Caring for Your Engagement Ring

You’ve waited for the big question to be popped, you’ve said yes and you may even have walked down the aisle, but now that you have a gorgeous engagement ring on your finger, you will need to take extra special care of this precious item.

Unlike many other pieces of jewellery that may be valuable but lack major sentimental value or importance, this ring is a symbol of your partner’s love, commitment and dedication. Keeping your ring clean, maintained and safe is therefore essential to ensure that nothing can tarnish your ring over the years.

How to Look After Diamond Engagement Rings

What are some of the things that are needed to care for diamond engagement rings properly? For starters, here are a few tips to remember…

  1. Get your ring insured. This may sound like stating the obvious, but ring insurance is absolutely vital to provide protection against rings being lost, stolen or damaged. Very often, especially in the case of a custom designed ring, replacing such a valuable item is virtually impossible. While taking care of the ring will help you prevent such a risk to some degree, insurance is still a must. You should also consider having the ring appraised every few years, as the price of diamonds, gold and other precious metals increase over the years. This way you will be able to cover the ring for its current value, rather than its value of a decade before.
  1. Don’t remove your ring in public. Losing your ring when it’s taken off while you wash your hands out in public is something that is all too easy to happen. To make sure that there are as few chances of this happening as possible, get into the habit of keeping your ring on when washing your hands at restaurant, bars, public restrooms and even out at friends or relatives.
  1. Keep your ring clean. You may also want to consider taking your ring in to your jeweller for a professional steam clean rather than cleaning it yourself. While it is possible to keep rings clean by using gentle soap and hot water, different minerals and metals react differently to cleaners, which makes it hard to know whether you are using the right product on your ring or not. Either ask your jeweller for their advice, or take in every few months for a proper clean.
  1. Avoid needless wear and tear, as well as harsh chemicals. Even though diamonds are incredibly hard, they are still not immune to chipping or wear and tear. Over the years, repeated daily activities such as dishwashing, work, cleaning and other conditions will start to affect the quality of the stone, while chemicals such as bleach can affect the colour and shine of the stone. Remove your ring when using harsh chemicals for cleaning (only around the house, of course, and be sure to put the ring somewhere safe!) and take care not to knock it against any hard surfaces or materials.
  1. Schedule annual maintenance appointments with your jeweller. Over and beyond cleaning, it is recommended that you book annual maintenance appointments at your jeweller to have the ring checked. This will ensure that prongs are tight, stones are not loose or broken and no hairline cracks have developed. This will prevent small problems from becoming larger (more expensive) problems, and will make sure that your ring stays beautiful throughout the years ahead.

To find out more about caring for engagement rings or having your ring professionally cleaned or repaired, visit Cape Diamonds today and book a consultation with our highly skilled jeweller, Joel Graham.