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How to Size Your Engagement Ring Perfectly

One of the things that need to be considered when choosing engagement rings is the fit. This can be a challenge for grooms-to-be planning to surprise their beloved with a ring. It's even a challenge for brides who choose their own rings.

When it comes to rings, there isn't really such a thing as a 'perfect fit'. Hormones, foods we eat, late nights, stress, alcohol, coffee and even humidity can all lead to day by day (or even minute by minute) changes in ring fit. For most women, a good fit is one that is comfortable most of the time. Some days, a ring may feel more snug than others, while other days, the ring may feel a bit loose.

How do you know what the right balance is? To use a simple rule of thumb, your ring should never be too loose or too tight. A poor fitting ring can easily fall off or be removed and lost. If it is too tight, it can cause discomfort on a daily basis, which you do not want from such an important piece of jewellery. Small variations in fit are fine, but if the ring does not slide on easily or comes off without any resistance, the fit is wrong.

The simplest way to ensure that your ring fits comfortably is to have a professional fitting once a year. If your ring has become too loose or too tight, it may need to be resized.

Engagement Ring Sizing Tips

A few things to consider for engagement ring sizing include the following:

Professional Sizing

It is vital to seek professional help when having your finger sized – either before you find your dream ring or afterwards to check that it still fits. Don't run into a jewellery store to get this done however. A sales person will unlikely be able to help and will often use plastic sizers. Instead, find a qualified jeweller such as Cape Diamonds, and book a consultation. If you have lost or put on weight, become pregnant, or you have moved to a different climatic area, you may find that resizing will need to be done more than once a year. Many jewellers say that the ideal fit should allow you to fit a toothpick between the ring and finger. Please note however that everyone is different. That is why a professional sizing is so important.

Time of Day

Ideally, try and book your sizing appointment in the afternoon, either mid or late in the day. This is the time when the majority of people's fingers are at their most stable size.


The reason that plastic sizers are seldom effective is that they are less reliable. Metal sizers give a far more accurate idea of size, as they are the same material as your ring. Sizers that are attached to rings with other sizers tend to be less effective compared to individual sizers. It's also good to remember that basic rule of ring width... the wider the ring, the tighter it will be. A good jeweller will know this and will design the ring accordingly if the band is wide.

Tension Setting

Tension set rings are not sizable. That means that you will not easily be able to have the ring sized down the line. The metal of the band is 'work hardened', which means that the heat needed to resize the ring will destroy the setting. If you do choose such a ring, you will need to keep your weight consistent and avoid sports and activities that could harm or change your finger shape. You could change the ring to a channel setting, but this can be expensive.

Eternity Rings

Another ring type that is impossible to resize is the eternity ring. These rings have stones or designs that run all the way around the ring, for eternity. While supremely romantic, the nature of the ring means that they are impossible to resize without ruining the design. You may be able to replace stones, but heating the ring and making changes in size will mean losing the exact thing that makes it special.

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