Why is Hardness Important for Engagement Rings?

When shopping for engagement rings, hardness is a topic that will invariably come up at some point or another. Your jeweller will likely explain how hardness works. You may have some idea what the Mohs scale is all about, but it can be confusing to understand exactly why hardness is such an important factor when making your final decision. To help you get a better idea of how hardness works, we have put together some tips on why hardness should always be considered in your engagement ring selection.

The Importance of Engagement Ring Hardness

First, what is the Mohs scale? This scale uses a hardness rating of gemstones to give them a value between 1 and 10. The harder the stone, the higher the rating. This scale is universally used to measure a stones longevity and ability to withstand wear and tear.

Why exactly is the hardness ratio something that you should be considering when choosing engagement rings? Let’s take a look…

The harder the stone, the longer it will last.

You’ve likely heard that saying that diamonds are forever. This is not just a marketing ploy. Diamonds are at the very top of the Mohs hardness scale, with a hardness rating of 10. Diamonds can cut through glass. The very process that turns lumps of coal into diamond makes them the strongest stone available. Due to their hardness, diamonds will not be at risk of wear and tear over the years. You can expect your diamond to look just as good in five, 10 or 20 years as it does when you first get your ring.

Harder stones are an excellent investment.

Due to the hardness of diamonds, they are considered a great investment, as they are sure to last year after year. Similarly, hard stones such as rubies and emeralds have an equally high value. A stone that falls lower on the Mohs scale will not have the same value. One of the softest stones on earth is pearl, for example. Unless it is kept safely in a box somewhere that will not risk any damage, a pearl ring will not maintain its value. That means that your ring may not be worth as much over time. While this is never the only factor to consider when choosing a ring, it is worth noting that your investment may not be as stable with a softer stone.

Harder stones will not require maintenance or fixing.

If you wear your ring daily, there is always a chance of potential damage or wear and tear. Even rings that contain diamonds may eventually need a prong replaced or it may need to be reset at some point into the future. Softer stones are far more at risk of damage, however. Any stone that falls below 7 on the Mohs scale is at risk of scratches, breaks, and a tarnished surface. This can be costly in the long run. It can also lead to you not wanting to wear your run all the time, which defeats the purpose of having a ring.

Harder stones look good, now and later.

Over time, tiny scratches and wear will start to add up. The result is a duller stone that loses its ability to sparkle. Certain diamond cuts will show up wear more than others. A large, flat cut such as a baguette or emerald may start to lose clarity, while a round cut may not have the same shine that it did originally. If your ring is worn with other jewellery, the risk of chips and scratches is increased. You will need to have your ring cleaned more frequently and, even then, your ring may not continue to look as magical as it did when you first put it onto your finger.

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Get Inspired by These Delicate Engagement Rings

Delicate engagement rings feature a simple, often minimal design that typically includes fine bands, smaller sizes stones and simple details. In recent years, this style has become very popular – especially among those who favour a minimal style of engagement ring. If your tastes run towards the delicate and dainty, you are sure to find this type of ring the perfect choice for your dream ring.

Delightful Delicate Engagement Rings

Looking for the daintiest, most delicate engagement rings? Get inspired by these oh-so-delicate rings that are subtle, feminine, and breathtaking in their simplicity.

Champagne Pear

Get Inspired by These Delicate Engagement Rings - Champagne Pear

Image: sofiakaman.com

Flattering for all hands, pear cut diamonds can be worn with the point facing up or down. The romance and elegance of this shape are made even more beautiful with a champagne coloured diamond rather than a classic white diamond. This continues the warmth of the delicate rose gold band, resulting in a rosy, pink-hued ring that is ultra feminine. As beautiful as this ring is in this colour combination, it would work equally well in any metal with a black or white diamond.

Oval Asymmetric
Get Inspired by These Delicate Engagement Rings - Oval Asymmetric

Image: artemerstudio.com

This modern asymmetric engagement ring is set with a sparkly oval cut diamond in its centre, along with a few additional side stones that add visual detail. The setting of this ring adds more impact to the overall design, giving it a quirky touch that is sure to appeal to modern brides-to-be. Working beautifully in yellow gold, this style would be equally unusual in rose gold, white gold or platinum. For additional detail, you could even add coloured diamonds on the side or as the centre stone.

Tiny Baguette
Get Inspired by These Delicate Engagement Rings - Tiny Baguette

Image: fascinatingdiamonds.com

A teeny tiny single baguette diamond makes this ring as understated as it gets. For brides who are not big jewellery wearers, this ring is paired down to a simple band with a tiny stone set deep into the band. Additional pave stones could be added to maximise the sparkle. Whichever metal or diamond colour you choose, this ring is dazzling in its sheer understated simplicity, standing out in a sea of bold rings. It would also work well when stacked with additional rings.

Five Stone
Get Inspired by These Delicate Engagement Rings - Five Stone

Image: stoneandstrand.com

Five stone rings are classic, sophisticated, and beautiful, with a series of stones ranging in size from smaller stones on the outside to larger stones in the centre. The balance of this ring makes it eye-catching and symmetrical. This style will never go out of fashion. Dreamy in yellow gold and diamond, it would work equally well in rose gold or platinum, with white or coloured diamonds.

Pave Twist
Get Inspired by These Delicate Engagement Rings - Pave Twist

Image: bluenile.com

The pave twist design is another classic that continues to be favoured by brides all over the world. The delicate twist of the pave band crosses over, symbolising the infinity of love. This style works well in any metal. In platinum and diamond, it has an elegant, timeless appeal that will never date. This type of ring would be especially great for those who value tradition and classic design.

Deep V
Get Inspired by These Delicate Engagement Rings - Deep V
Image: jgoodin.com

Those who favour a more modern look will love this unusual ring. The deep V-shaped design is encrusted with tiny pave stones, adding sparkle in all the right places. A simple rose gold band tapers to a sharp point that can be worn up or down. This style can be made alongside a matching wedding band, layered as stacked rings or kept as is for a dramatic, eye-catching effect.

Classic Twist
Get Inspired by These Delicate Engagement Rings - Classic Twist

Image: capediamonds.co.za

Another classic, this handcrafted solitaire ring from Cape Diamonds has a classic twist with a claw setting and a round stone. Available in a choice of platinum and white gold. The modern twist takes a beloved classic, turning it into a delicate modern ring that is sure to dazzle any bride.

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