Gorgeous Garnet

Set in Platinum and encrusted with perfectly calibrated petit diamonds this ravishing ruby like Garnet is sure to amaze.

Garnets are a semi precious stone that is mined all over the world and can be found in several different colours.

They have fair to good toughness, making them durable enough for all jewelry styles as long as they are treated with the proper care.

The contrast between the icy platinum and diamonds with the bright bold red center stone make this a unique engagement set with matching engagemnet ring.


Blushing Bride Earring Studs

Pictured here are our signature Blushing Bride Fynbos earring studs. – made up in platinum with a 1ct round cut Tanzanite set in each earring.

The cool colours of the silvery Platinum and Violet Tanzinite make for a timeless combination.

This six claw setting has a very modern appearance on the ear while being worn.
It’s intricate detail subtly peeps out from the side view.

This gorgeous pair of earrings is available exclusively at Cape Diamonds.
Proudly manufactured here in Cape Town.



Rose Gold and Oval Diamond dream

Bespoke is always better!

The Cape Diamonds team are all qualified jewellery designers with manufacturing experience.

This is what makes us different from other jewelers.

With our expert experience, we can guide you in creating the ring of your dreams.


 Platinum Radiant Halo

This gorgeous 1.22 D Vs1  radiant diamond is crowned in a halo of pavé diamonds with a string of smaller diamonds frosting the band and creating a magnificent shine.

Only available at Cape Diamonds, Cape Town.



Wedding Band beauty

This beautiful 18k yellow gold milgrain wedding band set with 0.02ct round brilliant diamonds was designed and manufactured here in Cape Town.


Hot on Halo’s

An exquisite round diamond in a 4 claw setting with an ambient halo surrounding this incredible stone, the band is split on either side with a pavé design of South Africa diamonds that sparkle along the loop.

Designed by and exclusively available from Cape Diamonds, were incredible diamond ring designs are born.


Vintage Devine

This beautiful diamond trilogy was made up in 9k White Gold. The fine detail of traditional milgrain frames each round brilliant diamond in a delicate balance with the signet style engagement ring.
The Cape Diamonds team is qualified jewelry designers that are here to assist you to create your very own bespoke engagement ring.



The Powerful Princess Cut

Modern and edgy, princess cut diamonds are an excellent choice for an engagement ring.

The Princess cut features a straight sided square outline with a brilliant style facet arrangement. Set up in a four claw platinum engagement ring this swoon worthy ring is a classic style that will never date.



Diamond Eternity bands 

Diamond eternities come with many different diamond sizes.
A 0.01ct diamond measures roughly 1.3mm in diameter. This is one of the most loved size diamonds for eternities but any size stone can be put together for you here at Cape Diamonds.



 Supreme Sapphire

We’re feeling like Royalty here at Cape Diamonds with this incredible, Princess Diana inspired Sapphire Halo.
Set in 18K yellow Gold with 12 0.10ct round brilliant diamonds surrounding this very special Oval Sapphire.


Ravishing Tsavorite

This beautiful bespoke four claw solitaire is made up in platinum. The round brilliant diamond in the center is flanked by four beautiful green Tsavorite gemstones.

At Cape Diamonds we are always ready for the next design challenge. Whatever you are looking for you’ll be sure to find it at Cape Diamonds, where our engagement rings are very nearly as beautiful as true love.


Pear Halo Perfection

This incredible ring was designed in store together with our client. We went over a few different versions but in the end settled on the design pictured above. It is always such a delight when we can make up something unique and special for our clients.

Cape Diamonds sales team are all qualified jewellery designers who can assist and advise you correctly on what you are looking to create.


Blushing Bride Trilogy

The particular beauty of the Blushing Bride fynbos is captured in this nature-inspired engagement ring designed by the founder of Cape Diamonds, Joel Graham.

The yellow gold floral setting features petal-like clasps and a leaf-like arrangement of pear diamonds on either side of the oval-cut central diamond.

This timeless trilogy is only available at Cape Diamonds. The best place in Cape Town to buy diamonds.

Marvelous Migraine

This beautiful platinum solitaire is an amazing example of milgrain.
Milgrain is a jewelry decoration, commonly found on antique jewelry but becoming more common in modern designs.
The literal translation for milgrain, a french word, is a thousand grains.


Infinite Love

A circle has no beginning or end and is, therefore, a symbol of infinity. It is endless, eternal, just the way love should be.

For many, the wedding ring is worn on the fourth finger of the left hand.
This tradition began because the vein in this finger was believed to lead directly to the wearer’s heart.



Platinum is a Lustrous silver-white metal. It is one of the rarer elements we find on earth.
South Africa has some of the largest deposits of it.
The non-corrosive metal is highly valued for its durability. Unlike gold and silver; platinum does not wear down.


Heavanly Heirlooms

Heirloom jewellery is a meaningful object that belongs to a family and gets passed on through generations. Why do some pieces of jewellery turn into heirlooms? Their value and beauty are crucial factors, but more importantly, the story behind them is key. Heirloom jewellery is symbolic of love, accomplishment and family.

At Cape Diamonds we love the reuse and rejuvenation of family stones. We can help you assess and guide you with the remaking of much loved family pieces.


Oval Solitaire Opulence

This brilliant oval diamond is set in an 18k yellow gold ring. The simple four claw has a classic elegance that highlights the oval center stone as the main attraction.

Our team here at Cape Diamonds is completely obsessed with this combination, but in all honesty – can you blame us?


Magnificent Morganite

Morganite is a beautiful pink gemstone, that comes in a variety of shades – Salmon to peach and pale pink.
This rosy gemstone comes from the same gemstone family as Emerald and Aquamarine.

For the non-traditional bride, this is a stone that won’t go out of style but still has a lot of personality.
Its beautiful color pairs with any setting — whether you prefer a rose gold, yellow gold, or platinum band. You can also pair your morganite engagement ring with other precious stones, including a setting that has pave-cut diamonds.

Cape Diamonds is a supplier of Morganite and many other coloured stones.


Split band Inspiration

Split-band rings are a symbolic way to celebrate the connection and eternal bond between two people, with each partner retaining their individual qualities and beauty.

Cape Town Diamonds has an extremely
well-priced collection of split-band diamond engagement rings where the energy of the diamond is held, balanced and playfully sparkling, between two bands.

Six Claw Brilliance

The six claw solitaire is a style that has never dated. Having been worn by many as far back as 1886, the simplicity of the six claw solitaire is unmatched by its modern counterparts. Joel graham has refined the classic ring to the incredible piece we see above.


The Famous Fitted wedding band

Every engaement ring deserves its own wedding band.

Made up to sit next to the halo, this wedding band fits alongside to its counter part like a puzzle.

Manufactured in rose gold, this wedding band is set with 21 x 0.01ct round brilliant diamonds.


Yellow Gold glory

The 90’s love of bright yellow gold has seeped into the new decades’ favorite engagement ring styles.

Pictured here is a half round 5 mm Gents wedding band with the Ladies wedding band just above – also 18k yellow gold it is set with 9 x 0.02ct round brilliant diamonds.

The set is made complete wit our Blushing bride trilogy.


Bespoke beauty

This show-stopping ring was manufactured here at Cape Diamonds. It features close to 80 small diamonds all hand set.



At Cape Diamonds we love the sentimental side of things. Engraving can be the perfect way to share a special message.
We can offer you both hand and laser engraving, making the possibilities endless.


Blushing Bride Engagement Ring

At key points during our lives, we are ‘reborn’ as we undergo significant transformations. Probably one of the greatest of these is when we join our lives with that of a significant other to become wed as soul mates. In nature, the most powerful image of rebirth and regeneration comes after a fire. In the Cape, where fires are part of the natural cycle, certain plants depend on the fire ecosystem. One of these is the Serruria florida, commonly known as the Blushing Bride. Its seeds will only germinate after a fire. The Blushing Bride floral engagement ring resembles this beautiful, resilient bloom. In this trademarked nature-inspired design, petal-like shapes with negative hollows allow light to enter the centraldiamond, sending rainbow ‘fire’ in all directions. This engagement ring design is exclusively available from Cape Diamonds, conveniently located within walking distance from the V@A Waterfront.


Black Diamond Gold Pendant

Black diamonds are among the most popular color of colored diamonds. In recent years as the popularity for nonconventional engagement rings has grown the demand for these beautiful gems has gone through the roof and for a good reason.


Stacked Wedding Rings

Brides today have so much choice when it comes to engagement and wedding rings. The traditional solitaire and plain wedding band are still popular. However, stacking wedding rings are now a very sought after trend.


Tennis Bracelet

The tennis bracelet is a timeless classic and a great choice of jewellery for all wrists, not just for tennis players!


Oval Diamond

A truly breathtaking diamond engagement ring. The yellow gold band is beautifully tapered moving up into a 4 prong setting holding a gorgeous oval cut diamond.


Tanzanite Earrings

The famous Cape Diamonds Blushing bride is now available as earrings! Set with a matching pair of Tanzanite, this pair of earrings deserve to walk down the aisle with you.


Oval Solitaire Ring

This elegant Oval solitaire is every girls dream!


Salt and Pepper Diamonds

Salt and Pepper Diamonds get their nickname from the inclusions that are present in the stone. The salt refers to the white inclusions and the pepper the black. The same physical make up as traditional white diamonds, they are the hardest material known to man. Salt and pepper diamonds are amazingly affordable in comparison to white diamonds. You can easily find a show stopping stone within your budget.


Rose Gold Gents & Ladies

A matching set is exactly what you need for your upcoming nuptials.


GIA Certified Diamonds

At Cape Diamonds we specialize in GIA certified Diamonds. The GIA is an internationally recognized organization. Having been established in 1931, the GIA is the world’s foremost authority on diamonds.

Blushing Bride

The story goes that the Blushing bride fynbos earned its name from the common practice of gentlemen, who in the late 1700s, who would pick bunches of these flowers for their sweethearts. The more intense the pink colour of the blooms the more imminent a proposal. On the day that they were to ask for the maidens hand in marriage they would wear a strikingly bright bloom with a deep pink colour in their jacket’s button hole. Everyone in town would then know of their intentions – hence a ‘blushing bride’

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