Bold & Beautiful Colourful Diamond Engagement Rings

Colourful stones are a fun way to add plenty of impact to diamond engagement rings. While the concept of coloured diamonds is not a new one, this style has seen a surge in popularity in recent years.

One of the things that make brightly hued diamonds a good choice is their versatility. Simple ring designs can be enhanced with some subtle colour, or the stones can be off-set by contrasting or complementing metals for a bolder look. Another advantage of coloured diamonds is that they have all of the qualities that clear diamonds have – strength, clarity, cut and sparkle. This makes them hardy and long-lasting compared to other stones that may have similar colours without the hardness of diamonds.

Coloured Diamond Engagement Rings

Thinking about a gorgeous colourful ring? Get inspired by these coloured diamond engagement rings…


Pink Engagement Ring

Feminine, soft, romantic and classic, pink stones are a perfect choice for those wanting a pretty ring that is dramatic without being too over the top. This colour works well with clear diamonds, in a platinum or white gold setting. But it also works well with rose gold for a warmer hued ring. Surrounding a central pink stone with tiny pave diamonds helps to create a balanced style that truly shines.


Blue Engagement Ring

Blue diamonds come in a wide range of hues, from dark blues all the way to lighter shades. Like sapphires and Tanzanite stones, the shade of blue is entirely dependent on your personal preferences. This colour works well on cooler shades of metal, creating a classic, sophisticated ring that is neutral and understated. For a more unusual look, yellow gold can be used. If you choose a coloured metal, try to keep the design simple to prevent too much contrast.


Black Engagement Ring

Black diamond engagement rings have been capturing the imagination of brides for a long time. Dramatic, inky and elegant, the stones work well on cooler metals as well as yellow and rose gold. They also work well when flanked with clear diamonds or surrounded by pave stones, especially on a platinum or white gold band.


Yellow Engagement Ring

Yellow diamonds come in a variety of shades, from warm golden tones to shades bordering closer to chartreus. While this colour certainly works on a cooler metal band, it can look particularly lovely on a yellow gold band. The darker yellow colours that have a similar shade to classic yellow gold result in a ring that is warm and golden. A simple solitaire style allows the colour to shine without adding overpowering details.


Champagne Engagement Ring

If you want to experiment with a coloured stone but prefer not to go all the way with too much colour, champagne is an excellent choice. This softly hued colour is ever so slightly tinted with peachy undertones. It works beautifully in a rose gold setting or a platinum band, and can be offset by clear pave stones. Champagne diamonds are a hardy alternative to stones such as morganite, which have a similar colour but can be on the soft (and expensive) side.


Chocolate Engagement Ring

Chocolate diamonds are a few shades up from champagne, with a warm brown tone that varies from darker to lighter shades. This colour works well on all metals, with neutral undertones that make it very versatile. Paired with yellow gold, the result is warm and slightly similar to Tiger’s Eye or tortoiseshell. Paired with a cooler metal, the balance of warm and cool creates a subtle contrast.

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5 Reasons to Avoid Mass Produced Engagement Rings

Handmade engagement rings are extremely sought-after by many brides-to-be, but while the advantages for custom rings are huge, there are still many future brides (and grooms) that assume it is cheaper and easier to opt for a mass produced ring.

Large chain store jewellers are found in almost every city, and Cape Town is no exception. While these stores can offer unique finds from time to time, most rings sold here are made in bulk. This does not only mean that a ring bought from such a store will not be as unique as a ring made from scratch by a qualified jeweller – it also means that you may end up jeopardising the quality of the ring if sub-par materials are used.

5 Reasons to Avoid Mass Produced Engagement Rings

Why Should You Avoid Bulk Cast Engagement Rings?

If you’re thinking about getting a custom engagement ring designed, you may already be aware of some of the potential pitfalls that await those who buy mass produced rings. The top reasons to avoid cast rings include the following:

  • Lack of choice. Ok, to be fair, you will likely have a lot of choice… at least as far as stock goes. But your options are still greatly limited at a conventional store compared to a custom jewellery designer. If you see a detail that you love on one ring, but you’re not so wild about the metal or the setting, you can either fork out a lot of money to have it changed or find something different from the stock available.
  • Sizing limitations. You could try on every ring that you like in hope that one fits, or you could have your chosen ring resized (at profit) by the store. What is often so much easier and better however is to have the ring made exactly according to your measurements, so that it fits your finger from the very moment you put it on. If you have any special requirements, such as having the ring a little bit looser, a good jeweller will be able to do that in the early stages, rather than taking the ring apart in order to resize it later.
  • Material quality. If you are getting the ring at cut price, it is safe to say that the store is getting their materials at an even cheaper price. You don’t have to go broke to afford a beautiful ring, but you can often find ways to save on a custom ring without sacrificing the quality of the metal and stones. Rings made by hand almost always last longer too, as they have been made according to old-fashioned principles rather than cast in a factory.

In addition to these primary considerations, it is also worth noting that the uniqueness of your ring is something that you will value more as time goes by. It is true that diamonds and precious stones, metals and other materials affect the value of a ring monetarily, unusual or original rings are the most precious of all. Your ring is something that can be handed down to a daughter or grandchild one day. As such, this should be something that is truly special and unique.

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