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210. King’s Queen Protea Platinum Morganite Earrings

Cape Diamonds proudly presents the “King’s Queen Morganite Platinum Earrings”. 

The King Protea is the incredibly beautiful national flower of South Africa. The spectacular vision of this stunning piece of natural treasure in bloom inspired the design for these incredible sets of earrings. 

The earring basket resembles the shape of the protea’s petals, with the carefully carved cut-outs allowing the delicate pink shades of the morganite gemstone to shine through gorgeously. Platinum is a noble and durable metal that shimmers with a silvery hue, and when complemented with morganite, the outcome is utterly captivating. 

The King’s Queen Protea Earrings Collection is exclusive to Cape Diamonds and is a world-first and world-class earring design.