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504. Pincushion Protea Tanzanite Platinum Earrings

Pincushion Protea Tanzanite Platinum Earrings are proudly brought to you by Cape Diamonds. We are South Africa’s leading fine-diamond and gemstone jeweller, located in the heart of Cape Town.  

These lovely earrings are inspired by the magical moment of the Pincushion Protea in bloom. The petal-like claws hold the exquisite tanzanite, which glows splendidly with its hues of blue, purple and violet. 

Platinum is a highly valued and durable metal that is a wonderful choice for a superb jewellery item. When complemented with the tanzanite gemstone, the result is a masterpiece of fine gemstone jewellery. 

This is the perfect gift for someone with a refined taste for sophisticated style.