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500. Pincushion Protea Platinum Morganite Earrings

“Pincushion Protea Morganite Platinum Earrings” are brought to you by Cape Diamonds. 

We are one of Cape Town’s finest jewellers who is passionate about creating jewellery that is “as beautiful as true love.”

The Pincushion Protea is a beautiful flower, belonging to the Fynbos Floral Kingdom that is native to South Africa. This stunning natural treasure inspires the design of the earring basket, which holds a magnificent morganite in place. 

The pink-peach tones of the morganite are beautifully matched with a set of platinum, a reputable and durable jewellery metal that exudes a resplendent and lustrous silver shine. 

This wonderful and innovative earring design is exclusive to Cape Diamonds.