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701. Honey Queen Tanzanite Platinum Earrings

“Honey Queen Tanzanite Platinum Earrings” are proudly brought to you by Cape Diamonds. We are one of South Africa’s leading gemstone jewellers, located in the heart of Cape Town. 

The Honey Queen Protea is a stunning flower belonging to the Fynbos Floral Kingdom, which is native to the Western Cape of South Africa. 

This beautiful natural treasure in bloom inspired the design of the earring basket, which showcases intricate attention to detail with its petal-like claws, that elegantly embrace a mesmerizing tanzanite gemstone. 

The tanzanite gemstone is defined as “trichroic”, which means that it boasts a beautiful blend of blues, purples and violets. When matched with platinum, the outcome is truly stunning, shining impeccably with complementary cool tones. 

Platinum is a highly respected silver-hued metal that is designed to last a lifetime. It requires very little maintenance to retain its original integrity.

The Honey Queen Tanzanite Earrings are exclusively presented by Cape Diamonds, making this a unique and exceptional purchase.