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207. King’s Queen Protea Tanzanite Platinum Earrings

The “King’s Queen Tanzanite Platinum Earrings” are proudly brought to you by Cape Diamonds. We are one of South Africa’s finest fine-diamond and gemstone jewellers based in Cape Town, dedicated to making jewellery that is “as beautiful as true love.” 

The design of these earrings is inspired by the beauty of South Africa’s national flower, the King Protea. This captivating fynbos flower is reimagined in the shape of the earring basket, which includes six petal-like claws that gracefully hold a stunning tanzanite gemstone in place. 

Platinum is a stunning and highly valued jewellery metal, exuding a beautiful shine and holding a stellar reputation of being the most durable metal of all. When complemented with the exquisite tanzanite gemstone, the final product is a superb piece of gemstone jewellery. 

Tanzanite is a highly valued gemstone as there are only a few decades of supply left. Found in the foothills of Kilimanjaro, this prized natural treasure is native to Tanzania.

These earrings are one of Cape Diamond’s finest signature designs, an exclusive masterpiece that will make an exceptional gift for someone very special.