Magical Moonstone Engagement Rings

If you’re looking for a unique stone for engagement rings, moonstone is certainly worth considering. Although this stone is relatively low on the Moh’s hardness scale, with an average rating of 6.0, it’s rainbow-like colours and beauty make it a good choice for brides who are looking for something unusual. This stone is comprised of sodium potassium aluminium silicate, with a colour spectrum that ranges from the classic multi-coloured stones often seen in jewellery to blue, grey, white, pink, peach, green and brown or even colourless. For engagement rings, this stone stands out for its beauty and ability to reflect light and colour. Favoured by many ancient civilisations, including the Romans and Greeks, this stone is sure to be a great choice for brides who prefer unconventional stones.

Get Inspired by These Moonstone Engagement Rings

Moonstones can be used on their own or added to classic diamond engagement rings. Some of the loveliest examples of moonstone rings that we have seen include the following:

Branch Teardrop

Magical Moonstone Engagement Rings - Branch Teardrop


The teardrop or pear cut is often used with this stone, helping to bring out the rainbow-like colours to perfection. This unusual style features a branched band in rose gold. The result is a mystical ring that is certainly unconventional and interesting. You could also try a similar design in yellow gold or even platinum.

Double Band

Magical Moonstone Engagement Rings - Double Band


The classic double band style works well with almost every gemstone and moonstone is no exception. In this design, things are kept very simple with two gold bands and a centre stone. If gold is not your metal of choice, you could try rose gold or platinum. The setting can also be adapted to change up the design and add focal interest.

Three Stone

Magical Moonstone Engagement Rings - Three StoneImage:

Another classic design, the three stone ring is also rooted in romantic symbolism. Each stone represents the different stages of your journey together as a couple – your past, present and future. In this ring, diamonds are added on each side of the centre stone. Whichever metal you choose, this ring is timeless and elegant.

Ring Set

Magical Moonstone Engagement Rings - Ring SetImage:

Ring sets are a great choice if you are love to layer your jewellery. You could pair a matching wedding band with your primary ring, adding detail in the form of tiny stones, pave or shape. The contrast of gold, diamond and moonstone work well in this design but it would work well in a cooler toned metal or rose gold, too.

Split Band

Magical Moonstone Engagement Rings - Split Band


This dramatic ring features a marquise cut moonstone, set on a simple split band. The larger size of this ring is sure to be ideal for those favouring stand-out jewellery. Smaller sized stones can also be used for a more subtle style. You could also add profile detail or change up the band metal.

Pave Heart

Magical Moonstone Engagement Rings Pave Heart


Perfect for the romantic at heart, this simple and sweet pave heart ring has a heart-shaped moonstone set in a layer of pave diamonds, on a classic platinum band. You could add detail by changing the pave stones to coloured diamonds or changing the metal of the band to rose or yellow gold.

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