10 Tips for Buying Engagement Rings as a Couple

Buying engagements rings together as a couple has become par for the course in our modern era of romance. The biggest reason for this is the common-sense factor. Making a big decision like this together is the best way to ensure that your bride has her dream ring and that you are both happy with the final selection. Some may worry about a joint decision being less romantic than a surprise down-on-one-knee proposal with a ring that has already been purchased, but in reality, you can get the best of both worlds if you plan things a bit beforehand.

To help you get the most out of shopping for engagement rings together, we have put together some useful tips…

Useful Advice for Purchasing Engagement Rings Together

Before you get any images of a cold, impersonal transaction taking place, you will be glad to know that shopping for engagement rings can actually be a special experience that brings you even closer together. The following advice will make this experience one that you can both look back on for years to come, without any cringing or regrets.

  1. Do a bit of homework beforehand. You don’t need to go to any huge trouble, but it will help to do a bit of ‘recon’ beforehand so that you know where to start looking for rings. If you are planning on going to a retail store, think about which ones you want to look at. If you are planning a custom ring (always a good idea if you want something truly unique), start looking at jewellers who you can approach.
  2.  Let her decide what she likes and what she doesn’t like. Many jewellers may have a selection of “demo” rings, or may have a portfolio or gallery of rings that you can look at for inspiration. Trying on rings can be a good way to find that perfect fit that she doesn’t want to take off.
  3.  Make a special occasion out of the shopping experience. Plan something romantic or fun, so that it becomes a special event rather than a mere shopping trip. Ask friends who are newly married for their input, do some online research and get creative. Even if you are just looking at rings online, you can make things as cheesy as you like.
  4.  Keep the ring and plan a traditional surprise proposal. This way, you will know for sure that she will say yes. Even if she has designed her own ring, you can still surprise her a bit later with one of those movie-worthy proposals that make women cry (and men get a bit choked up, too).
  5.  Be open and clear about budgets for the ring. Budgeting may not be sexy, but over-extending yourselves is even less romantic. Discuss how much you can afford, set boundaries on how much you will spend, and keep communication open right from the start.
  6.  Set aside plenty of time as well. Whether you are having your diamond engagement ring custom made or visiting a range of jewellery shops, you do not want to rush this. Be sure that you both have time for ring shopping, and that you are not fitting it into a busy, stressful lunch break either.
  7.  Consider prosing with a ‘stand in’ ring. One way to keep the traditional proposal while still benefiting from a joint decision is to propose with a promise ring, a pair of diamond earrings or even something quirky, such as a hand-made wire ring. Once she says yes, you can then plan the shopping together.
  8.  Make sure that you are both clued up on the 4Cs. This is the cut, carat, colour and clarity of the diamond. You should also have some idea of settings, so that you know what to look for when the time comes. Remember that the bride will be wearing this ring for the rest of her life – making a smart decision is the only way to go.
  9.  Let her do some thinking about the overall style and look of the ring beforehand, too. It can be overwhelming to have to choose on the spot, and if the ring is being custom made, the range of options can be daunting, too. She may already have some ideas in mind, which will make things easier.
  10.  Make sure that you only choose certified diamond jewellers who sell conflict free stones. No matter who you choose to create the ring, it is vital to ensure that stones are ethically sourced and certified. The last thing you want is a ring that is not authentic or graded, after all.

We suggest taking the time to plan your ring shopping, so that you are prepared when the time arises. However you decide to do things, we are sure that you will find shopping for engagement rings together to be a truly special bonding experience for both of you.