Elegant Shaped Band Engagement Rings to Inspire

If you’re looking for an engagement ring style that is elegant and feminine, shaped band rings are sure to be a good choice. As the name implies, these rings have a shaped band. The most common type of ring in this style is the classic chevron. This can be worn with the point facing upwards or downwards. Often, the V of the chevron is covered in tiny pave diamonds or stones. Other styles included twisted bands, two-tone bands, and other variations, each adding visual detail subtly and simply.

Wondering whether this engagement ring style is a good fit for you? Keep reading to get inspired by these gorgeous rings.

Exquisite Shaped Band Engagement Rings

Some of our favourite shaped band engagement rings include the following:

Delicate Chevron

Image: fascinatingdiamonds.com

This is the classic chevron we mentioned earlier. It has a fine, delicate band, with tiny pave stones set in a V shape. This ring would work in any metal – platinum, yellow gold, or rose gold. It would also work with precious stones as well as diamonds or even a combination of stones for something bolder.

Vintage Pave

Image: shaneco.com

For something that appeals to this with a love for all things vintage-inspired, this ring has plenty of classic charm. It features a gentle series of loops, with a chevron in the centre that resembles the bottom of a heart. Keep it classic in rose gold and diamond or try adding a warm-toned stone such as morganite or a dramatic black diamond for the side stones.

Round Chevron

Image: reeds.com

Another way to add to the chevron style of shaped band ring is to add a stone in the centre of the dip. This balances it out, adding a subtle shape. In this ring, a small round cut diamond adds a lot of sparkle, with pave stones on the band adding the perfect touch.

Art Deco

Image: artemerstudio.com

Art deco rings are certainly having a moment again. If you love unusual, bold rings, this one is just right. Small baguette diamonds are arranged on the chevron band, creating a unique shape to the ring. Yellow gold works especially well against the diamond but rose gold and platinum would also work.

Pave Twists

Image: diamondsfactory.com

Feminine and understated, this twisted band ring uses a series of tiny pave diamonds instead of a larger centre stone. The result is a ring that has loads of sparkle, without losing its simplicity. If you prefer minimal styles that are not too over the top, you will love this engagement ring, whatever metal you prefer.

H Shape

Image: marctarian.com

The H shape ring certainly stands out. This is a variation of the double band ring, with a centre bar down the middle that connects each band. The centre bar and the fronts of the top and lower bands are both encrusted with pave stones. Keep all the stones diamonds or try adding impact with semi-precious stones on the centre bar.

Entwined Heart

Image: ornatejewels.com

This ring is ideal for those wanting a bit of romance. The heart-shaped diamond in the centre is gently entwined with an open band that cradles the stone. The top part of the band features tiny pave diamonds, while the lower part is left plain. Swap the centre heart stone for ruby, emerald, sapphire or tanzanite or try a coloured diamond.


Image: jamesfree.com

Two-tone rings work well with shaped bands, allowing you to mix up metals subtly while adding more detail. In this ring, yellow and white gold is used along with a centre diamond and pave diamonds on the white gold band. These metals to not clash and the design is simple enough to avoid being over the top.

Still looking for your dream ring? We are here to help you take your ring ideas and turn them into something magical. Get in touch with Cape Diamonds to start planning the perfect engagement ring today.

A Guide to Heirloom Engagement Rings

Heirloom engagement rings are rings that are passed down in the family. Some may be passed down from the grandmother or passed close relative of the groom-to-be, while others might be handed down by a living relative such as a mother. These rings can also be handed down by more distant relatives such as aunts.

What makes these rings special is the history behind them, as well as the significance that they hold. This adds plenty of romance while continuing a long-lasting legacy through generations of brides. With that said, these engagement rings are not always perfect for every type of bride. Those who prefer modern jewellery may be touched at the idea without loving the style of the ring. With this in mind, it is always a good idea to think carefully about heirloom rings before you propose. This guide shares some tips to help you get started.

Everything You Need to Know About Heirloom Engagement Rings

There are a few things that you should know about heirloom engagement rings. Some of the most important points to consider include the following:

Asking permission for the ring

In many families, rings are handed down to the oldest son or the first child to get engaged. In other families, rings may be kept somewhere safe until you ask whether you can give it to your beloved. If you are unsure of the protocol for this, it is best to keep it straightforward and simply ask your mother or father. Chances are high that they will be thrilled at the idea of continuing the tradition.

Consider your bride’s preferred style

Many vintage and antique rings are beautifully designed, with timeless styles that are every bit as stunning today as they were many decades ago. Others may feature stones, settings, designs or metals that are not suited to your bride’s style. Before you get down on your knee, take a good look at the ring and take a close look at the type of rings your love wears. Look at the metal she prefers, the stones she likes, the size of the ring she favours, and any other detail that gives you a hint on whether she would love this ring. If you are not sure it is her style and there is no way to make alterations to suit her preferences, it is better to go with a new ring instead.

Think carefully about alterations

You may need to have the ring resized, which is a simple alteration. It is a good idea to have the ring checked by a specialist to ensure that its settings are still in place. You could have the ring cleaned, too. You could have stones reset or even changed to different types of gems. Depending on the ring, you may be able to change the band and keep the stones. Do not ever make changes without checking with your family, however. Although the important thing is keeping the ring in the family, making drastic changes may not be the right move if it turns the original ring into something completely different. It could also end up costing more to change the ring than to invest in a new ring.

Ultimately, whether or not you go with a heirloom ring will come down to personal preference and your unique family traditions. If you are looking for expert help in evaluating, resetting or customising your engagement ring, contact Cape Diamonds and we will help you add the final touches to your heirloom ring.