How to Layer Stacked Wedding and Engagement Rings

While they are not a new style, stacked engagement rings have grown in popularity in recent years. Along with their beauty, these rings also offer a way to customise your rings and wear your wedding and engagement ring along with any other rings you feel like wearing on any given day. Unlike conventional rings, these rings are typically fine and delicate, with thin bands and shapes that make them easier to stack.

Wondering how to wear stacked engagement rings? Keep reading to find out how to create the perfect ring stack.

How to Stack Wedding and Engagement Rings

There are a few different ways to stack your wedding and engagement rings with other rings. Some of the most important tips to keep in mind include the following:

Choose the ring style carefully

As we mentioned briefly above, stacked rings should be fine enough to easily stack without taking up your entire finger. Look for delicate rings that are made specifically for layering or rings with thin bands and settings that will allow easier stacking. You can also look for ring sets that are designed to work together. These rings feature shapes that allow you to layer rings in a variety of ways.

Choose the setting carefully

Prong settings work well for regular rings and they can work on stacked rings. They can also make it harder to easily layer rings, however. Instead, it is best to choose bevel cuts or pave style bands with settings that do not stand up too much or get easily caught on clothing. To add detail, choose different cuts or shapes such as triangles that fit together or fan shapes that also flow together.

Choose the ring design carefully

This includes your choice of stone and your choice of metal. You can easily pair yellow, rose and white gold if you are sticking to classic diamonds. You can also play around with colour, but make sure that you choose colours that offset each other without clashing. Although you can mix and match, it is best to stick to a combination that will work however you stack your rings. When ring styles are dramatically different, the effect will end up looking strange.

Choose the number of rings carefully

Consider the number of rings you want to add to the stack very carefully to make sure that you get the balance between an elegant stack and over the top layers. This is where fine bands are essential – they allow you to layer three or even four rings easily. When you add too many rings, you will lose the overall effect of this ring style. Instead, keep it simple and choose an engagement, wedding and accent ring to pair together.

Looking for inspiration on this type of ring? Contact Cape Diamonds and let us know how we can create the engagement ring you have always wanted.

Gorgeous Engagement Ring Colour Combinations

If you are looking for something unique, choosing engagement rings in unusual colour combinations can be a great way to personalise your ring. Although classic styles such as diamonds and platinum will never go out of date, a bit of colour offers an alternative for brides who prefer something a bit different. In this guide, we share some of the most beautiful colour combinations to consider for eye-catching engagement rings.

Get Inspired by These Engagement Ring Colour Combinations

One of the fun parts of choosing engagement rings is the ability to choose from a variety of metals and stones. Each metal creates an entirely different ring depending on the type and colour of stone paired with the ring. This means that you have plenty of creativity and choice when planning your dream ring. To give you some inspiration for your ring, here are some stunning colour combinations to consider.

Rose Gold and Blue Topaz


The light blue of topaz creates a subtle balance with rose gold, creating a delicate ring that is striking without losing its simplicity. This ring is feminine and pretty, with the pear shape adding even more to its design. Round cut stones would work equally well. A bezel setting would also work well in this design.

Yellow Gold, Blue Sapphire and Morganite


For something bolder yet still romantic and feminine, this deep blue sapphire and morganite ring works perfectly with a fine yellow gold band. This ring has a three stone design, adding to the romance. This design is highly symbolic, representing your past, present and future with your beloved.

Yellow Gold and Ruby


Ruby and yellow gold is certainly not a new combination. This timeless ring will remain a classic choice for eternity. This style also features a three stone design, with a diamond in the centre. Round cut stones maintain the ring’s classic style – triangle cut stones could work for a more modern take on this ring.

Rose Gold and Emerald


Another timeless classic, with a twist, emeralds add a touch of nostalgia to any ring. In this design, a pear cut emerald is flanked by tiny pave diamonds, with a split shank ring continuing the pave stones. The rose gold band offsets the green of the emerald, creating a vibrant ring that truly sparkles.

Yellow Gold, Tanzanite and Black Diamond


This striking ring is perfect for the non-conventional bride. A baguette cut tanzanite takes centre stage, with black diamond pave stones flowing onto a fine yellow gold band. The effect is unusual yet elegant, balancing the deep blue of the centre stone with subtle sparkles and a hint of colour in the band.

Platinum, Diamond and Sapphire


Finally, if you’re looking for something bright that does not conform to any norms, a multicoloured ring is sure to be a perfect choice. This ring features diamonds and coloured sapphires in a platinum band. Although this ring is certainly not short on colour, its delicate band means that it remains surprisingly delicate and subtle.

Whatever combination you decide to choose for your ring, we are here to help you create the perfect style. Contact Cape Diamonds today to start planning your dream engagement ring.

Striking Engagement Rings for Off-Beat Brides

If you’re the type of bride-to-be that favours more unusual engagement rings versus conventional styles, finding just the right ring is essential. Although many classic styles will never date, many newer styles are made for brides who shy away from the ordinary. To help you find inspiration for your ring choice, here are some of our favourite eye-catching engagement rings.

Fall in Love With These Eye-Catching Engagement Rings

Unusual details, interesting stone combinations, unique settings, and other elements make these engagement rings bold, beautiful, and ideal for brides who prefer their jewellery to stand out for all the right reasons.

Gold Double Ring


White sapphires and diamonds sparkle in this double ring. With a fine gold band, this ring has off-set stones that further add to its design. The combination of white sapphire and yellow gold add plenty of warmth. This ring would work equally well in rose gold, white gold or platinum.

Twisted Open Shank


Twisted designs are always a good choice for less conventional styles. In this design, three white gold bands intertwine, forming a twisted, open shank. Tiny pave diamonds add lots of sparkle to one part of the band, while a centre diamond brings the design together to form a flowing, gorgeous ring.

Rounded Band Solitaire


From a distance, this delicate solitaire ring looks fairly standard. A closer look reveals a band made of tiny rounded gold beads that are melded together. The result is a gently rounded ring that has plenty of visual detail as well as tactile appeal. This ring would work in any metal, with any type of stone.

Platinum Pave Twist


Another twisted style, this pave platinum ring is subtle, despite its interesting shape and design. The main stone is small enough to not detract from the band, which in itself makes the ring visually unique. The combination results in a ring that sparkles in all the right places.

Moon Tear Sapphire


This Sofia Zakia ring is perfect for boho brides looking for a romantic, whimsical ring. A sapphire takes centre stage, with a gentle dip and tiny diamonds. The fine gold band allows the centre stone and design to stand out without being too over the top. Gold works well with the deep blue sapphire but any stone and metal combination would work.

Turquoise Three Stone


Turquoise is not a stone commonly used in this type of ring. It certainly has an eye-catching appeal, however. In this ring design, a large oval turquoise stone is flanked by two trillion cut diamonds. These three stones are set on a gold band, which contrasts perfectly with the turquoise.

Gold Ginkgo Pave


For a truly different ring, this design is sure to stand out. Delicate ginkgo leaves are positioned at each end of an open gold band, with tiny pave diamonds scattered throughout the ring to add subtle sparkle. The yellow gold helps to add warmth to the design. Rose gold would also work well.

Mixed Cut Rainbows


Featuring a combination of emerald, ruby, sapphire, Tanzanite, and citrine stones in assorted cuts, this gorgeous ring is bright, colourful, and dramatic without being completely over the top. The smaller size of the stones and the bevel setting help to tone down the ring, allowing the colours to shine with radiance.

Whatever type of ring you’re dreaming of, finding the right design is always important. Contact Cape Diamonds today to let us help you plan the perfect engagement ring in Cape Town.