How to Handle Engagement Ring Failures

No one likes to think about engagement ring failure, but the reality is that there is always a chance that you may be less than thrilled when your ring is finally ready. Even if you have had a say in the process from the start, there are a few things that can affect your happiness at the final result.

In this mini guide, we take a look at some of the most common reasons for disappointment. Keep reading to find out why your engagement ring may be more miss than hit.

Dealing With a Failed Engagement Ring Design

How to Handle Engagement Ring Failures

Some potential scenarios that may apply in the case of engagement ring failure include the following:

  • The ring is not sized correctly. If you sought help from a professional jeweller, you should not have this problem. Ideally, you should go into the workshop for a sizing. Keep in mind that your fingers may swell on a hot day or after you have been exercising. Try to do your fitting in the middle of the day when your fingers are not likely to swell. If you have ordered a ring online, using your regular ring size, be prepared for disappointment. It is impossible to be 100% certain of sizing for each ring style until you have had a professional fitting.
  • You hate the stone. If you are not thrilled about the stone, but you like the metal and the overall design, your jeweller should be able to replace the stone if it is in a regular setting. If the stones have been set into the band, it may be harder. Always ask your jeweller what he advises – it may end up ruining the ring if you remove the stone. Solitaire style designs are the easiest to change stones. Looking for inspiration on which stone to choose? View our birthstone ring ideas.
  • You hate the metal. You sadly won’t be able to do much about a ring in a metal you do not like, other than get a new ring. This is why it is extremely important to do your homework first, whether you are choosing your ring for yourself or a partner. Taking a guess at whether or not the metal will be a right choice can end up in major disappointment. As this ring will be worn for life, it should be in a metal that you absolutely love.
  • The design does not suit you. Once again, doing some homework beforehand to be sure of what you want, or asking your partner to choose the ring rather than surprising them with a ring and risking the chance of your partner rejecting your ring. Be very wary of following trends, too. Although you may think that a trendy style is the right choice, you may not love it in a few years. If the design does not suit your hand, it may also make you love it less.
  • Extra details were added at cost. Be careful about asking your jeweller for lots of small changes. These can quickly add up, and if you end up with a ring that costs far more than you expected, it can give you a bit of a shock to say the least. Always speak to your jeweller about your budget and get their input into what would be the best style for your needs.


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Exquisite Platinum Engagement Rings

Offering a cool toned metal that is strong and versatile, platinum engagement rings are practical, elegant and eye-catching. This metal has many unique properties. It is fully hypo-allergenic, meaning that it can be worn even if you have a known reaction to certain minerals. This metal does not fade, either, or chip easily. Needless to say, all of these factors are helpful when it comes to a piece of jewellery you will wear for the rest of your married life.

What makes platinum engagement rings so spectacular? Have a look at these amazing rings, and you will soon see just what this metal has to offer.

Fall in Love With These Platinum Engagement Rings

Some of our top picks for platinum engagement rings include the following:



Exquisite Platinum Engagement Rings - Marquise


Marquise rings are flattering, especially for those who have longer fingers. The symmetrical tapering on both ends adds to its sense of balance. Tiny pave stones meanwhile form a halo around the centre stone, with platinum offering the perfect cool tone to offset this elegant design.



Exquisite Platinum Engagement Rings - Twist


The gentle twist of this band helps to accentuate the centre diamond without taking away its full appeal. Although this style works well with classic white diamond engagement rings, it can be equally lovely with a coloured or black diamond, or a stone such as morganite, ruby, emerald or sapphire.


Three Stone

Exquisite Platinum Engagement Rings - Three Stone


Three stone rings are timeless, classic and flattering for everyone. This style has plenty of symbolism, making it ideal for romantics. The three stones are said to represent the past, the present and the future, which is perfect for your journey together as a married couple.


Reverse Split

Exquisite Platinum Engagement Rings - Reverse Split


This style works well with any cut. A tiny princess cut stone helps to add subtle sparkle, while allowing the reverse split bands to highlight the stone. A round cut diamond, sapphire, ruby, emerald or even an opal or pearl would also work well with this style.



Exquisite Platinum Engagement Rings - Pear


Pear shaped diamonds are romantic and bold, yet not overly so. The gentle taper of the pear can be faced towards you or away from you, adding the illusion of length in fingers. Pave stones help to add extra sparkle from this cut, working especially well when off-set against the cool tone of platinum.



Exquisite Platinum Engagement Rings - Eternity


Not really a huge wearer of jewellery? Eternity rings can also work well for engagement, offering a subtly sparkling band that can be stacked with a wedding band. Tiny pave stones are used to create sparkle. Tiny baguettes can also be set into this style of band for a bit of interest.


Split Band

Exquisite Platinum Engagement Rings - Split Band

Image: Cape Diamonds

Split band rings continue to be a popular choice, working well in modern and vintage inspired ring designs. The two bands connect at the back of the ring, splitting to frame the centre stone. Although round diamonds look best in this style, it also works with heart shaped stones, emerald or princess stones or even something modern like a trillion cut stone.


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Engagement Ring Glossary

Not sure what that engagement ring term really means? Shopping for your dream ring can be confusing at the best of times. With so much variety on offer, it can be hard to know where to even begin. It gets even more confusing when you hear so many terms relating to styles and cuts.

To help you get a better idea of what terms are often used when referring to rings, we have put together a short engagement ring glossary.

Frequently Used Engagement Ring Terms

Some of the most commonly mentioned engagement ring terms include the following:

  • Emerald. Emerald cut stones are unique. Rather than facets, they have step cuts on the pavilion and a large, open table. Rather than sparkling, the effect is a hall of mirrors, with light and dark rays clashing to add a huge amount of drama to these rings.
  • Baguette. These can also be called emerald in that they are also rectangular with a flat top and step cuts. Baguettes are typically longer and a bit thinner, taking their name from the French loaf of bread. These stones are often used in 3 stone rings to flank a larger stone.
  • Asscher. The asscher cut was first created in 1902, by the Asscher Brothers of Holland. This style inspired the emerald cut. It has a similar cut to emerald, but a square shape instead of a rectangular one, and larger step cuts, a higher crown, and a smaller table. The result is more sparkle than the emerald cut.
  • Trillion. Trillion rings are triangular in shape, with three sides. There are a number of styles available within this cut, some with rounded corners and others with sharper corners. They are also used as side stones.
  • Split shank. The band of these rings are split, usually alongside the centre stone. The result is a gently flowing band that opens out to showcase the stone more effectively. Split shank or split band rings often feature pave stones.
  • Pave. Pave stones are tiny diamonds that are set into the band of a ring, or in a halo shape around a centre stone. As the stones are so small, it can often be more affordable to include a few pave stones and a single larger stone.
  • Halo. This style features a centre stone that is ringed in tiny pave stones. As a result, rings in this style are especially brilliant, with light reflecting off the main stone as well as the tiny pave stones encrusted in the band.
  • Princess. The princess cut was first created in 1980. Today, the princess cut is one of the most popular diamond shape. It is not quite square, and not quite round either. Instead, it is has a soft rounded square shape that is surprisingly flexible.
  • Cushion. This style is very similar to the princess cut, with a rounded square shape that has no sharp edges or angles. This cut has been popular for many decades, offering a versatile cut that works well in most styles.
  • Marquise. The marquise cut is symmetrical yet gently curved. With a football shape that is tapered at both top and bottom, and a wider middle this style is popular in art deco style rings. It gives the illusion of size, working well for those who want maximum impact.
  • Solitaire. This simply means a single stone. Solitaires are often set simply, in a prong. Modern styles can be set into the band as well. Solitaire stones are not flanked by any other stones. Instead, the stone sits on its own, adding plenty of impact.
  • Radiant cut. Somewhere between cushion and princess cuts, the radiant cut diamond has a rectangular cut that is applied to its crown and pavilion, resulting in a sparkly, lively diamond. This style works well when set with rounded or squared corners.

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Gorgeous Trillion Engagement Rings

If you prefer engagement rings that have a modern style, trillion cut rings are sure to be a good choice. This cut has a triangular shape that elongates your finger subtly without looking too bulky or long. With three equal sides, and 31 or 50 facets that depend on whether the stone is used as solitaire or side stones, this cut comes in a wide range of styles. Some trillions are smooth cornered, while others have sharper edges.

Whether used in a contemporary design or something more classic, trillion cut engagement rings are stylish and elegant. Be aware however that this cut can be prone to chipping at its edges. If you live an active lifestyle or you have a job that requires you to get your hands dirty (literally and figuratively), it may be best to consider a cut that will not chip. If you know that you will keep your ring safe, however, keep on reading to see what this cut has to offer.

Get Inspired by These Amazing Trillion Engagement Rings

Some amazing trillion engagement rings to inspire you include the following:


Gorgeous Trillion Engagement Rings - Pave


Pave rings are always stunning, whatever the style. In the trillion cut, pave stones add even more sparkle, helping to catch the light and add a touch of elegance. Pave stones can be placed on the band or just around the stone in a halo style. Whichever way you prefer, this ring will appeal to those who love classic styles.

Double Band

Gorgeous Trillion Engagement Rings - Double Band


For a modern take on pave, you could also consider a double band. This style works especially well for those with longer fingers. As the ring is larger than most, it may overpower someone with small hands. You can keep the metal in platinum, or add even more impact with yellow gold or rose gold metal.


Gorgeous Trillion Engagement Rings - Minimal


Brides to be who prefer an understated look will love this delicate, minimal ring that is set on simple prongs on a fine band. Although this ring looks lovely in yellow gold, it would be equally beautiful in rose gold, platinum or even a coloured gold that adds a bit of drama. Likewise, you could choose any stone you prefer. Not sure which to choose? What about a birthstone engagement ring?


Gorgeous Trillion Engagement Rings - Stacked

Image: (KATJewelryStudio)

This bridal set includes a stacked engagement ring along with a wedding band. The triangular shape of the trillion cut makes it ideal for geometric stacked styles. This ring would work well in any choice of metal and stones – even in contrasting two tone metals such as rose gold and platinum.


Gorgeous Trillion Engagement Rings - Winding (Delfina Delettrez)

Brides that like things a bit more unique will love this incredible winding ring that features a solitaire stone in a twisted pave band. This style is bold yet not overly fussy. The tiny pave stones and delicate band help to highlight the stone without overcrowding it or taking away from its subtle appeal.

3 Stone

Gorgeous Trillion Engagement Rings - 3 Stone


For those who prefer something more traditional, trillion style stones also work very well as side stones that flank a solitaire in a 3 stone ring. In this style, the triangles help to position the centre stone without stealing the show. The result is a classic, beautiful ring that has endless charm.

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