How to Pair Your Engagement Ring With Other Jewellery

Pairing your engagement ring with other rings and jewellery can be as easy as finding pieces that work well with your ring. It can also be a challenge when you are trying to accentuate your ring without anything clashing or looking strange. Wearing rings that could scratch or damage any ring worn on the same hand is never a good idea. Wearing rings that detract from your ring is never ideal, either. In this guide, we share some tips on how to pair your engagement ring with other jewellery and what to wear with your engagement ring, on your wedding day, for evening events, and during the day.

Pairing Your Engagement Ring With Other Jewellery

There are a few things to keep in mind when pairing your engagement ring with any other jewellery. The most important factors that can either cause clashes or achieve a cohesive style include colour choices (metal and stones), the size of the jewellery, how much jewellery you wear, and the style of each piece. Some additional things to keep in mind include the following:

On your wedding day.

For your big day, you want to aim for a minimal look that will not take away attention from your dress. Remember that your wedding ring will be added to your engagement ring. If you are wearing rings on every finger, the effect may be over the top. Keep necklaces and earrings simple, too. A delicate chain and pendant would not detract from your dress and ring, while a very large piece might ruin your look. Rather than trying to follow trends, stick to your style.

For formal events.

You can add more sparkle for evening or formal events, but remember to use your ring as a guideline when choosing other jewellery. If you have a classic diamond ring, it will go with just about any type of stone. If you have a coloured diamond or a precious stone that is brightly coloured, you would need to stick to neutral coloured jewellery or stones that do not clash too much. Diamonds, pearls, white sapphire, and black stones are all understated enough to avoid clashes.

During the day.

Here, you can also mix things up. It’s worth noting that you should choose rings carefully if wearing them alongside your ring. You don’t want to risk damaging your ring with sharp edges or ring styles that overlap onto your adjacent finger. Stacked rings can be a great way to change things up without going over the top. These rings are delicate and subtle, and won’t detract too much from your main ring. You could also stick to minimal rings that do not get in the way. If you live an active lifestyle, keep in mind that any jewellery you wear might be damaged when playing sports. It is best to rather wear no rings than to risk losing or damaging your ring.

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Fall in Love With These Romantic Ruby Engagement Rings

For those wanting engagement rings that are romantic, feminine, and bold, few stones have the same allure as rubies. These deep red stones have been favoured for many decades. Working well in platinum, white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold engagement rings, rubies can be used on their own or alongside diamonds. If you are searching for a ring that will stand out for all the right reasons, this stone is sure to be a perfect choice.

Spectacular Ruby Engagement Rings

Some of the most eye-catching ruby engagement rings we’ve seen recently include the following:

Split Band Pave

Romantic Ruby Engagement Rings - Split Band PaveImage:

Split band rings create soft lines that help to highlight centre stones while adding plenty of visual detail. When tiny pave diamonds are added, the effect is enhanced even further. A ruby in the centre and a rose gold band helps to bring an extra touch of romance to this unique ring. This style would work equally well with rubies as the pave stones and a centre diamond.

Three Stone

Romantic Ruby Engagement Rings - Three StoneImage:

The symbolism behind three stone rings makes this style a favourite for many brides-to-be. Each stone represents your stage in the journey of life – your past, your present, and your future. Aside from its symbolism, this design also helps to balance the centre ruby, with diamond flanking the centre stone. A gleaming band in white gold or platinum further adds to the design.

Pear Cut Pave

Romantic Ruby Engagement Rings - Pear Cut Pave


Pear cut stones remain a classic choice, working especially well when surrounded by a pave halo. Tiny pave diamonds continue along the start of the band. Rose gold helps to soften this ring, but a cooler toned metal would also work well. This style can be worn with the tapered point facing up or down.

Double Band Marquise

Romantic Ruby Engagement Rings - Double Band Marquise


For something dramatic and unique, this double band ring features a sleek marquise cut ruby, surrounded by tiny pave diamonds. Two delicate bands add even more of an unusual touch to this ring. Yellow gold helps the centre ruby stand out – a cooler metal or rose gold could also work equally well, however.

Twisted Band

Romantic Ruby Engagement Rings - Twisted BandImage:

Twisted band rings are elegant yet surprisingly simple. This style works very well with pave stones and a simple cut. Here, a round cut ruby takes centre stage. The cool tone of the platinum band helps the ruby stand out, with the deep red hue drawing plenty of attention without being over the top.

Pave Crown

Romantic Ruby Engagement Rings - Pave CrownImage:

In this interesting design, a delicate pave crown fits over the centre ruby. Tiny pave diamonds are added for a bit of sparkle, while a fine gold band helps the stone to stand out even further. This style would be especially good for those who favour less conventional rings.

Minimal Heart

Romantic Ruby Engagement Rings - Minimal HeartImage:

What could be more romantic than a heart shaped ruby? In this ring, a heart ruby is set in the centre, with tiny pave stones set on the band. A cool toned metal helps the ruby stand out but you could also try a warmer toned metal for something more unusual.

Simple Solitaire

Romantic Ruby Engagement Rings - Simple SolitaireImage:

Finally, perfect for those who prefer simple, minimal rings, this bezel set solitaire cut ring features a tiny ruby set on a thin gold band. This ring is subtle, understated, and elegant, with just enough sparkle to catch the light without being over the top.

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How Not to Choose an Engagement Ring

While there are many ways to go about choosing an engagement ring, there are also just as many ways to choose a ring that is not going to last through the years. Whether you are choosing a ring for your love or choosing your own ring, this decision should be made with enough time to think things through carefully. To help you make the right choice, we have put together a list of ways to not choose your engagement ring.

The Worst Ways to Choose an Engagement Ring

Some of the biggest mistakes that you could make when choosing an engagement ring include the following:

Choosing on a whim.

Many brides-to-be get so overtaken by the experience of the proposal and subsequent ring selection that they make a snap decision rather than thinking things through. Often, the decision is made when couples visit a jewellery store rather than consult a specialist who can make the ring you truly want. The problem with trying to choose a ring from a huge selection is that you can all too easily feel overwhelmed and choose the first ring you see.

Choosing in a rush.

Following on from that, it’s also never a good idea to try and rush the process. You may love the idea of rose gold at the moment, but will it go with your other jewellery? Instead of choosing on the spot, take the time to look at ring ideas on social media, think carefully about the type of jewellery you wear, whether the style is practical for what you do day by day and whether or not it will truly be what you want.

Choosing by following trends.

On that note, it’s also never a good idea to base your ideas on trends. Although it is good to find inspiration, it doesn’t mean you should copy trends blindly. Rather use images you see as ideas and then think about how you can make your ring something that you would wear five, ten or even thirty years down the line and not just now. Stay clear of celebrity rings photos, too, as those can also make you stay towards trends that may not last.

Choosing what others want.

You will have many, many suggestions from friends, family and loved ones. You may even have your partner-to-be tell you about his mother’s ring that he wishes you would have resized. As tempting as it is to be veered by other people’s input, this is a ring that you will wear for the rest of your wedded life. Make sure that it is something that you and only you alone will wear.

Choosing something impractical.

Finally, it is also a good idea to keep the design as practical as possible. As pretty as some designs can be, not all of them are practical. Stay clear of settings that could easily get stuck in clothing and hair. Look out for stones that rate low in the Moh’s hardness ratio as these can be damaged more easily.

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