Exquisite Cluster Engagement Rings for Modern Brides

If you’re looking for a stand-out engagement ring with a contemporary twist, cluster rings are a good choice. These rings feature diamonds or gemstones that are positioned in clusters. Some are set with stones in various sizes while others have smaller stones that form a shape. There are also asymmetrical styles, minimal styles, and many other styles to choose from with this type of ring.

Keep reading to find some inspiration from these stunning cluster engagement rings.

Get Inspired by These Cluster Engagement Rings

Versatile, feminine, and unique, cluster engagement rings stand out for all the right reasons. Here are some of our favourite examples of this gorgeous ring style.

Sapphire and Ruby

Image: danawaldenbridal.com

Positioning two stones of different sizes is a great way to add visual detail without losing the simplicity of your ring. In this ring, a dark sapphire oval cut stone is flanked by a smaller round ruby. You could choose to replace either stone with a diamond, with a coloured gem adding contrast. Yellow gold offsets the deep colours in this particular ring, but you could opt for any type of metal.

Alternating Sizes

Image: marrowfine.com

For something minimal and delicate, a fine band is adorned with diamonds in varying sizes. This can be a cost-effective choice. Similar to pave rings, the ring includes smaller sized stones. Depending on how the stones are arranged, there are many different ways to personalise this ring. You could also add in a coloured diamond or two or change the metal band.

Asymmetrical Oval

Image: abbysparks.com

Oval cut diamonds are classic and elegant. This elegant ring features a centre diamond with smaller diamonds on each side. The prong setting adds even more to the design, resulting in a beautiful ring that is interesting without being too over the top. Any type of metal band would work well with this style.

Salt and Pepper

Image: anuevajewelry.com

Diamonds come in a variety of colours, including the timeless white diamond. In this ring, a smoky coloured diamond oval is positioned horizontally on a fine muted rose gold band. Tiny white diamonds are positioned around the stone, highlighting the contrasting colours.

Art Deco

Image: fascinatingdiamonds.com

Art Deco and other older styles remain a popular choice for many brides-to-be. This ring has an ornate style that uses four small diamonds in a floral-like shape. Its simplicity makes it ideal for those who are looking for something traditional yet different. Cool metal such as platinum further adds to this ring’s beauty.

Mixed Stone

Image: trabertgoldsmiths.com

Tanzanite, sapphire, aquamarine, and diamond come together in this unusual ring, which features stones in various sizes on a delicate gold band. The combination of colours makes this an eye-catching ring that is perfect for brides who prefer unconventional rings. Other colour combinations would also work well – pinks and reds, purples and blues or any other colours you love.

Platinum Crown

Image: mrharoldandson.com

In this ring design, clustered diamonds are arranged to form a crown shape. In platinum, this ring is sophisticated and stylish, offering plenty of sparkle as the light catches each individual stone. It would also work well in a rose gold or yellow gold band for something bolder.

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Caring For Your Diamond Engagement Ring

Your diamond engagement ring is one of the most precious treasures in your life. Your ring does not only have value from a financial perspective but also from a personal perspective. This ring is the symbol of your love. As such, it is essential to care for it in a way that protects it and ensures it will last forever. In this short guide, we share some of the most important tips for looking after your diamond engagement ring.

How to Care For Your Diamond Engagement Ring

Some of the things you can do to care for your diamond engagement ring include the following:

Get it insured

It goes without saying that diamonds should always be insured. Skipping insurance is a very big risk to take and one that may end up costing far more than you realise. Although your original ring cannot be replaced symbolically, you will at least be able to replace the actual ring. You will also need to get valuations each year.

Remove it carefully

Make sure that you remove your ring only when you can do so safely, without the risk of putting it down somewhere and losing it for good. Removing it in public bathrooms, spas or anywhere else where it might get lost is never a good idea. When you do remove the ring, always make sure that you have somewhere safe to put it – even if you are at home.

Get a ring dish

One of the simplest ways to make sure your ring is safe is to get a ring dish (or a few). These are designed especially for keeping rings safe. Place on in the bathroom by the sink, on your nightstand next to your bed, and anywhere else that you may often remove your ring. If you use a dish, you will know where to look in the event that you can’t remember where you last removed the ring.

Clean it properly

Cleaning your ring is important to keep it looking good throughout the years. With that said, you will need to clean it carefully and properly. Avoid harsh chemicals and try not to touch the centre stone too much in between cleaning sessions. Ideally, it is best to have your ring cleaned professionally to make sure that it is properly cleaned.

Keep it maintained

Over and beyond cleaning, it is also important to look after your ring in other ways. If you work with your hands a lot or do a lot of physical activity, it is best to not wear your ring to prevent potential damage or wear. It is also wise to check the setting often. If any stone seems loose, take it in right away. Likewise, if any prong seems worn, take it in to be checked.

With these simple tips, you can be sure that your ring stays as sparkly and shiny as it did when it was first put onto your finger. Keep your diamond engagement ring looking beautiful and it will continue to bring you joy.