Classic Engagement Ring Styles for Surprise Proposals

If you’re planning to surprise your love with a romantic proposal, you may be wondering which engagement ring style is the safest option. You will (hopefully) have done some research beforehand, taking things like your partner’s style into account. If you’re still not fully sure, it is always best to stick to something classic rather than taking a risk on a bold style that not every future bride will love. Keep reading to find out which engagement ring styles will never date.

Safest Engagement Rings for Surprising Your Partner

Going with an engagement ring that is timeless, elegant and simple is always advised. Here are a few of the most classic rings to consider.


Solitaire rings are the very definition of simple. These rings feature a single round diamond, in a setting that elevates the stone to catch the light. Many solitaire rings have a standard band in platinum, white gold, yellow gold or rose gold. Others may have a more delicate band. If your partner generally wears very little jewellery or wears cool-toned metal jewellery, platinum is your best choice. This option is ideal for future brides who are not too fussed about over the top rings.


Another elegant style that will never go out of fashion is the princess cut ring. This ring usually also has a single stone, although some may be set on a pave band with tiny diamonds leading up to the centre stone. Loved by royalty, celebrities and other brides favouring a classic ring, the princess ring is perfect for brides who have an elegant style and more traditional tastes. 


Halo rings are sparkly and feminine. They are a great choice for future brides who wear jewellery more often, love to dress up and have a sophisticated sense of style. These rings are typically round, cushion cut or oval. A centre diamond is surrounded by a ‘halo’ of tiny diamonds, giving the ring its name. In many designs, the pave diamonds continue onto the band. 


Also known as three stone rings, these rings are a great choice for the romantic at heart. The rings feature three stones, representing your relationship’s past, present and future. You can opt for round, baguettes (ideal for a more minimal design), cushion or princess cut diamonds. Although these rings can also include pave stones along the band, they are best kept simple as they have multiple stones.


Oval diamonds have a timeless cut, with a gently rounded shape that is soft and feminine. A single oval on a delicate platinum band will always be a classic choice. You could also add a pave band for additional sparkle. 

As a general rule of thumb, your best option is to stick to cool-toned metals that will go with all other jewellery and clothing. If you know that she favours rose gold or yellow gold, then that is the metal to choose. But, if you are not 100% sure, choose a neutral metal that won’t clash. Simple settings are also always best. 

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Exquisite Open Band Engagement Rings

Also known as cuff rings, open band engagement rings form a cuff around your finger instead of a complete loop. This is a relatively modern style that has become popular for those wanting something less conventional. The ring style is incredibly diverse, with a wide variety of designs. Depending on the design, metal, stones, and overall level of detail you want, you could have a minimal and subtle engagement ring or something bolder and more dramatic. 

Elegant Open Engagement Rings to Inspire

To show you just how gorgeous open engagement rings are, we’ve put together some ring examples to inspire your custom ring.

Asymmetrical Emerald Pear


Although most emeralds are clear and bright green, cloudy emeralds are an option for those wanting the rich colour with a more toned-down appearance. In this design, emerald pear cut stones are positioned on a gold pave diamond-encrusted open band asymmetrically. Cooler toned metals would also work for this ring – we love the contrast between the stone and yellow gold, however.

Double Band Princess


Princess cut rings remain a timeless choice for brides across the world, from royalty to celebrities and every other bride who favours a classic cut. When the stone is turned around, it becomes an east-west design that adds a modern spin. In this design, the additional open pave band joins the top band, creating a unique double band ring.

Gold Marquise Pave


Marquise diamonds are beautiful and perfectly cut, flattering just about every finger. This single yet elegant design features a flawless marquise stone set on a gold pave band. Despite the size of the primary stone, the ring is not over the top. Instead, it is delicate and feminine, allowing all of the diamonds to shine. 

Leafy White Gold


If you love all things botanical and natural, this nature-inspired design is sure to get your attention. A leafy design features on each end of the band, with tiny pave diamonds filling each leaf outline. White gold adds a softness to the ring but platinum would work equally well. You could also consider using teardrop or small marquise diamonds to form the leaves instead of metal. 

Rose Gold Cuff


One of the most contemporary styles of all when it comes to this type of ring is the double cuff. This split band ring connects on a fine strip between the two bands. Each delicate band is encrusted with tiny pave diamonds, with the bands almost meeting at the top. You could add more to this ring by adding a larger centre diamond (or few) with a tension setting or positioning them at the opening.

Multi Band Pave


Another dramatic style is the multi band design. This creative design features four bands on one side and two bands on the other side. Each pave band has a zig-zagging cuff, with a cage at the bottom that connects each band. Again, you could add more to this ring by setting larger round diamonds on either side to add more sparkle.  

Rose Gold Pave


This design takes a classic style and gives it a modern look. Rather than a proper halo, the ends of each side of the band have round pave-encrusted diamonds that form rings within the circle. A full halo with centre diamonds would work very well with this design. Rose gold adds more elegance, making this a sophisticated yet contemporary ring.

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