Which Modern Engagement Ring Style is Best?

While some brides-to-be look for classic engagement ring styles, others prefer contemporary rings. Over the years, many different styles have emerged. Although some ring trends come and go, others have remained a popular choice for modern brides. In this guide, we share some of the most beautiful engagement ring styles that have a modern touch that will not lose its appeal.

A Guide to Modern Engagement Ring Styles

From boho to cluster, we’ve put together a list of gorgeous modern engagement ring styles. Here are some of the best styles to consider for your ring.


Boho rings are diverse. These rings are characterised by unique features, unusual stone choices, asymmetrical designs, and quirky elements that make them stand out from conventional designs. Many are set on delicate bands in muted metals rather than ultra-shiny platinum, yellow gold or rose gold. Some have a minimal design while others have multiple layers or elements that add complexity to their design.


Ballerina rings are incredibly romantic and feminine. Although this style is not new, the modern take on the ring has brought it into the new era. Many feature baguette-cut stones while others feature a combination of stone cuts. Diamonds remain a popular choice, but black diamonds and other precious stones are also used in this style of ring to add more impact.


Another feminine ring is the tiara ring. This ring has a tiara or crown shape at its tip, with the band or stones rising at the centre. There are many different designs found within this style. Like ballerina rings, tiara rings are not a new design but instead, they have been reimagined for the modern era through the use of unusual stones or features.


Profile rings are a great way to add unique details without affecting the primary design of the ring. You could have a classic solitaire ring in a simple platinum setting, for example, which looks traditional from above. The profile detail is very ornate and unusual, however, changing the look of the ring and turning it into something magical. An example of this style is our Fynbos Collection, which brings to life the rich botanical heritage of the Cape Floral Kingdom into a one-of-a-kind ring collection.


Last, but not least, cluster rings have also made a come-back in recent years. Yesteryear’s cluster rings featured Art Deco styles and classic designs. Today’s cluster rings are often asymmetrical and unusual in their detail. White diamonds are offset with precious stones, with colourful stones set in contrasting metal bands and a combination of stone shapes further adding to the contrast.

Whichever type of ring speaks to your sense of style, we’re here to make it into a reality. Contact Cape Diamonds today to find out more about our custom engagement rings.

Get Inspired by These Stunning Tiara Engagement Rings

As their name implies, tiara engagement rings have a unique design that resembles a tiara. These rings are delicate and visually interesting, with many featuring unique details. They are ideal for stacking, working well with wedding rings or as part of a set. From minimal and dainty to bold and beautiful, there are many styles to choose from when it comes to tiara engagement rings. Keep reading to get inspired by some of our favourites.

Gorgeous Tiara Engagement Rings

Looking for a stand-out ring that offers a modern take on vintage-style design? Here are some exquisite tiara engagement rings that showcase the beauty of this style.

Bezel Cut Teardrop


Image: lebrusanstudio.com

Bezel settings keep stones securely within the metal. This design is minimal and simple, with a crown of teardrop cut diamonds in a bezel setting. The ring would work well stacked with a simple wedding ring or it can be used as a wedding ring, with a teardrop ring as your engagement ring.

Split Band Baguette


Image: kay.com/emmy-london

For something feminine and romantic, this beautiful rose gold ring features a split band, with a horizontal baguette on the bottom half and a crown of baguette stones on the top half. The balance of stones adds to the illusion of a tiara, while the rose gold enhances the romance of the ring.

Aquamarine and Diamond


Image: shygems.com

If you are looking to add some colour to your ring, this aquamarine and diamond ring is sure to be just right. The muted rose gold of the band balances the soft blue-green of the centre teardrop stone. Fanning out above the centre stone is a layer of diamonds in the classic tiara shape.

Mixed Diamond Cluster


Image: minichiellojewellers.com

For those looking for an elegant, sophisticated take on the tiara ring design, this mixed diamond cluster ring is sure to add plenty of sparkle. The ring features several diamonds in various shapes, making up the tiara shape in a bolder chevron design. It would work well in any metal.

Boho Crescent Diamond


Image: sofiakaman.com

Boho style rings remain a popular choice for many brides. This ring has an unusual design in the shape of a crescent, with diamonds taking centre stage on the top of the ring to form the tiara. A delicate yellow gold band ensures that the stones stand out without losing the subtle design.

Multi-Layer Topaz


Image: sillyshiny.com

If subtle is not your thing, this bold, vintage-style ring is a must-try. This design showcases the true magic of tiara rings, with a round topaz and a fan of diamonds spreading out onto the band. The contrast between diamonds, topaz and yellow gold adds lots of interest in this design.

Rose Gold Wishbone


Image: benbridge.com

Another delicate, simple ring is this rose gold wishbone. This is an ideal choice if you want a tiara design that is understated enough to layer without losing its minimal design. Tiny diamonds are set on the V of the wishbone, with a delicate rose gold band balancing against the cool tone of the diamond.

Round Cut Layers


Image: bonanza.com

Finally, this bold ring is perfect for those who are looking for maximum sparkle. Three layers of diamonds are stacked in a tiara shape, adding loads of drama and plenty of visual detail. Platinum and white gold work well in this ring but rose or yellow gold would be equally stunning.

Subtle, bold, unique or minimal, tiara rings can be tailored to your unique style. If you have always longed for a one-of-a-kind engagement ring that will make you fall in love at first sight, contact Cape Diamonds today.