Everything You Need to Know About Pave Engagement Rings

Pave engagement rings remain a popular choice for many brides. Pave diamonds are found in many different ring designs, from classic all the way to modern. Most pave rings feature tiny diamonds along the front-facing band, leading up to the centre stone. Many surround the centre stone, forming a halo design. One of the biggest reasons that these engagement rings are a timeless favourite is that they give the ring lots of sparkle compared to a plain band. There are also many other reasons why this ring is a classic choice. Keep reading to find out more about pave rings and see why they are a great style for many ring designs.

A Guide to Pave Engagement Ring

If you’re wondering whether pave style engagement rings are the right option for you, here are some things that you will want to keep in mind.

What are pave stones?

Pave is the French word for paving. In the case of ring design, this word refers to the tiny diamonds or gemstones that are ‘paved’ or set into the band of the ring. This setting helps to accentuate the centre stone while adding more sparkle as light catches the tiny stones as well as the main stone. Pave stones are set closely together so that the metal on the band cannot be easily seen. Platinum and white gold work well with pave settings, as they closely match the colour of diamonds. Other metals can also be used, however, if the prongs for each stone match the metal of the band. This will create a seamless flow between the pave-encrusted band and the centre stone. If a halo design is chosen, the stones will continue to flow, surrounding the stone.

Are there different pave designs?

There are several different pave designs. Ultimately, this will come down to the settings – how the stones are positioned within the band. More traditional settings include channel settings, which feature tiny stones set between two walls of metal that form the band. Micropave designs have very tiny stones that are secured with prongs, positioned closely together. French pave designs feature a small V-cut below the stones, showing less metal and helping the stones to reflect more light. Surface prong designs are the most popular style, with each stone held in place with tiny prongs. Modern styles include bezel cut designs that have tiny stones fully encased in metal. These work well in minimal designs as well as infinity ring styles.

Why should you consider pave rings?

There are two main advantages to choosing this style of ring. The first is the shine factor. Although classic solitaire rings will always be an elegant, sophisticated choice, setting a single stone on a plain band does not always lead to maximum sparkle. When pave stones are used in the design, they allow a flow of diamonds to highlight the ring. The addition of small diamonds makes centre stones look bigger and reflect far more light. Another reason that many choose pave-encrusted rings is that they can be more affordable. Pave diamonds can be more cost-effective, and as they make the centre stone appear larger, a smaller stone can be used.

Here at Cape Diamonds, we offer a wide range of pave styles in all of our ring collections. If you’d like to know more about custom engagement ring design featuring pave stones, get in touch with us today

Fall in Love With These Tanzanite Engagement Rings

With its vibrant blend of deep purple and blue, Tanzanite engagement rings are the perfect stone for brides looking for something that truly stands out. This stone is found only in a specific area within Tanzania. With a Mohs hardness rating of 6 – 6.5, it is not the hardest stone. It is, however, one of the most beautiful stones. The rich colour of this stone is unique, with most stones being dark. Some are lighter in colour. Working well with diamonds and every type of metal, Tanzanite is an exquisite choice for engagement rings.

Exquisite Tanzanite Engagement Rings

Looking for some inspiration for your engagement ring? Here are some of the most beautiful Tanzanite rings to inspire your dream ring. 

Oval Halo

Image: barkevs.com

Classic and elegant, oval halo rings are a timeless style that will never date. This ring features an oval-cut Tanzanite stone that takes centre stage. It is surrounded by tiny pave diamonds that extend within the band. Cool-tone metals such as platinum and white gold work perfectly with this style of ring.

Pave Infinity

Image: allurez.com

Infinity rings are rich in romantic symbolism, representing the ongoing love in your relationship and marriage. Tiny Tanzanite pave stones are encrusted on one of the looping bands, with diamonds on the other. This ring features a diamond in its centre. If you’re looking to add some colour in a subtle way, this ring will be perfect.

Three Stone

Image: diamond-boutique.co.uk

Another ring that is symbolic and romantic is the three-stone ring. This ring represents your past, present, and future, with the centre stone (representing your present) being the largest stone. In this simple design, a Tanzanite stone is in the centre, with smaller diamonds flanking the stone. Platinum works well for this ring, bringing out the cool tones of the Tanzanite.

Simple Solitaire

Image: josephjewelry.com

For brides-to-be who prefer something timeless and simple, you can never go wrong with a solitaire ring. This ring has a pale rose gold band, with a single Tanzanite in a solitaire setting. Although the warmer tones of the metal help to contrast beautifully with the blue-purple colour of the centre stone, cooler-toned metals would work equally well.

Pave Pear

Image: shaneco.com

Pear cut stones are also known as teardrop stones. This cut is elegant and flattering. It can be worn facing upwards or downwards. With a delicate layer of pave stones forming a halo, this ring is even more feminine. Rose gold helps to offset the colour of the Tanzanite stone, resulting in a ring that is unique yet not over the top.

Split Band

Image: angara.com

A popular choice in ring designs, split band rings are also known as split shank rings. These rings have a band that is divided into two bands that typically flank the centre stone. Bands can be simple metal or adorned with pave stones. Some, like this ring, may have a twisted band that further adds to their beauty.

Oval Ballerina

Image: thediamondstore.co.uk

Ballerina rings are ultra-feminine. They get their name from their tutu-like design. Many have multiple layers that surround a centre stone. This ring has a single layer of pave stones, with a Tanzanite in the centre. If you’re looking for a ring that has plenty of sparkle, this is sure to be a great choice. It works well in yellow gold but would be equally beautiful in rose gold or platinum.

Aside from its rarity and unique colour, Tanzanite is also a stone that is versatile enough to work with just about every style of ring. At Cape Diamonds, we help you find the ring you’ve always longed for, with custom ring design as well as a wide selection of styles. Contact us to find out more about finding your dream engagement ring today.