5 Times to Remove Your Engagement Ring

5 Times to Remove Your Engagement Ring












While there are many, many times that you can happily flaunt engagement rings, there are a few other times that it’s best to keep your ring off. Even though diamonds are known for their toughness, they are not invincible to wear and tear over time. In some instances, wearing your ring can put it at risk of losing its sparkle, damaging its setting or even losing the entire ring.

An important part of owning a precious jewellery item lies in looking after it over many, many years. Your engagement ring is a potential heirloom that, if cared for properly, will be able to be passed on to future generations. As such, it is vital to learn how to look after your ring so that it lasts forever. In this mini guide, we take a look at some of the times that it’s better to leave your precious ring off just to be on the safe side.


When NOT to Wear Engagement Rings

Some of the times that it may be better to leave your ring off include the following:

1. At the beach.

There are a few reasons to leave engagement rings off when going to the beach. Firstly, losing your ring in the ocean is never a good idea. Unlike a pool, which has filters, the ocean is a vast place. Cold water can easily cause your ring finger to shrink, further adding to the risk of it getting lose while you’re taking a dip. Another reason to avoid taking your ring to the beach is that sand can lodge in the setting and also scratch your stone. Thirdly, all that sunscreen will very invariably get all over your ring, making it quickly lose its shine.

2. At the gym.

Cardio and yoga shouldn’t get interfere with your ring much at all. If you plan to be using machines or get any weight lifting done however, it may be better to leave the ring off until your workout is done. Pressure is never a good thing for any jewellery. It could cause your ring band to bend if too much weight is applied to your ring finger. For contact sports, a ring can also cause serious damage (to you or another person!). As a general rule of thumb, if you plan to be using your hands a lot, rather leave the ring off.

3. In the shower or bath.

A quick splash won’t do any damage, but prolonged soaks and showers can slowly add to the wear and tear. Soap, shampoo and other cosmetic products can all affect your ring over time. Residue can build up on the stone, causing it to appear dull. Worse, residue can get into the setting, making it much harder to clean.

4. In the pool or hot tub.

If you plan to do some swimming or soaking, rather leave your ring off. Chlorine can damage metal and stones over time. It can even change metal colour if you swim often. Even though you can likely find your ring if it falls off in a swimming pool or Jacuzzi, it is possible for it to loosen and get lose in the creepy crawly.

5. During heavy cleaning.

Washing the car? Doing some serious spring cleaning that involves harsh chemicals and plenty of scrubbing? It’s probably best to leave your ring off until you are finished. Coloured stones are more prone to discolouration than regular diamonds, but even the most flawless of diamonds can be put at risk when exposed to harsh chemicals and manual labour.

It’s worth adding that a regular check-up and professional clean is recommended at least once a year. Engagement rings are designed to last forever, but they still require a bit of tender loving care to stay as sparkling as the day it was put on your finger.

Dreamy Marquise Engagement Rings to Inspire

Marquise cut engagement rings feature a unique, curved oblong shape that flatters almost every finger shape. Dating back to the 18th Century, the shape is thought to have originated in the court of King Louis XV of France, who is said to have commissioned a diamond shape that resembled the lips of his mistress, Jean Antoinette Poisson, the Marchioness Madame de Pompadour. This cut is also known as the navette (‘little boat’). While not quite as popular as round or princess cuts, this cut has a classic look that will never date.

What makes the marquise cut so beautiful is its ability to sparkle, and its distinctive, flattering shape. The cut features 56 facets, with pointed ends. Whether set vertically or horizontally, engagement rings featuring this cut have a classically feminine appeal that can be rather versatile depending on the setting, stone and metal.


Get Inspired by These Marquise Cut Engagement Rings

Dreaming about a gorgeous marquise cut ring? Get inspired by these exquisite engagement rings that showcase this cut in all of its sparkly glory…

1. Pave

Dreamy Marquise Engagement Rings to Inspire - Pave
Image: MDCdiamonds.com











Pave remains a popular choice for just about every ring style and diamond cut. With the marquise cut, tiny pave stones that surround the centre stone can be done in a halo style or in a subtle style that only includes the band. Depending on your budget and preferences, the final result can be beautiful and bold, or minimal and understated. This style works well in platinum and cool toned metals as well as golds and coloured diamonds.


2. Art Deco

Dreamy Marquise Engagement Rings to Inspire - Art Deco
Image: Mociun.com












For brides that favour a more unconventional ring, retro inspired rings work well with the marquise cut. In this example, the eye shape of the stone is enhanced by clustered stones, creating an unusual design that has plenty of art deco loveliness. Choose two different stones to create balance, such as diamonds and sapphires as pictured here, or stick with one stone for a more subtle effect. One thing to note with this type of ring however – the clusters may catch easily. If you work with your hands or have an active life, you may need to remove your ring when doing any activity that may lead to tangles or damage to the stones.


3. Minimal

Dreamy Marquise Engagement Rings to Inspire - Minimal
Image: Bario-Neal.com











Minimal engagement rings remain an excellent choice for brides who are not huge jewellery wearers. The marquise has the ability to be both bold and unadorned, making this cut perfect for a very understated minimal ring. Choose a single metal and a smaller sized stone that is set into the band. Platinum and diamonds work well with this design, but you could also opt for rose gold, yellow gold and a coloured stone such as morganite or tanzanite.


4. Twisted

Dreamy Marquise Engagement Rings to Inspire - Twisted
Image: JosephJewelry.com












For romantics at heart, a twisted band is always a good choice. The delicate detail on this band helps to position the centre stone without overpowering it. White gold makes a feminine, romantic metal for this style, but you could choose any other metal that will work equally well. The stone can be positioned vertically or horizontally, while detail can be added in the form of two toned metal or tiny pave stones on the band.


5. Crown

Dreamy Marquise Engagement Rings to Inspire - Crown
Image: etsy.com










Bohemian brides will adore the simple yet pretty detail of the crown ring. This ring has a vintage feel, which works especially well with the perfectly balanced cut of the marquise stone. This style is also known as a fan and, depending on the metal and setting, it can be simple or ornate. If you are seeking a truly bold ring, you could even alternate the stone colours with black and white diamonds, set against yellow gold or rose gold for something unique.


6. Double Band

Dreamy Marquise Engagement Rings to Inspire - Double Band
Image: AnnaSheffield.com










The double band is flattering, especially for brides with longer fingers. The two bands are typically delicate and thin, with the centre stone sitting between the bands. The marquise cut works very well for this style, creating flawless symmetry. Choose a soft gold and diamond combination, or opt for a coloured stone in a cool toned band.


7. Side Stones

Dreamy Marquise Engagement Rings to Inspire - Side Stones
Image: CapeDiamonds.co.za












Last, but not least, you don’t have to feature marquise stones as the primary design element in your ring. You can also use these stones to showcase a round or oval centre stone. When acting as side stones, this cut creates a gentle balance that is symmetrical and simple. This makes them ideal for three stone engagement rings.

Looking for more inspiration for your dream ring? Cape Diamonds boasts a unique selection of hand crafted engagement rings, and also offers a bespoke ring design service that allows you to create your ring from scratch. Contact us today to learn more about custom engagement ring design in Cape Town.