How to Find Inspiration for Custom Made Engagement Rings

Unlike store bought rings that are made in certain styles, custom made engagement rings can be personalised in just about every way. From the metal you choose for the band, to the diamond cut, colour, carat and clarity, and the overall design, the ring can be as unique as you prefer.

While this is great news for any bride who wants something special and original, it can make it somewhat of a challenge to know what you want as far as the ring style is concerned. We have written about minimal engagement rings, vintage style engagement rings and even romantic bohemian engagement rings. But these are just some of the styles that you may find perfect for your own tastes… there are many other styles that you not have even considered before.

How exactly do you find inspiration for your ring, and what else should you know about finding ideas for the design and style?

Finding Inspiration for Custom Engagement Rings

Not sure what would work best for your personal style? Confounded by the sheer volume of choices out there? Here are some ways that you can find some diamond engagement ring inspiration…

  • Pinterest. This social media platform uses images to inspire, collect and discover all sorts of things. While it is also great for recipes, fashion, puppy pictures and home décor tips, it is very useful for finding ring ideas. Signing up for an account allows you to create boards that you can fill with beautiful ring pictures that you find. You can make these boards secret or share them for others to be inspired by, and you can find other users who are pinning similar types of pictures too. If you don’t already have an account, go to to sign up.
  • Wedding Expos. Almost every city in the world has at least one or two wedding expos over the year, with most having more than a few. These are a great way to not only find inspiration for rings, but also all other aspects of the wedding… dresses, hairstyles, makeup, cakes and plenty of other stuff.
  • Bridal Magazines. Bridal mags are great to have on hand. Like expos, they give you a broad picture of the entire wedding and engagement, with ring trends as well as other related topics. If you see a ring that you like, tear or cut it out and keep it aside in a folder. Even if you like one aspect of a ring but not, say, the band or the size of the stone, that will help give your jeweller an idea of what you want.
  • Search Engines. You can always rely on good old Google or Yahoo or Bing to give you information, and with rings, that is no exception. Find inspiration from famous celebrity rings, famous rings over history, old and current ring trends, information about stones and metal types and even images to get more of an idea of what you like and what you don’t like. You can then save all the images or links that fit your preferences.
  • Nature. It sounds a bit cheesy, but you’d be amazed at how much the world around us can inspire. Leaves, colours, water, flowers, the ocean, the sun and moon and many other natural elements can look amazing when incorporated into a ring design. Subtle or not so subtle details can be included in the band, colour of the stone, the setting and many other facets of the ring. Use your imagination and see what unfolds!

These tips should help give you a better idea of where and how to find inspiration for your custom designed ring. If you are looking for a highly skilled jeweller who specialises in custom engagement rings in Cape Town, look no further than Cape Diamonds to ensure a beautiful, one of a kind ring that you will cherish forever.

5 Tips for Finding Vintage Style Engagement Rings

Vintage style engagement rings offer the perfect option for brides who have a love for old-fashioned styles of jewellery, clothing and décor. While there is certainly a demand for genuine antique rings, brides do not have to be limited in their choice with this style of ring. Custom designed rings with a vintage look and feel can be made, which provide a classic elegance and old-world charm as well as a modern touch for our current era.

If your bride loves thrift shops, vintage clothing, old-fashioned love letters, proper manners, pretty charms and other touches of days gone by in her personality and style, she is sure to love a beautifully designed vintage style engagement ring.

What exactly do these rings look like however, and what should you look for when searching for this type of ring?

How to Find Modern Vintage Engagement Rings

Modern vintage may sound like an oxymoron, but in fact, it refers to the new wave of vintage that has become popular throughout fashion, interior decorating and accessories. Even hair and makeup trends have revived a new style of vintage appeal. These modern styles combine the best of new and old, ensuring diamond engagement rings that are fully unique.

Some of the things to look for when shopping for vintage style rings for your beloved include the following:

  • Ornate, etched and softly coloured metal bands. Platinum will never date of course, but the new wave of vintage rings feature other metals too. Soft rose or yellow gold both have a feminine, gentle look, while green gold is a more unusual choice that also has antique appeal. Metal bands can be etched with floral motifs, or engraved with intricate patterns such as flourishes or even initials, dates or personal messages. The focus here is delicate rather than over the top, which means that garnishes are usually subtle and detailed.
  • Smaller, triple-set stones. When it comes to stones, smaller diamonds set in a trio were often a popular choice for brides in earlier years. Combined with a pretty etched band, the resulting ring will shine brightly, while still remaining subtle and elegant. This style works especially well with rose gold bands that are slimmer, or with delicate white or yellow gold bands. Choosing smaller stones with a higher clarity grading will ensure optimal shine.
  • Rose, cushion and asscher cut diamonds. Other cuts to consider, these three were once the most sought-after cuts when it came to engagement rings. Originally, cushion cut rings were called old mine cut, and have a distinctive shape that appeals to modern brides as well as brides of yesteryear.
  • Micro-pavé and embedded bands. Bands that have tiny embedded stones set in a mosaic-like arrangement offer a stylish alternative to the currently popular halo arrangement, making this another idea for those who adore old-fashioned styles. Even a single tiny diamond set into the band can be considered instead of the current trend for modern settings that feature a plain band and large stone.
  • Art deco styles. Don’t forget the glamour and glitz of the art deco era. Brides who love vintage but lean more towards edgy contours, bold touches and retro edginess will love this style. Brightly coloured precious gems besides diamonds can be considered, or you could ask your jeweller for some insight into art deco ring trends to find some inspiration.

Ultimately, considering that this is quite possibly the most important piece of jewellery any bride will own besides her wedding ring, it is essential to find a ring that suits her personality and style. The best part of going with a custom design is that you have the ability to create a ring that suits your future bride right down to the very last detail. Whether she will adore vintage style engagement rings or a more bohemian style, or even a minimal ring, a custom design will never disappoint.