Modern Geometric Engagement Rings

Geometric engagement rings offer an enticing choice for brides who prefer a more unique style. While classic rings remain a popular option for many, the diversity of ring styles that are available in recent years has given rise to a number of beautiful trends in diamond engagement rings. From pave encrusted rings to gorgeous coloured diamonds, finding your dream ring becomes even easier with the help of custom ring design.

Today, we’re taking a look at the geometric ring trend to show you how to use interesting shapes and lines in your ring design ideas.

Geometric Engagement Rings for the Unconventional Bride

Some of the most eye-catching geometric engagement rings we have seen include the following:



Staggering or stacking stones at different heights can add plenty of visual impact. This works best with long, rectangular stones that have a similar look and shape. Depending on how large you would like the final ring to be, you could add three, five or even more stones in descending order of height, flanking the centre stone. Keep the band simple for this design to allow the stones to shine without distraction.



Pave engagement rings are magical, adding plenty of sparkle in a subtle way. For a modern take on the classic pave band, try an unusual geometric shape. In this example, delicate diamond encrusted bands are layered to frame the finger. This style works well in any metal and can also work with coloured stones or precious stones other than diamonds.



For a more understated look, a minimal ring design provides a contemporary ring that uses a simple triangle to add detail. Choose a modern metal such as rose gold, or opt for a clean, cool toned platinum to help the centre stone stand out. The band should be simple and delicate for this style.



For a bolder take on triangular rings, try a chocolate diamond in a triangle shape, with a warm metal crusted with tiny pave stones. You could keep the band simple, or try a different coloured diamond. With the abundance of stone and metal options to be found today, the choices are nearly endless!



Linking a series of tiny diamonds that are spaced evenly apart on a custom band will give you a truly one of a kind ring. The shapes could be round, square, pear diamond or even something romantic such as hearts. This style can be as subtle or bold as you prefer, depending on the metal, stones and size of each separate shape.



Add impact with a fun twist on the geometric trend. A series of squares placed inside of each other creates a more unusual design. This works well with pave, but could also feature a centre stone flanked by simple squares. You can add detail on the band, on the squares or by choosing coloured stones instead of classic white diamonds.

Criss Cross


The criss cross effect of this lovely ring makes it intricate without going over the top. Pave stones are used for emphasis and sparkle. You could position a centre stone in the middle and keep the bands clear, or space out the stones to add visual interest.

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