Insurance Replacements

insurance-replacements-1When an item of jewellery is lost or stolen, most people don’t have accurate visual documentation of the missing item, which can make it difficult to replace. At Cape Diamonds, we carefully create a series of drawings and sketches in response to client descriptions of the missing artifact – we will keep on drawing until the client is happy.

We handmake all our rings and have been servicing the trade for 18 years. This gives us
essential knowledge of previous styles and trends in the design and manufacturing processes.

Should the client have lost a specific diamond and want to replace it with a diamond graded to the missing stone’s exact certification, we will search locally and globally to ensure the most exact match. We currently have access to one of the greatest international inventories of diamonds within our database.

When finally presenting the client with a ring, our valuation certificates give detailed information of all measurements and specifications, enabling the exact replacement of the item should this be required one day.

We are skilled craftsmen, not untrained shop assistants, we have great knowledge within the jewellery trade. This affords our competitive edge in dealing with jewellery replacements.

We continue to strive for greater equalities and support the South African government’s BEE requirements.