Rare and Unusual Ideas for Engagement Rings

When it comes to unusual engagement rings, thinking out of the proverbial box is key. Some brides prefer rings that are classic and simple. There is something timeless about ring designs that appeal to those who value under-stated pieces of jewellery. Many brides-to-be dream of finding the perfect ring that is not convention or traditional in any way. For these brides, a ring is not just something that looks good on a finger… it is a way to express a creative side.

Beautifully Unusual Engagement Rings

Some ideas to consider for beautiful, rare and unusual engagement rings include the following:

Black and White Diamond Rose Gold Infinity


Rose gold has become a popular choice for many brides, but most rings that feature this metal have white, champagne or chocolate diamonds. The contrast between the black and white stones accentuates the twisted infinity shape of this ring, while the rose gold adds a touch of warm colour to the monochromatic design. We also love the way that the pave encrusted bands effortlessly cross in the infinity loops.

Platinum Solitaire Wave


For a very contemporary look that is definitely not girly or frilly, this ring has a clean design that focuses on the single diamond. Platinum is a good metal choice for a stark, modern ring design like this as it does not tarnish or fade or chip. Gold would also work well. Instead of a diamond engagement ring, you could add colour with a brighter toned stone such as an emerald or tanzanite, or even a ruby.

Mind the Gap


With its wide front, this ring makes clever use of negative space to create a one of a kind design that showcases the diamond against your finger. If you favour bolder ring designs, this is sure to be a good choice. You could consider rose gold, yellow gold, white gold or a cooler tone metal such as platinum, with a diamond or any other stone. Rose gold with a champagne diamond would soften the lines of the ring.

Spiral Pave


This ring gives the illusion of a spiral, or even a rose that leads up to the centre stone. You could choose just about any stone for the centre, whether white diamond or a coloured diamond, or even something more unusual such as garnet or morganite. The tiny pave stones on the spiralling band can be any colour you choose as well, making this ring fairly versatile depending on the stones and metal you prefer.

Gold Floral


Romantics at heart will adore the delicate floral motifs on this ring, which is full of whimsy. Yellow or rose gold adds even more femininity to the design, working well with white or neutral toned diamonds. You could however opt for a cooler metal and a brighter stone if you are looking for something bold and bohemian.

Topaz Coral


For something even more dramatic, you could try an intricate coral design band that adds loads of visual impact. The stone in this particular ring is a topaz, but you could choose a classic diamond (white or coloured), ruby, pearl, emerald, sapphire or any other stone of your choice. The band can be warm or cool toned, each of which further changes the overall impact.

Seen something that catches your eye? Cape Diamonds is a specialist jewellery design workshop in Cape Town. We can make your dream ring into a reality. To find out more about creating your very own unusual engagement ring, contact us today.

Choosing an Engagement Ring Style

There are many tips on how to choose an engagement ring, from the cut to the stone and even the metal. But how do you know which style is right for you or your future bride? As this ring is meant to be worn forever, day in and day out, it is essential that it is easy to wear. With so many trends over the years, each era brings a new style to the forefront. Vintage style rings remain a popular choice, while modern rings are favoured by many brides.


The simple answer is to go with your heart, but when you are either choosing a ring for your beloved or you are not really sure exactly what your heart wants, we’ve got some tips to keep in mind.

How to Decide on an Engagement Ring Design

The following questions will help you get a better idea of what sort of engagement ring style is your best choice…

  • What other jewellery is worn? Looking at other jewellery that is worn frequently is a good indication of the sort of preferences one has for sparkly accessories. Don’t count the ‘fad’ items however. Instead, look at that necklace that has been worn since high school, or that bracelet or ring that was given by a gran years ago and never taken off. What is about the jewellery that makes it special? Perhaps it is a type of stone, a shape, a design, a colour, a metal or some other factor that can be integrated into a ring design.


  • What would never, ever be worn? Are there any colours, styles or items that you would never wear? What is about those things that you dislike so much? Maybe you cringe at over the top designs, or don’t like the look of yellow gold. This may sound strange, but knowing what you don’t want is a good way to determine what you DO want. It’s also useful for future husbands to take not of these preferences so that they know what to absolutely avoid at all costs.


  • What is your favourite era? If you could teleport back in time, what era would you choose? This can be very useful for finding inspiration on your signature style. Each era has its own share of ring styles that vary considerably. You may be attracted to the bright, bold quirkiness of the art deco era, or perhaps the elegant sophistication of the 20s. You may be a modern girl through and through, with a love for minimal simplicity.


  • What is your favourite colour? You might find yourself drawn to certain colours over others. Colourful diamond engagement rings are a fun way to inject personality into your ring. You don’t have to go overboard, either – adding a touch of colour alongside a classic white diamond will make your ring original while still being subtle. If you prefer cooler tones to warm tones, you might choose white gold or platinum over yellow or rose gold.


  • How important is symbolism to you? Romantics at heart will find inspiration in the form of symbolism. Many stones and styles are rich in symbols – either from birth stones, ancient meanings, colours or shapes that have fascinating histories and back stories. This in turn will help you find a style that ‘speaks’ to you through its special meaning.

These questions should make it a bit easier to avoid the overwhelm when looking for rings. Of course, the best way to find a style that you adore is to consider a custom ring that is made according to your preferences. To find out more about custom made engagement rings, contact Cape Diamonds today and let us know how we can turn your dream ring into a reality.