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103. Tanzanite and Small Diamond Platinum Halo Earrings

“Tanzanite and Small Diamond Halo Earrings” are proudly brought to you by Cape Diamonds. We are Cape Town’s leading jeweller, offering the best priced GIA diamonds in South Africa. 

Tanzanite is a stunning gemstone that boasts beautiful shades of blues, purples and violets that are as beautiful as love at first sight. In this wonderful earring design, the bluestone is surrounded by small diamonds that are encrusted in a halo setting, superbly enhancing the glow of the tanzanite gemstone. 

Platinum is a reputable jewellery metal that shows off a pristine shine. When complemented with tanzanite and diamonds, the final result is superlatively elegant. 

Halo earrings make the perfect gift for a special occasion or anniversary.


Contact us for a quote – price is subject to carat size. Please email us on sales@capediamonds.co.za