How to Drop an Engagement Ring Hint

How can you be sure that your loved one will get you the engagement ring you truly desire? How do you make suggestions without ruining the suspense and coming right out and telling your love what you want? Although there is much to be said about choosing rings after the proposal, there is also plenty of romance and magic in having the perfect ring presented in the proposal. One of the worst things that can happen is that you are presented with a ring that you truly do not like.

While marriage is about love rather than rings, this is something you will wear for the rest of your life. Naturally, you want to feel giddy every time you look at the ring rather than long for something different. To make sure that your love is able to read between the lines, dropping the right engagement hints is crucial.

Dropping Engagement Ring Hints

You could wait and see whether you get the engagement ring of your dreams without hints, but giving a few clues definitely makes things easier – for you and your love. Here are a few ways that you can get the message across in a subtle yet effective way.

Use social media.

Pinterest is especially useful for this task. Make sure that your partner follows you, then create a board filled with dream rings. You can be subtle and add in other jewellery, too. The reason that this one works so well is that your love can see the styles that you truly like. He will able to use that as inspiration, without the risk of not having a clue what you really want in a ring.

Get friends involved.

Another way that you can let some ideas slip is to get your friends involved. You could ask them to see if your partner has mentioned anything and make sure that they are more than happy to give him ideas. You could even give them one of your rings (making sure it fits on the right finger) to make sure that your love has the right size. Ask them to drop hints on your favourite stones, metal, styles, and designs, too.

Start a conversation.

Finally, you could also simply start a conversation. If you both know that wedding bells are soon to be heard, it can be a lot easier to talk things through rather than leave anything to chance. When you are both open and honest about where you see your relationship heading, it will be easier for you to make direct hints about jewellery and rings you love or point pictures out in magazines. This can save you both a headache or two.

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Elegant Emerald Birthstone Engagement Rings

One of May’s birthstones, emerald makes a bold and dramatic choice for engagement rings. This elegant stone comes in a wide range of green tones, from the darkest shade to lighter shades. Popular throughout the ages, this stone works well with diamonds. It also works well with every type of metal, from yellow gold all the way to rose gold, white gold, and platinum. Keep reading to see how emeralds can work in engagement rings to find inspiration for your dream ring.

Fall in Love With These Dreamy Emerald Engagement Rings

If you are looking for a bold, classic stone or an engagement ring in your birthstone, these elegant emerald rings are sure to inspire.

Asymmetrical Side Stone

Birthstone Engagement Rings – Elegant Emerald - Asymmetrical Side StoneImage:

This modern asymmetrical ring features a delicate gold band, with a tiny diamond side stone and an emerald cut centre stone. It would work equally well in a cool-toned metal or with emeralds as the side stone if you are looking for something less bold. The fine band helps to add balance, giving this ring lots of impact without being over the top.

Five Stone Halo

Birthstone Engagement Rings – Elegant Emerald - Five Stone HaloImage:

Another way to bring in colour is to use a series of smaller stones rather than a single larger stone. Five small emeralds are flanked by tiny halo diamonds in this ring, on a platinum band. If you are not a fan of overly large or traditional rings, this style is sure to work well.

Intricate Side Profile

Birthstone Engagement Rings – Elegant Emerald - Intricate Side ProfileImage:

We love side detail on rings. In this ring, tiny emeralds have been added subtly with a diamond taking centre stage and small pave stones adding extra detail. This ring would work in any metal, and looks amazing from any angle. If you are looking for something unique and eye-catching, this is sure to be a great design.

Platinum Three Stone

Birthstone Engagement Rings – Elegant Emerald - Platinum Three StoneImage:

If your tastes run more towards the minimal side, however, this simple platinum three stone ring would be a great choice. This type of ring is symbolic, representing the path in each relationship – past, present, and future. With a small emerald as the centre stone, the result is classic and understated.

Twisted Pave Band

Birthstone Engagement Rings – Elegant Emerald - Twisted Pave BandImage:

Twisted bands are a timeless choice that will always be sophisticated and pretty. In rose gold, the delicately weaving band leads up to a small emerald centre stone. The combination of rose gold and emerald works surprisingly well, especially with diamonds added in the band. Yellow gold would work equally well.

Halo Pave Pear

Birthstone Engagement Rings – Elegant Emerald - Halo Pave PearImage:

Those who favour traditional styles will love this pear cut ring, which has a delicate band encrusted with pave stones. The pear cut stone is flanked by a halo. The result is a feminine, pretty ring that adds colour without being too bold.

Modern Beaded Marquise

Modern Beaded MarquiseImage:

If you’re looking for bold, on the other hand, this unusual marquise cut ring certainly adds impact. The combination of emerald and yellow gold further enhances the intricate beaded band that is dotted with tiny diamond pave stones.

Platinum Pear Pave

Birthstone Engagement Rings – Elegant Emerald - Platinum Pear PaveImage:

Another classic style, this pear cut ring in platinum has pave stones on one side. This adds sparkle without losing the simplicity of the ring. It would work equally well in a bolder metal such as yellow gold, or with emeralds added as the pave stones and a diamond added as the centre stone.

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