Before You Design Your Own Engagement Ring…

Having an original, custom made engagement ring is a great way to ensure that your ring is truly one of a kind, rather than being part of a mass produced run. But, while there are many benefits offered by the design-it-yourself route, there are also a few things to keep in mind to ensure that your ring is as perfect as it appears in your dreams.

Over and beyond the basic details, such as choosing the cut, stones, band and setting, you will need to do a little bit of planning so that you are able to give your jeweller all the info he needs to bring your dream ring to life.

Top Tips for Designing Your Own Diamond Engagement Rings

To help you create the most unique ring ever, here are some tips on designing your own diamond engagement rings…

  1. Start early – especially if your ring plans are big

As romantic as surprise proposals are, there is much to be said about advance warning. For best results, you will want to ensure that your jeweller has ample time to have the ring made. If you are designing a ring for your love, be sure to leave in sufficient time to have the ring made. Rings made from scratch can take a few weeks or even a few months, especially if there is a lot of detail and work involved. You will also need to allow for any revisions, in case the ring is not quite to your liking at first.

  1. Have a solid idea of what you want

A good jeweller will be able to help you turn an idea into a real life ring. But that doesn’t mean they can read minds. To help give a clear picture of what the ring should look like, gather up as much inspiration as you can. Collect pictures of rings you like, making a note of what features you like about the ring. For example, you may love a certain ring’s rose gold band, but another ring’s setting. Or, you may have seen a similar floral motif that you want, but prefer something a bit more subtle. If your drawing skills allow, make rough sketches as well. You can also get input from the ring maker, or browse their galleries for inspiration.

  1. Consider your budget

No longer do grooms have to go bankrupt to buy those pretty, sparkly rings for their beloveds. Today, rings do not have to cost the earth. It is possible to arrange financing, or find ways to save on metals, stones or cuts. Always make sure that you have a set budget in place, and make sure that your ring maker is aware of how much you can afford. It’s all very well to get carried away with an amazing ring design, but if it is out of your price range, it will not be worth the added stress.

  1. Look at trends, but don’t follow blindly

There are many engagement ring trends to consider – rose gold, mixed metal, vintage, minimal, boho… the choices are endless. They can also be overwhelming. Trends are not a bad thing, but following blindly is not ideal, either. Ultimately, in another few years, not all of those ring styles will still be popular. A ring that is classic however, will look as good in a month as it will in a decade.

  1. Customise an existing piece to make it original

If you see something you sort of like, but are not totally sold on, you can customise it to your preferences. Simple designs work best for this purpose, but you may also find that a ring that has a great setting can be transformed with a coloured stone instead of traditional diamond. Or, you may find that the band can be changed to a different metal. Always ask your jeweller whether customisations are possible. Old family rings can also be upgraded and resized, so don’t feel like you have to be limited to completely custom designed rings.

If you’d like help creating a one of a kind ring that is unique and spectacular, contact the Cape Diamonds workshop, and let us know how we can make your engagement ring dreams come true.

Top Tips for Engagement Ring Selfies

Selfies, or photographs of yourself if you want to get technical about it, are here to stay, and in the case of brand, shiny new engagement rings, one of the first things that any ring receiver wants to do is send out a selfie to friends and family.

This is a big moment in your life, so it is natural to want to capture it for eternity. Before you rush off a quick snap however, it can help to put a bit of planning into your ring selfie so that your beautiful diamond engagement ring shines through the photo as brightly as it does in real life.

Best Advice for Taking Engagement Ring Selfies

Some tips to keep in mind for taking your ring photograph include the following:

  • Zoom in on the ring, but try not to crop too much of your hand from the shot. Even though the focus should be on the ring, it is also about the ring on your finger. With that in mind, a pic that shows your full hand will have far more impact than an uber zoomed in shot of just the ring and blurred parts of your hand. Once you have your hand in the shot, you should also give some thought to background to ensure that there is nothing to distract the eye from the ring.
  •  Make sure that your lighting is just right. Ideally, you want soft, natural light that will reflect off the ring without causing lens flare, glare or other distortions. Harsh, florescent lights can cause a yellow or dark light in photos, while candlelight may be too dark for the image to come out clearly. As hard as it is to contain your excitement after the big question, try to wait until morning to capture a magical photo that you will be proud to share.
  •  Check that your hand and nails are in shape. It goes without saying that any shots of your hand will put attention not only on any rings, but also on the state of your nails and hand. As petty as it seems at such a big moment, do a quick check to see that you don’t have any chipped polish or other flaws that could ruin an otherwise perfect photo.
  •  Keep the ring giver in the picture. A lovely way to announce your engagement while showing off your ring at the same time is to keep the proposer in the shot along with your ring. Use a soft focus to have your partner in the background, or set up the shot creativity however you wish. This type of selfie puts the focus onto the engagement, rather than just the ring.
  •  Get creative… but don’t lose direction altogether. Everyone loves a fun engagement ring photo, but more often than not, the ones that are most successful are those that keep it simple without going over the top. Play around, try a few shots of you posing naturally, try some with just the hand, some with your partner and a few others that seem right at the time. From there, you will be able to choose the one that best captures the moment.

Once you have the perfect selfie, you can share your new engagement ring to the world knowing that you have gotten just the right blend of romance, style and li