wedding ring or it can be used as a wedding ring, with a teardrop ring as your engagement ring.

Split Band Baguette



For something feminine and romantic, this beautiful rose gold ring features a split band, with a horizontal baguette on the bottom half and a crown of baguette stones on the top half. The balance of stones adds to the illusion of a tiara, while the rose gold enhances the romance of the ring.

Aquamarine and Diamond



If you are looking to add some colour to your ring, this aquamarine and diamond ring is sure to be just right. The muted rose gold of the band balances the soft blue-green of the centre teardrop stone. Fanning out above the centre stone is a layer of diamonds in the classic tiara shape.

Mixed Diamond Cluster



For those looking for an elegant, sophisticated take on the tiara ring design, this mixed diamond cluster ring is sure to add plenty of sparkle. The ring features several diamonds in various shapes, making up the tiara shape in a bolder chevron design. It would work well in any metal.

Boho Crescent Diamond



Boho style rings remain a popular choice for many brides. This ring has an unusual design in the shape of a crescent, with diamonds taking centre stage on the top of the ring to form the tiara. A delicate yellow gold band ensures that the stones stand out without losing the subtle design.

Multi-Layer Topaz



If subtle is not your thing, this bold, vintage-style ring is a must-try. This design showcases the true magic of tiara rings, with a round topaz and a fan of diamonds spreading out onto the band. The contrast between diamonds, topaz and yellow gold adds lots of interest in this design.

Rose Gold Wishbone



Another delicate, simple ring is this rose gold wishbone. This is an ideal choice if you want a tiara design that is understated enough to layer without losing its minimal design. Tiny diamonds are set on the V of the wishbone, with a delicate rose gold band balancing against the cool tone of the diamond.

Round Cut Layers



Finally, this bold ring is perfect for those who are looking for maximum sparkle. Three layers of diamonds are stacked in a tiara shape, adding loads of drama and plenty of visual detail. Platinum and white gold work well in this ring but rose or yellow gold would be equally stunning.

Subtle, bold, unique or minimal, tiara rings can be tailored to your unique style. If you have always longed for a one-of-a-kind engagement ring that will make you fall in love at first sight, contact Cape Diamonds today.

Fall in Love with These Enchanting Ballerina Engagement Rings

Ballerina engagement rings are a style that was very fashionable in the 1950s, coming back into style in current times. This style of ring takes its name from the series of small stones that surround the centre stone, giving the illusion of a ballet tutu. Traditionally, baguette-cut stones are used for the ‘tutu’. Modern rings include other cut diamonds or precious stones or a combination of cuts for added interest. Some ballerina rings feature additional elements, such as swirls, further adding to the sense of movement and grace of this ring style.

Looking for inspiration for your dream ring? Keep reading to find a selection of elegant ballerina engagement rings that are perfect for those seeking something deeply feminine and romantic.

Elegant and Graceful Ballerina Engagement Rings

These engagement rings capture the beauty of the ballerina style ring perfectly.

Yellow Gold Swirls

Yellow gold ring with swirls studded with baguettes.


This ring uses swirls studded with baguettes that are set close together. Set in yellow gold, with classic white diamonds, the ring brings to mind a twirling tutu, with plenty of sparkle. It has a round cut diamond in the centre and a touch of vintage in its overall design.

Vintage Double Layer

Vintage double layer ring with a round centre diamond.


If vintage is what you are looking for, this ring has even more of a vintage style. A round centre diamond is flanked first by a halo of tiny pave diamonds and then by a ring of baguette diamonds. The result is a square or oblong shape of diamonds, with loads of sparkle.

Sapphire and Diamond

Round Sapphire and baguette diamond ring.


Precious stones add even more elegance to the ballerina ring. In this design, a round sapphire is surrounded by baguettes in an inverted square shape. Between each trio of baguette diamonds, there are two small round cut stones that add balance to the overall design.

Rose Gold Pear

Rose gold ring with pear cut diamond.

Rose gold is an ideal metal for this type of ring, bringing a soft, feminine appeal. In this modern yet timeless design, a pear-cut stone takes centre stage, with a combination of marquise and round cut stones forming the tutu. This style works perfectly with diamonds and rose gold but it would also work beautifully in yellow gold or platinum with a coloured diamond or precious stones.

Black Diamond Oval

Black oval diamond ring with round diamonds.


Black diamonds provide lots of drama and impact to this type of ring. In this ring, a black diamond oval lies in the centre, flanked by a halo with an outer layer of round diamonds and strategically placed baguettes that continue the oval design. Try this ring with rose gold for something bolder.

Side Stone Clusters

Ring with round cut diamonds in centre, flanked by baguettes.


Ballerina rings don’t have to have a complete tutu. This ring design features a centre of tiny round cut diamonds, flanked by baguettes on each side to form a wing-like design that fans out to either side. Try mixing up stones in the centre or surrounding layer or keep it simple with classic white diamonds.

Yellow Gold Cluster

Yellow gold ring with a round centre diamond surrounded by baguette diamonds.


Cluster rings remain a popular choice for many brides-to-be. In this ring, a round diamond is surrounded by baguette diamonds that are spaced a little further apart, with clusters of small round diamonds situated at the top, bottom, and sides. The result is a dainty, pretty ring that sparkles beautifully.

Double Layer Morganite

Double layer Morganite rose gold ring.


Morganite and rose gold are a favourite choice for modern rings. This combination works well with diamonds, giving a soft, subtle effect that is understated without being boring. In this ring, an oval centre stone is surrounded by an inner halo of pave diamonds, with baguette stones of varying sizes and additional round cut diamonds to continue the oval shape.

If you’re looking for something that is a little bit different, while still being classic enough to stay in style throughout the ages, ballerina style rings are a perfect choice. Still not sure what type of ring you want? Get in touch with Cape Diamonds today to learn more about planning your ideal engagement ring.

Why Are Diamond Engagement Rings so Popular?

With all the stones available today, what makes diamond engagement rings such a popular choice all over the globe? When you think of engagements, the thing that most likely first comes to mind is diamonds. This stone has a timeless appeal that has made it a favourite for many brides. The wide variety of cuts and ring styles means that diamonds can be used for a huge variety of rings, from contemporary to vintage.

Why are diamonds so frequently used in engagement rings, though, and what makes them the perfect choice for your ring? Why are these stones considered the best choice for rings? Let’s take a look.

Why Diamond Engagement Rings Will Never Date

There are a number of reasons that diamond engagement rings remain the best choice for many brides. These include the following:

They are an investment.

Diamonds are one of the most precious stones in the world, with a high value. Higher carat stones are especially high in value. Many years ago, diamonds were considered insurance of sort, offering newlywed couples a precious stone that would grow in value over the course of their marriage. Although things have changed in modern times, these stones still remain an excellent investment.

They are strong.

Diamonds are a solid 10 on the Mohs hardness scale. This means that no other stone can chip or damage diamonds. They are extremely hard to damage, making them the ideal choice for a ring you will wear day in and day out. Unlike softer stones that will wear over time, diamonds will continue to shine with just a bit of care. To make sure that your diamond ring is even more protected, be sure to choose a style that does not easily catch on things and a setting that is stable and secure.

They are versatile.

Diamonds can be used in a wide range of settings and ring styles. Whether you prefer split band rings, double band rings, classic solitaire rings, pave rings, shaped diamonds, or any other style, diamonds will be the perfect fit. They pair well with any metal type, too, without the risk of clashing that can sometimes happen with other brightly hued precious stones. If you want to add colour, you can also opt for a coloured diamond.

They are timeless.

To quote Marilyn Monroe, diamonds are a girl’s best friend. This stone has a timeless appeal that has attracted brides across every era. Diamonds have an elegance that few other stones can match. Classic cuts such as round, princess, emerald, pear, and marquise ensure a ring that will never go out of date – a few years from now or decades from now.

At Cape Diamonds, we offer a wide variety of diamonds in various cuts and carats. Planning your dream ring is made far easier, thanks to our choice of rings in classic and modern styles. Choose your stone, choose your metal, choose your design, and let us make you the diamond engagement ring you have always wanted.

Caring For Your Diamond Engagement Ring

Your diamond engagement ring is one of the most precious treasures in your life. Your ring does not only have value from a financial perspective but also from a personal perspective. This ring is the symbol of your love. As such, it is essential to care for it in a way that protects it and ensures it will last forever. In this short guide, we share some of the most important tips for looking after your diamond engagement ring.

How to Care For Your Diamond Engagement Ring

Some of the things you can do to care for your diamond engagement ring include the following:

Get it insured

It goes without saying that diamonds should always be insured. Skipping insurance is a very big risk to take and one that may end up costing far more than you realise. Although your original ring cannot be replaced symbolically, you will at least be able to replace the actual ring. You will also need to get valuations each year.

Remove it carefully

Make sure that you remove your ring only when you can do so safely, without the risk of putting it down somewhere and losing it for good. Removing it in public bathrooms, spas or anywhere else where it might get lost is never a good idea. When you do remove the ring, always make sure that you have somewhere safe to put it – even if you are at home.

Get a ring dish

One of the simplest ways to make sure your ring is safe is to get a ring dish (or a few). These are designed especially for keeping rings safe. Place on in the bathroom by the sink, on your nightstand next to your bed, and anywhere else that you may often remove your ring. If you use a dish, you will know where to look in the event that you can’t remember where you last removed the ring.

Clean it properly

Cleaning your ring is important to keep it looking good throughout the years. With that said, you will need to clean it carefully and properly. Avoid harsh chemicals and try not to touch the centre stone too much in between cleaning sessions. Ideally, it is best to have your ring cleaned professionally to make sure that it is properly cleaned.

Keep it maintained

Over and beyond cleaning, it is also important to look after your ring in other ways. If you work with your hands a lot or do a lot of physical activity, it is best to not wear your ring to prevent potential damage or wear. It is also wise to check the setting often. If any stone seems loose, take it in right away. Likewise, if any prong seems worn, take it in to be checked.

With these simple tips, you can be sure that your ring stays as sparkly and shiny as it did when it was first put onto your finger. Keep your diamond engagement ring looking beautiful and it will continue to bring you joy.

Romantic Two Stone Engagement Rings

Much as three stone rings represent your past, present, and future, two stone engagement rings are also rich in meaning. These rings represent the deeper levels of your relationship with one stone representing your friendship and the other representing your love. For many couples, love is not only about the romance. It’s also about the many things you share together. The laughter, the fun, the adventures, the ups and downs, and the close bond you have that makes your relationship stronger. It is this dual nature of love and friendship that make for strong, long-lasting marriages.

If your love is also your best friend, your partner in crime, and the person you want to share every single moment with, then this ring is sure to be a romantic choice for your engagement. Keep reading to get inspired by these gorgeous two stone engagement rings.

Fall in Love With These Two Stone Engagement Rings

Here are some of our favourite two stone engagement rings to inspire your dream ring…

Entwined Diamonds

Romantic Two Stone Engagement Rings - Entwined Diamonds

Ideal for future brides who prefer their rings on the classic side, this elegant ring has a plain band and two diamonds set alongside each other. This ring works well in platinum and diamond but could also work equally well in any metal and stone of your choice. Try something soft and romantic such as morganite and rose gold, keep it classic with white or yellow gold and diamond or mix things up with contrasting stones.

Open Pear

Romantic Two Stone Engagement Rings - Open PearImage:

Pear cut rings are timeless and elegant. With a rounded shape that tapers to a point, this cut is also known as a teardrop cut. The unique open shape of this ring enhances the pear cut, adding interest in a subtle way. It would work well in any metal of your choice, with diamonds or any other stone. Pave stones have been used around the pear for added effect.

Pave Twist

Romantic Two Stone Engagement Rings - Pave Twist


Pave stones are also used to perfection in this glamorous ring. With its twisted band, the two diamonds are centred in a way that draws the eye. Tiny pave stones surrounded the stones, accentuating the twist even further. The contrast of gold and diamond works well in this design but a cooler toned metal would also work.

Infinity Knot

Romantic Two Stone Engagement Rings - Infinity Knot


This minimal ring is understated and surprisingly sophisticated. Its stones are positioned in the centre in a simple setting that seems to merge the rings. The result is an infinity knot. The symbolism of this will appeal to romantics, who know that the line of friendship and love is often blurred in marriage, creating a truly unique relationship.

Two Tone

Romantic Two Stone Engagement Rings - Two Tone


Part of a range called the Twogether™ collection, this unusual two tone ring is dazzling. A strand of rose gold wraps around the pave encrusted band, with two diamonds taking centre stage. The ring would also look incredible in yellow gold and platinum or even in yellow and rose gold for those who love to stand out.

Topaz Swirls

Romantic Two Stone Engagement Rings - Topaz SwirlsImage:

Those who prefer brighter, bolder stones will adore this topaz ring that features a pave split band that gently swirls to meet in the middle, where two deeply hued topaz stones are positioned. If topaz is not your stone, you could try ruby, tanzanite, emerald, sapphire, morganite, jade or any other stone that you love.

Vintage Pave

Romantic Two Stone Engagement Rings - Vintage PaveImage:

Feminine, romantic, and lovely, this vintage style ring makes optimal use of pave stones to create maximum sparkle. The pave encrusted band leads to two merged stones that are forever bonded. Whether you choose yellow gold, rose gold, white gold or platinum, this ring is a show stopper.

If you are looking for a truly unforgettable custom engagement ring in Cape Town, get in touch with Cape Diamonds today. We will help make your engagement ring dreams come true with a wide range of ring collections along with personalised ring design.

How to Make Engagement Ring Diamonds Look Bigger

If you are wondering how to make a smaller diamond look bigger on your engagement ring, you’re in luck. Although nothing can physically change the size other than a bigger stone, there are a few ways to create the illusion of size. This is done through carefully choosing of the size of the band, the setting, the shape, the design itself and even the colour of the metal on your band.

Keep reading to get our expert tips on how to make engagement ring diamonds look bigger. You can then use these tips to design your dream ring in a way that amplifies your stone to perfection.

How to Make Engagement Ring Diamonds Look Bigger

Our Tips On How to Make Engagement Ring Diamonds Look Bigger

Some tips to keep in mind when planning your engagement ring include the following:

  • Choose a thinner band. A delicate band will make your stone appear bigger. On the other hand, a thicker band may cause the centre stone to appear lost, and therefore smaller. You could opt for a split band design, or even a double banded design that frames your diamond perfectly without overshadowing it or making it appear smaller.
  • Choose a different shape. Round diamonds show their size more than other shapes. With so many shapes available, you could take your pick from pear, marquise, oval, triangular, baguette or even a square shape such as a princess or cushion cut diamond. To get a better idea of which shapes suit your hand the best, read our guide to choosing the right ring for your finger.
  • Choose a smaller setting. The setting itself can also change the appearance of the stone. A chunky prong setting will take up space around the edge of the diamond, shrinking its appearance. When the band is also thicker, the stone will appear even tinier. A delicate four prong setting on a thin band meanwhile will help to create the illusion of a bigger diamond.
  • Choose a halo design. Pave stones are an affordable way to add sparkle without a massive size. These work especially well around a small centre diamond. The result is a glittering ring that will catch the light at every turn, while not bankrupting you in the process.
  • Choose a lighter band. A lighter, brighter metal can also help to make your diamond appear larger. White gold is a good choice, as it is a whiter tone than platinum. A lighter shade of yellow could also work, or even a paler rose gold.

The best way to ensure that your ring is every bit as perfect as you have always wanted it to be is to work with an experienced jeweller that is able to make your dreams come true. To find out more about custom

A Look at Bold, Art Deco Style Engagement Rings

While minimal, classic and even vintage style rings may appeal to some brides-to-be, others prefer engagement rings that have more of a bold, art deco style. The bold look came into its own during the art deco era, but throughout history, eye-catching, beautifully ornate rings have certainly remained a constant favourite for many – especially amongst those who like to stand out from the crowd.

The term art deco is one that is used to describe jewellery, clothing, décor and even architecture. It originated in Paris in the 1920s, where the term itself was coined as a result of an exhibition at the World’s Fair held in the French capital in 1925. The exhibit was called Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes (International Exposition of Modern Industrial and Decorative Arts). Around the time of the industrial era, art imitated machine, with many design trends showing this influence through designs that featured distinctive geometric shapes, symmetry and parallel lines. Art deco drew inspiration from cultures such as Egypt, Greece, Mesoamerica, Africa and East Asia, with jewellery and motifs based on shapes like circles, triangles, squares and rectangles, along with intricate geometric patterns with sharp angles, bold, rich colours, abstract elements and symmetry. While the trend itself came and went over the decades, it continues to inspire those with a creative spirit and sense of unique style.

Why Consider Bolder Style Engagement Rings?

What is it about the art deco style that makes bold, retro inspired engagement rings a good choice for modern brides? Here are some of the top features of this ring style…

  • Maximum visual impact. It goes without saying that eye-catching jewellery designs are noticed. Whether you opt for colourless stones such as diamonds, or you choose something brighter and bolder, such as tanzanite, emerald or ruby, an art deco style ring is one that will be noticed, without fail.
  •  Creative and unique. The only real ‘rule’ to consider with this type of ring is making sure that it follows general art deco guidelines. That means geometric lines, sharp angles and symmetry. As far as settings, stones, band and the actual design go however, you can pretty much go as big or small as you choose, to create a ring that is truly unique.
  •  Ideal for anyone with a love for the jazz age. This style came into being during the roaring Twenties – a time known for its elegance, glamour and glitz. If you are a fan of F. Scott Fitzgerald, the jazz age or Parisian retro chic, this style is sure to be one that resonates.

There are a few options that you may consider when choosing this type of ring for your engagement. If there is an original piece within the groom’s family (or the bride’s, for that matter), you could have it restored by a professional jeweller to fix any wear and tear and make sure that it is as good as new. You could also look in books, search engines or social image bookmarking websites to find images of art deco rings to use as reference, and have your ring made from scratch by a qualified, experienced jeweller. The latter option gives you a lot more room to add your own style and personality, while also giving you full control over details such as the metal of the band, the type of stones, the setting and the overall style of the ring.

Whatever your decision may be, Cape Diamonds is here to assist with all of your engagement ring requirements.

5 Beautiful Engagement Ring Trends for 2015

While there are many things beyond trends that influence your choice of engagement rings, taking a look at some of the styles, settings and bands that are making an appearance around the world can be very helpful in providing inspiration for what you like (and what you don’t like).

Custom designed rings are a great option for those who cherish the thought of a ring that is truly unique and individual. Inspiration from current trends will give you plenty of ideas on what you want to include in your ring’s design. Without further ado, we hope that you enjoy these current ring trends for 2015.

Stunning Engagement Rings to Dazzle and Inspire

From intricate diamond engagement rings to brightly hued stones; mixed metal bands to floral motifs, this year is certainly proof that rings can be as bold or subtle as the wearer chooses. Here are some of the top trends in this type of jewellery…

  1. Twisted Bands

The trend towards minimal rings has showed that there are many ways to add impact to a ring without being too bold. Twisted bands are one such way to add some interesting detail to a ring. The band can be kept unadorned if you prefer something simpler, or it can be encrusted with tiny stones for a more ornate look. You could even look at having a matching wedding ring that entwines within your engagement ring.

Engagement Ring Trends for 2015 Twisted Bands

  1. Mixed Metals

On the topic of bands, you do not have to settle for just one type of metal, either. Mixed metals are a modern way to add to the visual appeal, blending different coloured metals such as rose gold, yellow gold, platinum and white gold to create a unique band. As each metal has its own qualities and even symbolism, this is also a nice way to bring in some meaning – be sure to do your homework first so that you know what each metal symbolises.

Engagement Ring Trends for 2015 Mixed Metals

  1. Fun Shapes

Bows are a romantic, soft shape that will suit brides with a playful nature. The band or stone can be used to create unique shapes, which could vary from something like bows to more classic hearts. Bands that take the shape of branches of rustic antlers are also proving to be a popular choice for modern brides – if you think outside of the traditional concept of ring band, you may find many other ideas for shapes.

Engagement Ring Trends for 2015 Fun Shapes

  1. Floral Details

Romantic, classic and undeniably whimsical, floral details are not a new trend, but rather a trend that keeps coming back over the ages. There are many ways that floral details can be brought into the ring – in the stone shape, in the way that the stones are clustered, in the band and all of those together. The detail is what counts here, so think delicate rather than big and bold.

Engagement Ring Trends for 2015 Floral Details

  1. Colourful Stones

Diamonds are a classic choice of course, but even this timeless stone can be jazzed up when choosing a coloured diamond. Chocolate diamonds are an unusual yet elegant choice, while outside of diamonds, there are many beautifully eye-catching stones to consider – including Tanzanite. A simple design that features a vividly hued stone can be even more dramatic than an elaborate design with an uncoloured stone, so choose your colour carefully.

Engagement Ring Trends for 2015 Colourful Stones

The most important thing to remember, of course, is that this is a piece of jewellery that will be worn day in and day out. It is lovely to have a ring that is fun, modern and over the top, but you may find that a very bold ring clashes with your other jewellery or even with your clothing. Consider your everyday style and aim for a choice of engagement rings that wows without taking over.