How to Find Romantic Bohemian Engagement Rings

Just like every woman has her own sense of style and personality, so are engagement rings unique in their look and style. The bohemian bride is one who is free spirited, drawn to nature, down to earth and very often creative. This style is certainly not new – the hippies made it fashionable during the 60s and 70s, but even before then, there has been a touch of bohemian throughout the ages.

Currently infused in everything from homes to fashion, hair and makeup and of course, jewellery and accessories, lovers of all things ‘boho’ have their own take on style. This individuality is not something that is repressed either – a bohemian bride will be instantly recognisable by the way that she stands out from the crowd. This bride may not put too much value on material wealth, but she will often be drawn to colour, texture, pattern and creative elements. As such, her engagement ring choice will be something truly unique.

Diamond Engagement Ring Trends: Beautifully Boho

What type of details should be considered when it comes to whimsical, bold or unique bohemian diamond engagement rings? Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a ring for this one-of-a-kind bride…

  • Baroque and flourishes. Garnishes, mysterious bold designs, flourishes and baroque type elegance are ideal for those with a flair for the dramatic. Celtic elements, ancient symbols, ornate or engraved bands and settings and other unusual features will also add impact. Essentially, this is the type of ring that should be custom-made, if that is possible. It is certainly not a generic ring that looks exactly the same as all the others beside it. A look at your bride’s jewellery collection will give you an idea of her tastes, so use her current pieces as inspiration.
  • Natural influences. Elements of nature are important to most boho brides, coming in many forms. Feathers, leaves, trees, the moon, birds, branches and other natural influences can be brought in through the shape of the stone, engravings on the band or even the setting. They can be simple, symbolic or bold. If your bride to be loves spending time in natural places, loves flowers or forests, or has any other natural jewellery, décor or even embellishments on clothing, use those as a guide.
  • Rustic and raw touches. Unlike modern rings, which are often cut to absolute precision to ensure maximum sparkle, rustic engagement rings can shine in different ways. There is a growing trend for raw, uncut stones, which may not be as brilliant; but have a softer, more romantic look (along with a lower price tag). Metals such as rose gold, silver and blended metals that are not as polished and flawless as modern bands are also a popular choice for rustic rings. The setting itself can be made to look ‘raw’, while the combination of stone cut, colour and clarity can also vary the overall look of the diamond considerably.

This ring is something that the wearer will keep on her finger for the remainder of her life. As such, it is essential to make sure that she will love it absolutely and completely. This is why a bit of research or even help from her best friend, sister, mother or other important female in her life will provide useful information that will help you choose just the right ring. If there is ever any doubt at all, don’t hesitate to consider making the choice together, with a surprise proposal done beforehand with a makeshift ring or afterwards when she least expects it. Whatever the case, the most important thing to remember when it comes to finding engagement rings for bohemian brides is that all-important individuality that makes her so unique.


5 Tips for Finding Minimal Engagement Rings

In recent years, minimal engagement rings have become a preferred choice for many brides – especially those who prefer simplicity over bold design. In fact, the minimal trend has been taking off with other jewellery too, as well as clothing and even home furnishings. Some brides may be seeking the perfect ring that complements her appreciation for all things minimalist. Others may simply be suited to a ring that is understated in its beauty, rather than being over the top.

Whatever the case, hunting for just the right type of minimal engagement rings is easier than you thought… as long as you keep the following tips in mind.

How to Find Minimal Engagement Rings

If your future bride-to-be has a love for minimal jewellery and style, a finely crafted diamond engagement ring that is designed with simplicity in mind is sure to win her heart. The following tips will help you determine how to find the right ring…

  1. Go for a custom ring rather than store-bought. While there may be some beautifully minimal rings in jewellery stores, you will have a far better chance of success with a custom made ring that is designed to exact specifications. This will allow far more input into how the ring will look. For brides who choose their own rings, finding similar ideas or inspiration will help to create the ideal ring. For surprise proposals, getting an idea of her tastes beforehand will make it easier to see what she likes. With a custom designed ring, every last detail can be personalised, right down to the metal of the band, the fitting and the stone itself.
  2. Keep it simple and classic. That is, after all, the main focus of minimal rings. Instead of lots of smaller stones or a very large stone with a complex setting, opt for a decent cut in a simple band. Solitaire rings are a good bet, but consider other ideas too – small, shaped diamonds for example, or tiny stones set into a plain platinum or rose gold heart ring. A high quality stone does not always have to be huge and flashy, after all.
  3. Set a budget (and stick to it). This is a no-brainer of course. Quality is the most important thing to consider, which means working out exactly how much you plan to spend, and determining what you are able to get for that price. Another reason that working with a custom jeweller is so effective is that it allows you to budget accordingly and find ways to save where you can, without compromising quality of the overall ring. For example, you could consider a more affordable metal for the band, or you could choose a stone that is visibly perfect but may have minute occlusions under the magnifying glass.
  4. Think ahead before you start shopping. As we mentioned earlier, finding inspiration on similar ideas will go a long way in helping to craft the perfect ring. Inspiration can come in many forms too – you may see elements of a ring you like that you think would work, or you may see something that captures your eye due to its colour, shape or essence. Making a mood board on Pinterest or on your computer (or in a scrapbook) is a great way to get an idea of what you want.
  5. Be original and unique wherever possible. While you may find inspiration from similar rings or jewellery, this ring should be as unique as possible. This is a ring that reflects the personality and style of the woman who wears it every day. As such, it should be original and unique to the wearer. Think out of the box – choose a distinctive metal for the band, or an interesting shape. Choose a coloured or raw diamond. Inscribe the band with dates or names.

Finding a good jeweller is the first step in finding the perfect ring. Here at Cape Diamonds, turning your dream ring into a reality is just one of the ways that we ensure that all engagement rings are as special as the women who wear them.