Stunning Gemstones for Diamond Engagement Rings

Although diamond engagement rings are certainly spectacular as they are, adding other gemstones can make your ring even more beautiful. The diamond is April’s birthstone. Known for its brilliance, hardness, and beauty, the diamond has been a classic choice for brides-to-be for centuries. Adding other types of gemstones can be a great way to enhance your ring, adding colour and making a unique ring.

Gemstones to Include in Diamond Engagement Rings

Here are some of the most popular stones used in diamond engagement rings…



The combination of sapphire and diamond is breathtaking. It is no surprise that this combination has been popular in rings throughout every era. Sapphires range in shades from deep blue to lighter shades of blue. Yellow sapphires are also found. Used with diamonds in a ring, the deep blue colour provides contrast without clashing. These two stones work particularly well in cool-toned metals such as platinum.



Rubies also work well with diamonds. As with sapphires, these stones have a varying level of colour. The most sought-after rubies have a rich, deep red colour. While this stone works well in cool-metals, it can be surprisingly eye-catching in warmer metals such as yellow gold. Designs such as starburst or petals help to balance the bright red of the ruby with the diamonds surrounding the centre stone.



Morganite has gained popularity in recent years, for good reason. This stone ranges in colour from a darker shade of peachy pink to lighter shades of blush. It works extremely well with diamonds, with the warm and cool tones of the stones perfectly balancing together. The most sought-after morganite rings are set on rose gold bands, which bring out the colour of the stone.



Another classic precious stone, emeralds are bright, bold, and beautiful. Ranging in colour from a deep, dark green to lighter, clearer shades of green, this stone is seen in many ring designs. Emerald and diamond rings have been popular choices throughout every era. Today, they remain a great choice for brides looking for something sophisticated and elegant. Emerald works well with cool and warm-toned metals – especially platinum, white gold, and yellow gold.



Although topaz has been used in jewellery for a very long time, it has gained more popularity in recent years. The beautiful blue of this stone varies in tone. Used in a ring design along with diamonds, the stone adds subtle colour. If you’re looking for something minimal, choose lighter blue stones. You can use them as accent stones or as centre stones with pave diamonds flanking the centre.



Amethyst is a semi-precious stone that is not as high-value as other stones. It may not be the most expensive stone but its gorgeous colour makes it a great stone to add to diamond rings. From dark shades or purple to clear, pale lavender, amethyst is versatile enough to work with any metal. Choose cooler-toned metals or try something more unique with a rose or yellow gold band that off-sets the purple hue.



Opals are fascinating and magical, with intricate colours swirling into the stone. Used alongside diamonds, they result in unusual rings that stand out for all the right reasons. These stones have a relatively low rating on the Mohs hardness scale. This means that you will need to be very careful when wearing your ring.

Once you have decided which stone to use in your ring, it’s time to find the perfect ring to suit your style. Cape Diamonds offers a range of engagement rings along with a custom ring design that helps you create your very own ring.