Classic Engagement Ring Styles for Surprise Proposals

If you’re planning to surprise your love with a romantic proposal, you may be wondering which engagement ring style is the safest option. You will (hopefully) have done some research beforehand, taking things like your partner’s style into account. If you’re still not fully sure, it is always best to stick to something classic rather than taking a risk on a bold style that not every future bride will love. Keep reading to find out which engagement ring styles will never date.

Safest Engagement Rings for Surprising Your Partner

Going with an engagement ring that is timeless, elegant and simple is always advised. Here are a few of the most classic rings to consider.


Solitaire rings are the very definition of simple. These rings feature a single round diamond, in a setting that elevates the stone to catch the light. Many solitaire rings have a standard band in platinum, white gold, yellow gold or rose gold. Others may have a more delicate band. If your partner generally wears very little jewellery or wears cool-toned metal jewellery, platinum is your best choice. This option is ideal for future brides who are not too fussed about over the top rings.


Another elegant style that will never go out of fashion is the princess cut ring. This ring usually also has a single stone, although some may be set on a pave band with tiny diamonds leading up to the centre stone. Loved by royalty, celebrities and other brides favouring a classic ring, the princess ring is perfect for brides who have an elegant style and more traditional tastes. 


Halo rings are sparkly and feminine. They are a great choice for future brides who wear jewellery more often, love to dress up and have a sophisticated sense of style. These rings are typically round, cushion cut or oval. A centre diamond is surrounded by a ‘halo’ of tiny diamonds, giving the ring its name. In many designs, the pave diamonds continue onto the band. 


Also known as three stone rings, these rings are a great choice for the romantic at heart. The rings feature three stones, representing your relationship’s past, present and future. You can opt for round, baguettes (ideal for a more minimal design), cushion or princess cut diamonds. Although these rings can also include pave stones along the band, they are best kept simple as they have multiple stones.


Oval diamonds have a timeless cut, with a gently rounded shape that is soft and feminine. A single oval on a delicate platinum band will always be a classic choice. You could also add a pave band for additional sparkle. 

As a general rule of thumb, your best option is to stick to cool-toned metals that will go with all other jewellery and clothing. If you know that she favours rose gold or yellow gold, then that is the metal to choose. But, if you are not 100% sure, choose a neutral metal that won’t clash. Simple settings are also always best. 

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