5 Tips for Choosing a Promise Ring

The promise ring has long been a symbol of love that is used to indicate commitment in a long-term relationship or even a friendship. This type of ring could include a purity ring that symbolises staying celibate for marriage, a friendship ring, or, most commonly, a ring that is given before a couple is ready to progress to an engagement.

Symbolic, romantic and sweet, a promise ring essentially tells your love that you promise to be together until you are both ready for the next step. These can be given as anniversary gifts, when a couple has a baby before marriage, when the relationship becomes serious enough to move in together, or at any point when you know that you have found ‘The One’.

How to Choose a Promise Ring

Wondering how to choose a promise ring? Here are a few tips to keep in mind…

  • Consider how it will be worn. This ring is usually worn on the same finger as an engagement ring – the left hand. It does not have to be worn on this hand, however. If there is a big risk of this ring being mistaken for an engagement ring by your friends and family, it is best to wear it on the right hand or a different finger. Some people like to wear their rings on a fine chain as well, which could also work. Ideally, this ring should not resemble an engagement or wedding ring.


  • Consider the design. If you are giving this type of ring as a surprise, look at the rings that your partner typically wears to get an idea of their style. Make sure that you know whether your love has any metal allergies. When in doubt, platinum is a non-allergenic ring that will not risk the wrong sort of reaction. Styles that work well for this sort of ring include knotted bands, infinity bands, heart shaped stones, three stone rings, bows, crowns, simple pave encrusted bands, matching his and hers sets that each has half of a heart and engraved rings.


  • Consider the stone. Although diamonds can be used, you may want to choose a semi precious stone. Because these rings typically do not have the same value as a ring used for an engagement, they do not have to be as ornate. A lower carat diamond can be just as effective without spending a fortune. You could also try rose quartz, amethyst or agate.


  • Consider your presentation. While this does not affect the ring itself, it is a good idea to think carefully about how you will present the ring. One of the biggest dangers is letting your partner think that you are proposing. To avoid confusion, tell your love how you feel and tell them that you want them in your life. Avoid saying anything along the lines of wanting to ask a question. Whatever you do, don’t get down on one knee or present the ring in a box. Keep it low-key instead and give the ring once you have made it clear that it is a sign of things to come rather than a proposal.

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Romantic Floral Inspired Engagement Rings

These floral inspired engagement rings are perfect for any bride who dreams of fairytale endings, whimsical details, feminine touches and picture-perfect designs. If you fall in love with vintage style rings and floral designs, or your lady love has a thing about botanical element or nature, these rings are sure to be a perfect choice. In this visual guide, we take a look at the floral engagement rings trend to see how you can bring in floral details for your ring.

Whimsical Floral Inspired Engagement Rings

Some exquisite floral inspired engagement rings to inspire your custom ring include the following:

Pave Vine Band
Romantic Floral Inspired Engagement Rings - Pave Vine Band

Image: since1910.com

The pave encrusted vine design of this ring makes the band as much a part of the final result as the centre stone. A square cut diamond works well with this design, but you could try a round cut diamond or even a heart shaped diamond for a touch of extra romance. This ring works well in any metal with any colour of diamond or type of gem.

Two Tone Side Flower

Romantic Floral Inspired Engagement Rings - Two Tone Side Flower
Image: barkevs.com

For those wanting something eye-catching, this design features ornate side flowers in contrasting metal. The variations here are almost endless. Rose gold, platinum and diamond; yellow and white gold with a coloured diamond; yellow and rose gold with a classic white diamond and yellow diamond pave band… use your imagination and try mixing and matching metals and stones to create a truly one of a kind ring that is sure to be something special.

Yellow Gold Split Shank Flower
Romantic Floral Inspired Engagement Rings - Yellow Gold Split Shank Flower

Image: overstock.com

This gentle twisting split shank flower has a pretty flower design in the centre, with a finely weaving cross band of solid gold and pave. Despite the level of detail, the ring is not over the top or overly bold. Instead, the look is soft, girly and oh so pretty. This design would also work well in rose gold or platinum, with coloured diamonds or precious stones such as sapphire, ruby or emerald.

White Gold Floral Eternity

Romantic Floral Inspired Engagement Rings - White Gold Floral Eternity
Image: baunat.com

Another way to add detail without going overboard is to try an eternity band. This style of ring can be a great way to save, as the stones are much smaller. A vine detail adds plenty of romance, allowing for optimal sparkle. You could try this ring in a warm or cool toned metal, and your choice of stones to add more impact.

Rose Gold Morganite Lily
Romantic Floral Inspired Engagement Rings - Rose Gold Morganite Lilly

Image: sillyshiny.com

For the ultra romantics, this heavenly rose gold morganite lily is truly magnificent. The ornate detail of the centre flower and stone is balanced by the warm blush tones of the rose gold and morganite, with cool touches of white diamond for emphasis. The result is a ring that is breathtakingly beautiful.

Delicate Platinum Flower
Romantic Floral Inspired Engagement Rings - Delicate Platinum Flower

Image: brilliantcanary.com

Those who prefer their rings on the minimal side will adore this delicate platinum flower ring. A fine band twists gently up to a small diamond that is set in a flower-like prong. The result is subtle and beautiful, without being fussy or over the top. This style would work equally well in rose gold or yellow gold.

Blushing Bride Fynbos Ring

Romantic Floral Inspired Engagement Rings - Blushing Bride Fynbos Ring
Image: capediamonds.co.za

The Cape Diamonds Fynbos Ring Collection offers intricately designed floral inspired rings that are proudly South Africa. The Blushing Bride Fynbos Ring has a beautiful setting that mimics the look of a protea to perfection. It is available in a choice of metals, including platinum, yellow gold, rose gold and white gold. The band can be left plain or you could add tiny pave stones for extra sparkle.

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