Can Hand Sanitiser Damage Your Engagement Ring?

If you have been wondering whether all that hand sanitiser affects your engagement ring, this article will answer your question and give you some tips on how to avoid potential damage.

Hand sanitiser has become an everyday part of life for people all over the world, just like masks. For most, it has become automatic, with sprays of sanitiser before entering any shop, a bottle kept by the front door, a bottle kept in the car, and one in your bag. Aside from the sprays and gels, you also use wipes whenever you are at the shops or anywhere else that puts you in contact with people. You may wipe down groceries before they are unpacked. Along with sanitiser, you are also washing your hands more often than ever before. These measures are essential and should never be avoided.

With that said, can sanitiser cause problems with your engagement ring? And, is there any way to minimise wear and tear that may happen as a result of increased use of this product?

Hand Sanitiser and Engagement Rings

Hand sanitisers contain a very high percentage of alcohol (a minimum of 60% in order to effectively kill germs). This can be drying for the skin and it can also cause a slow weakening of metal over time. When you are using sanitiser on a regular basis, multiple times a day, it goes without saying that your engagement ring may begin to take a bit of strain. In many cases, this will not cause major damage. In some cases, it could wear prongs, which in turn, could loosen settings. What it will often do, however, is increase the risk of dullness and make your ring band more prone to scratches and other surface damage.

There are a few things that you can do to minimise the effect of sanitiser on your ring:

Avoid rubbing sanitiser directly onto your ring.

This might sound obvious, but the more you rub sanitiser into the ring and its setting, the more you will damage the metal. The harsh chemicals will get into tiny parts in the setting that you cannot easily see and when the sanitiser dries on your hand, it will stay onto the ring.

Remove your ring to apply sanitiser.

At home, you could try removing your ring, using sanitiser, letting it dry completely and then putting your ring back on. This will make it far easier to avoid contact with the ring when you still have wet sanitiser on your skin. This can be a bit impractical when you are not at home, however.

Wear your ring around your neck.

We know how much you love your ring. To protect if while you are out, you could put it onto a chain and wear it around your neck instead of your finger. You can then put it back on at home or choose to wear it this way for a while. Although rings belong on fingers, there is no right or wrong way to wear the symbol of your love. The important thing is keeping your ring AND your health protected. If wearing your ring on your neck achieves this goal, then it is worth considering.

For more advice on maintaining your ring or designing your new custom engagement ring, contact Cape Diamonds today.

7 Radiant Citrine Engagement Rings to Inspire

Citrine engagement rings are a great choice for brides-to-be who are looking for something bright and vibrant. This stone comes in a range of colours on the yellow and orange spectrum, from very pale shades of yellow to deep, rich orange. It has a hardness rating of 7 on the Mohs scale, making it a good, strong ring with relatively high durability.

While diamonds will never lose their appeal, more and more brides today are looking for something a little different. Stones such as citrine can be used instead of diamonds or, better yet, they can be used alongside diamonds to create a one-of-a-kind engagement ring that fuses the traditional elegance of diamonds with a burst of colour.

Fall in Love With These Citrine Engagement Rings

These citrine engagement rings will show you just how beautiful the stone can be, whether paired with diamonds or set on its own.

1/ Yellow Gold Trinity

Three stone or trinity rings are a deeply romantic and symbolic ring style that represents your past, present and future. For engagements, this symbolism is especially perfect, celebrating the journey of your love. This type of ring comes in various styles, including classic metal and diamond. The warm glow of citrine in the centre stones turns a traditional ring into something truly dazzling.

2/ Rose Gold Halo

In this ring, a darker-hued citrine takes centre stage. The colour of the stone works well with the warm tone of rose gold, while the tiny pave stones on the band and the halo around the centre stone add a balance of sparkle and cooler tone. The result is a beautiful ring that is sure to get plenty of attention.

3/ Oval Split Shank

Split shank rings are another popular ring style. This type of ring is also called a split band. As its name implies, the band splits to become two bands that are joined at the bottom. In this ring, an oval citrine is placed off-centre in the middle, with tiny diamonds at its side. The cool tone of white gold complements the warm tone of the citrine perfectly.

4/ Rose Gold Infinity

Another gorgeous rose gold and citrine ring, this one has a lighter orange colour. The centre stone has a rectangular cut and it is surrounded by pave stones in a halo. It has an infinity band, with pave diamonds in each infinity look. The result is a romantic, feminine ring that is unusual and interesting.

5/ Three Stone Heart

With their romantic beautiful and symbolism, heart-shaped diamonds are a popular choice. In this ring, the romance of three stone rings combines with a heart-shaped citrine to create a bright, warm ring. If you have always loved the idea of a heart-shaped ring but veer more towards unusual styles, this one is sure to be a perfect choice.

6/ Two Tone Pear

This ring has a very unusual design that is made even more unique through its combination of white and yellow gold in its twisted split band design. Rather than splitting into two, the ring wraps around, with an end that tapers into a pave encrusted band that is topped with a pear-shaped citrine.

7/ Delicate Band Solitaire

Finally, we have an elegant, simple ring in a solitaire setting. This ring is perfect for those who prefer minimal rings. The combination of warm citrine and yellow gold make this a bright and beautiful ring that will inspire plenty of happiness. It would also work well in platinum, white gold or rose gold.

If you are inspired by one of these rings or you are looking to add some citrine into your dream ring, we are here to help. Contact Cape Diamonds today and let us know how we can create your perfect engagement ring.