The Dangers of Blindly Following Engagement Ring Trends

With so many engagement ring trends to consider, it can be daunting to decide on which style of ring is best. On one hand, trends are a great way to get inspired by ideas you may not have considered. On the other hand, seeing as how this ring is one you will hopefully wear for the rest of your life, it is never a good idea to be guided by trend alone.

Why is such a bad idea to blindly follow trends instead of making your decision according to your own preferences and style? Let’s take a look.

Why a Unique Engagement Ring Beats a Trendy Ring

When we say unique, we don’t only mean an eye-catching engagement ring. Ideally, the best option by far is to choose something that is unique to you, and you alone. You are the one who will wear this ring, day in and day out. With that in mind, it is far better to use trends only as a guideline rather than gospel.

What exactly is so wrong with following trends, you may wonder? Some of the risks that trends can pose include the following:

  • Current ‘It’ metals that go in and out of fashion each year. While rose gold is a massive trend now, it may not be as popular a few years down the line. If you adore the colour of rose gold, then it won’t matter whether the metal is stylish or not in the future – you will love it anyway. If, on the other hand, you are going nuts for everything rose gold right now, you may not feel the same when the trends starts to lose its appeal.
  • Daring styles that don’t age well. A pink coloured diamond in a heart shape cut, set on a two tone metal band might be appealing now in your youth. Will you still feel the same 10 years down the line? What about 20 years? Ideally, you want a ring style that is classic and simple enough to always look good – whatever your age and style may be at any given time.
  • A metal that is allergenic. If you have skin allergies, you will need to think carefully about the metals you choose. Some brides are so set on a certain metal band that they are willing to suffer through allergic reactions. This is never a good idea. No matter how popular a certain metal is, if it does not allow you to wear your ring comfortably, it is not a good choice.
  • Styles that do not suit your hand. While you should always go with the ring you love, it is also important to make sure that it will look great when it is worn. Our guide in choosing the right ring for your hand offers plenty of tips on which styles are best suited to long fingers, short fingers, small hands, big hands and everything in between.
  • Colour combinations that are overly bold. That incredible pink, blue and gold ring looks great now. You may even still love it in another year. But from a longevity point of view, very over the top of overly bold colour combinations will quickly lose their appeal. The last thing you want is a ring that clashes with everything you wear.

Dazzling Yellow Gold Engagement Rings

White gold engagement rings were once a highly popular choice, losing favour to cooler toned metals such as white gold and platinum in more recent years. Since the emergence of coloured golds such as rose gold however, yellow gold is making a major comeback.

While this metal does not appeal to every taste, it has an elegant, sophisticated look that adds plenty of warmth. Used alongside classic diamonds, the combination is a ring that is feminine yet subtle. Depending on the design you choose however, your ring could be as understated or bold as you choose. To help you get inspired, we have showcased some of our favourite yellow gold rings.

Fall in Love With These Yellow Gold Engagement Rings

In no particular order, our favourite yellow gold engagement rings include these eye-catching rings…

Delicate Solitaire

Dazzling Yellow Gold Engagement Rings - Delicate Solitaire


If you prefer your jewellery on the simple side, nothing can compete with a timeless solitaire set on a delicate gold band. As simple as this style is, it does not mean it has to be boring. You can keep your gold band paired with a flawless diamond, or try a coloured diamond in black, champagne or even yellow to add more impact to this minimal style ring.

Yellow Asscher Cut


Dazzling Yellow Gold Engagement Rings - Yellow Asscher CutVia

Talking about yellow diamonds, this incredible asscher cut is given even more impact from the yellow diamond that is set against the yellow gold band. This choice is ideal for brides wanting something unusual and interesting. The balance of warm toned stone and band make this a more unusual choice for sure.

V Shape Solitaire

Dazzling Yellow Gold Engagement Rings - V Shape Solitaire


Solitaire style rings don’t have to be the same, either. The v shape of this ring adds plenty of visual detail without making it bulky or heavy. The clean, delicate lines of the band are soft and gentle, leading up to the centre stone. This ring choose is great for those wanting to elongate the look of their finger. For more tips on which ring is the best fit, view our guide to choosing a ring to suit your hand.

Infinity Band

Dazzling Yellow Gold Engagement Rings - Infinity Pave


This exquisite infinity band as a super romantic choice that is surprisingly simple. A delicate pave band twists alongside a plain band, creating an infinity loop. If you love rings that have plenty of symbolism, this is sure to be a great choice.

Oval Opal

Dazzling Yellow Gold Engagement Rings - Oval Opal


Who says you have to stick to diamonds? A unique stone such as opal adds lots of impact in a less than usual way. Opals come in a wide range of colours. Whether you opt for a subtle pale opal or a vibrantly hued opal, the balance of stone and metal is always lovely.

Round Twisted Claw Pave

Dazzling Yellow Gold Engagement Rings - Round Twisted Claw Pave


The round twisted claw pave ring is available at Cape Diamonds. This timeless ring has a vintage appeal with a modern twist, putting the middle stone right in the centre in a way that adds plenty of impact and elegance. If you like standing out, this is a great choice.

Looking for more inspiration? Browse our selection of yellow gold engagement rings to see what we have in store, or contact us today for assistance with a custom ring.

Elegant Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

Emerald cut engagement rings offer a timeless elegance that will never date. This cut has an oblong shape that is not too long, and not too narrow. Taking its name from the stone most frequently cut in this shape, the emerald cut has a total of 58 facets. 25 are found on the Pavilion, 25 are found on the Crown, and eight lie on the Girdle, featuring three rows of top steps, and three rows of bottom steps. For brides-to-be who have a classic style, or those who favour stones that have plenty of sparkle, this cut suits almost everyone.

Wondering whether emerald cut engagement rings are the right choice for you? Thinking about offering your love this style of ring? We have selected a few magical ideas to show you what this ring has to offer.

Enticing Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

Some spectacular examples of dreamy emerald cut engagement rings include the following:

Twisted Band

Elegant Emerald Cut Engagement Rings - Twisted Band Via

With its delicately twisting band, this ring can be incredibly versatile, depending on the stones and metal you choose. You could opt for a full diamond engagement ring, with tiny pave stones along the band and a centre emerald cut stone. Or, you could keep the band plain, and add impact with a metal such as rose or yellow gold. What makes this style work is the way that the twisted band adds visual interest without being too over the top or overwhelming.


Elegant Emerald Cut Engagement Rings - Baguettes


Baguettes work very well when placed alongside emerald cut stones. With a shape that is longer and thinner than the classic emerald cut, this shape of stone adds impact to the rectangular cut of the centre stone. The longer lines of this cut balance out the emerald cut without being too large or obtrusive. You could make the ring entirely diamond, or add coloured diamonds for the baguettes or even the centre stone.


Elegant Emerald Cut Engagement Rings - Solitaire


One of the most classic and sophisticated ways to use the emerald cut is a single stone on a delicate band that can be pave or plain. There is a reason that solitaire rings remain a popular choice throughout each era. This style is simple yet stylish, putting the emphasis on the centre stone without any distraction. You still have plenty of variety, too. Depending on the metal of the band and the type of stone you use, this ring has lots of options to suit every style.

Split Band

Elegant Emerald Cut Engagement Rings - Split Band


Split band rings are another style that will never go out of fashion. Pave stones feature frequently in this design, but you can also omit the added stones for a simpler band. What makes the split band ring so popular is how it creates soft lines that highlight the centre stone subtly. Depending on your choice of band, metal and stone, this ring can be as simple or bold as you prefer.

Three Stone

Elegant Emerald Cut Engagement Rings - Three Stone

Via Three stone rings are another timeless option. While the classic design usually features three emerald cut stones, or an emerald cut and two round or square cut stones, a more modern take on this ring features triangular stones. The result is an Art Deco slash contemporary ring that is certainly unique in its look. This style works well in any metal, with any choice of stones.

HaloElegant Emerald Cut Engagement Rings - Halo


This exquisite halo emerald cut ring ensures that the emerald cut stone has maximum sparkle and shine. Tiny pave stones are arranged around the centre stone, continuing along the band. While this style works well in platinum and diamond, you could also use rose gold for the band and a coloured diamond or a precious stone such as Tanzanite, morganite or sapphire.

At Cape Diamonds, we offer an outstanding selection of rings to suit every style. Browse our modern engagement rings to start planning your dream ring today!