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Central diamond to be selected

Precious metal weight Platinum +-5.5gr, 18ct gold +-4.5gr, 9ct gold +-3.5gr

Weights may vary due to central diamond size and finger size

An enticing and most idyllic ring hailing from the Fynbos Collection™

These stately flowers, as evidenced by their depiction in Egyptian palaces, also enamored Egyptian Kings. The Egyptians were likely influenced by Greek mythology and used the iris to symbolize their connections to heaven. The Gentle feminine form of the Watsonia Flower is the model of this Wedding ring design. A Fynbos Flower that stand out from the rest with its flowing petals.

Capturing the essence of the Watsonia Flower, the White Gold or Platinum setting is shaped in beautiful decorative patterns and resembles petal of the Flower.The native space in the designs allows as much light flow as possible.

A “ fleur de lis “ symbol is seen in the petal shaped clasps signifying life, perfection and light. “Fleur-de-lis” literally means “flower of the lily” depicting a stylised lily. Traditionally, it signifies perfection, light, and life while it represents French royalty. The “fleur de lis” is showcased in the petal clasps design paying homage the perfection, light and life found in loving relationships.

An Inspiring creation from Cape Town Jewellers, Cape Diamonds. The Watsonia diamond engagement ring is unique to Cape Diamonds, the design may not be reproduced by other jewellers. Select the 950 platinum or 18k gold of your choice. Choose a quality GIA certified diamond to accommodate your budget with affordable prices only found in South Africa.

We deliver around South Africa including Cape Town, Stellenbosch, Port Elizabeth, East London, Durban, and Johannesburg. All designs are exclusive to Cape Diamonds, a leading jeweller and diamond dealer specialising in high quality gold and flawless fine diamond pieces. All our diamonds are delivered in beautiful boxes and are certified. Contact Cape Diamonds to make your purchase.