The Fine Line Between Unusual and Impractical Engagement Rings

Choosing engagement rings is no small feat, whether choosing for yourself or your love. For brides who favour more unique styles of ring, the process can be even more daunting. Although these are many modern styles that stand out in all the right ways, it is all too easy to cross the line between unusual and impractical. How exactly do you avoid a ring that is only going to end up being worn for special occasions and what else should you consider when choosing engagement rings that are interesting yet wearable? Let’s take a look.

Unusual vs Impractical Engagement Rings

With so many bold and dramatic engagement rings to be found, it’s easy to see why brides these days are veering away from traditional styles in favour of interesting styles. Choosing a ring that fits your personality and style is essential. With that said, there is little point in a ring that easily catches on clothing, hurts your finger, is at risk of being damaged or gets in the way of everything. In this short guide, we share some criteria to help you choose a ring that you can enjoy day in and day out.


The setting of your ring is always something to consider carefully. Prong settings work in certain styles, as long as the prongs do not easily catch onto everything. For larger rings or more complex designs, a bezel setting would be more practical as the stone is set deeper into the ring. Avoid any setting that stands out too much as well as settings that can hurt your ring finger or surrounding fingers.


Yes, size does matter when it comes to your engagement ring. Many brides dream of huge diamonds. In reality, even if larger rings sparkle a lot, they are not always the most practical rings. If you choose a larger diamond, look for a cut that suits your hand. This will make the ring look better. You will also need to avoid styles that have any part standing out when you have a larger ring or stone. There are many ways to add more sparkle without going for a larger stone, including pave stones or three stone rings


This sounds like an obvious one – many brides will still favour look over comfort, however. As a general rule of thumb, if you cannot comfortably wear your ring every single day, it is not going to be a good choice. The ring should never be too tight or too loose. The band should sit comfortably on your finger, with details added to the top rather the sides. You should be able to bend your finger without anything poking your knuckle or the top of your finger.


Finally, the design itself is also something to consider carefully. Will you still love this style in a year? What about a decade from now? Are you following trends and going with something you have seen in a magazine or are you choosing a style according to the stones and design you truly love? Is the design simple or does it look better on paper? Can you realistically wear the ring without damaging the stones? Think very carefully before you make your decision and take the time to research the Mohs hardness rating of your chosen stone beforehand so that you can be sure the stone will last.

We hope that these tips make it easier to choose your dream ring. To learn more about beautiful custom-made engagement rings in Cape Town and surrounds, get in touch with Cape Diamonds today.